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HP students selected to participate in aerospace summer residency program

Harrison Preparatory School 11th-graders Ryne Bustamante and Amber Beck will participate in a Washington Aerospace Scholars (WAS) Summer Residency. Bustamante and Beck completed online academic coursework this spring to qualify for summer residency session slots. The six-day summer residency allows students to get an exclusive inside look at the aerospace industry in Washington state through behind-the-scenes aerospace company tours, science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) expert presentations and the opportunity to network informally with STEM professionals.

“This will be a great opportunity to connect with experts in the field,” said Bustamante, who would like to enter the STEM field and major in math. 

Summer residency participants also get the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers from across the state and participate in engineering challenges, museum tours and team-building activities.

“I think this will be an amazing experience,” said Beck. “It will be great to connect with other students who have a passion for science.” Beck would like to become an optometrist.

The WAS program is a free, competitive STEM education program for Washington state high school juniors affiliated with NASA Johnson Space Center’s National High School Aerospace Scholars program. Its primary goal is to excite and prepare students to pursue career pathways in STEM fields using a distance-learning curriculum developed in partnership with NASA and the University of Washington.



Harrison Preparatory School 11th-graders Amber Beck (left) and Ryne Bustamante have been selected to participate in a Washington Aerospace Scholars Summer Residency.