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Our Mission

Lochburn is a safe and inclusive learning community which cultivates respect, responsibility, tolerance and leadership. We develop literate and discerning thinkers, communicators and citizens of integrity, empowering them to become active participants impacting their world.

ESEA Report Cards Available

The 2016 Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) report cards provide school data at the state, school district and school building level. ESEA report cards may be downloaded from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) Web site at here or by contacting the school at the number listed above.

Please note: Due to the amount of data available on the Web page, it may take several minutes to download the information.

District Mission

The mission of Clover Park School District is to teach each child what he or she needs to know to succeed and contribute to the community.


Middle School


Josh Zarling


5431 Steilacoom Blvd SW • Lakewood WA 98499
253-583-5420 • Fax: 253-583-5428

Student, Parent and Community Involvement

At Lochburn we are proud that our focus is to ensure students feel successful in school and are college bound. To accomplish this goal, we are focusing on utilizing AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) strategies in a Safe and Civil School. We are focusing on teaching students the skills that will ensure they are successful in school and life. We teach students how to be students by teaching AVID Cornell notes, AVID organization, and the Safe and Civil behavior expectations necessary to succeed. These areas meet the needs of each student who enters our doors and work to ensure they have a positive middle school experience.

We are focusing on the 21st century skills, Common Core, and a much deeper learning that is engaging and individualized to meet the learning needs of every learner. Student who need additional academic support in reading and/or math are also supported within each classroom, in Learning Strategies classes, AVID (if student application is accepted), and Period 7.

Our professional educators constantly collaborate together to improve their teaching and our students’ learning experience. Our focus is on deep understanding, increasing student engagement, and higher levels of learning in every classroom. At the same time, we are also focused on creating positive community members that will contribute to the community.

Lochburn Middle School has multiple partnerships in our community. We are partnering with Communities in Schools for clubs and mentors; Caring for Kids to support our students’ needs; Pierce College and Computer Clubhouse for the Computer Clubhouse afterschool program.

Lochburn hosts multiple family and community gatherings to support our students. Family Academic Nights, open houses and quarterly academic award assemblies are held to honor students and involve their families. After school extended learning programs also allow students the opportunity to enhance their learning skills and experiences beyond the school day.

School Improvement Plan

The Lochburn Middle School Leadership Team will pursue the following goal in order to enhance the learning environment and opportunities to increase student performance and achievement: Students will grow a minimum of 1.5 to 2 years academic growth in 1 years’ time as measured by the Spring MAP data in reading and math.

In order to achieve this goal, we are implementing AVID electives, AVID school wide strategies, Safe and Civil Schools strategies, professional learning communities, Teachers Visiting Teachers with coaching from the side, focus on Common Core standards, strands, and stems. Our committees will ensure implementation and focus throughout the year. Committees include: AVID, Safe and Civil Schools, Family Ties: Family and Community Engagement, and LC3: School Moral and Motivation.

Facility Use

Use of Lochburn Middle School by our community is encouraged. The facilities are enjoyed by Communities in Schools Clubs, community sports leagues, PTA, YMCA, and Computer Clubhouse.


Basic - $3,695,961
Title 1/LAP - 248,500
CTE - 53,165
Other allocations - 15,566
Total budget - 4,013,192


District average per-pupil expenditure in 14-15.................................. 11,806.10