School Closure Resources

Family Resources Packets by Grade Level

Student Learning Materials for Students in Grades K-8 

The district has created activities and resources for students in grades K-8 during school closures. These activities and resources do not take the place of regular classroom instruction but can be used for supplemental student learning at home. Assignments are not required nor graded. These activities are meant to provide optional opportunities for student learning while they are absent from school.  

Weekly learning packets are available every Wednesday through the following methods:

  • Packets may be accessed below.
  • Packets will be ready for pick up from the district’s Student Services Center (10903 Gravelly Lake Dr. SW, Lakewood, Wash. 98499).
  • Packets will be available for pick up at each meal delivery location.    

Student Learning Materials for Students in Grades 9-12  

District secondary schools are creating closure coursework for students in grades 9-12 and will communicate directly with families. High schools are working on supporting graduating seniors in meeting graduation requirements.   

Sample Daily Schedule

Having a daily schedule and routine can help ease anxiety and stress for children and provide structure for their day. Here’s a link to a sample daily schedule that may be useful for you and your family.

Additional Opportunities

These are additional resources for students to go beyond the packets above. Use your district login to access the learning sites (Clever login instructions) unless noted below.
Make sure you Install the Clever extension

English Language Arts

[K-2] Fluency and Fitness

Educational brain breaks to help students review literacy skills, while getting some exercise. Site is best suited for primary grades. Access Fluency and Fitness

[K-2] Little Spark

Free printable book library with activities for children up to 6 years. Access Little Spark

[K-2] Sight Reading Factory

Sight reading and sight singing practice exercises. Link to Sight Reading Factory

[3-5] Storyline Online

Favorite children’s books read aloud by famous people. Access Storyline Online

[3-5] Facts for Me

A safe research site for elementary-level readers, free 24/7 access.
USERNAME: read [case sensitive]
PASSWORD: read [case sensitive]
Access Facts for Me

[K-5] Novel Effect

Novel Effect makes story time fun and interactive. As you read out loud from print books, you will hear music, sound effects, and character voices playing at just the right moment. This program adjusts and responds to your voice. Access to Novel Effect

[K-5] Paragraph Punch

Teaches students how to write a paragraph through interactive online tutorial. Access to Paragraph Punch

[K-5] Spelling City

The Spelling City site is currently free, with code VSCFree90. Access to Spelling City

[K-5] NG Connect

myNGconnect:  One-stop site for online resources around the BIG IDEAS in K-5 Reach for Reading literacy program.  Access NG Connect through the Clever portal.

[6-8] HMH Collections

Discover dramatic historical stories, contemporary events and a variety of engaging text types and videos.  Access through District Learning Apps.


[K-8] Khan Academy

Khan Academy has practice activities that include help videos and hints.  Access Khan Academy through Clever.  Click “Courses,” then your grade-level, then “Get Started.” Access Khan Academy through the Clever portal.

[K-2] DreamBox

DreamBox is an interactive math website used in many of our K-2 classrooms.  Access DreamBox through the Clever portal.

[6-8] GoMath

GoMath has online video and other math content.  Access GoMath through District Learning Apps / HMH. 

[2-8] Enrichment Puzzles

Enrichment Puzzles has 200 math puzzles.  How many can you solve?

[2-8] 20 Days of Number Sense & Rich Math Talk

This resources contains four different types of fun math challenges, each with different levels of difficulty.  These activities are especially good when done with a family member.  Access here and scroll down to Day 1 and begin.


[K-5] TCI Science

TCI Online access to K-5 science curriculum and student interactive notebook.  Access through District Learning Apps.

[K-5] Music

Quaver is an interactive music website used in our K-5 classrooms.  Access Music through the Clever portal.

[K-8] Movement Exercises

GoNoodle has fun short videos that get kids moving.  Click, then click “Get Started Now,” then click “Families Play Now.” 

[2-5] Typing Club

Students can practice their typing skills.  <Access Typing Club through the Clever portal.

[K-5] has interactive coding activities.  Access through the Clever portal.

[6-8] Genius Hour Journal

This is a step-by-step process for working on a project that you are excited about. Access Genius Hour Journal

[4-8] Summit Project Based Learning

This site links to project-based learning activities for English, History, Math, and Science. Access Summit Project Based Learning

[6-8] ThinkCentral's Science Fusion

Students use their CPSD username and password to access. Access District Learning Apps

[6-8] HelpNow

Speak with professional real-time, online tutors and get expert help on essays to calculus. Access HelpNow

[K-8]Science Online from Infobase

Discover experiments, videos, biographies, and science research Access Science Online from Infobase