School Plans

What is a school plan?

A school plan details the work that will be done by students and staff to improve teaching and learning at their school. School plans list goals, research-based strategies, and accountability measures.

All of the goals have one common element: to increase the school success of all students. The methods used to improve student performance are as varied as the schools that create them.

Do all schools have school plans?

Yes. Every school in the district has its own school plan, based on their assessment of their individual needs. School plans are "roadmaps" that bring together all the components of the total school effort. School plans are updated annually.

Who develops school plans?

Each school’s site-council develops their school plan. Site-councils include the principal, teachers, classified staff, district support staff, students (where appropriate) and community members.

What is the purpose of school plans?

School plans provide each school with a unified focus and direction, leading to a common goal: increased student achievement. Because the school plan is created by the school’s stakeholders, the plan becomes the agreed-upon agenda for that school community.

What role does the district play in developing school plans?

District administrators provide guidance and ensure that school plans stay within district policies and procedures, state requirements and negotiated union agreements.

What if a school wants to deviate from normal district or state procedures?

While drafting their school plan, a school can request to deviate from a district or state policy or procedure. To do this, a school must complete the steps necessary to obtain the waiver from the appropriate group. For example, when our high schools adopted the 90-minute block schedule, they obtained waivers from the state to reduce the number of hours per course and from the union contract to lengthen the school day.

Is there a common theme between each school’s plan in the District?

Yes. The goals in each school plan tie directly to one or more goals of the Clover Park School District Focus.

How do school plans relate to school budgets?

School plans drive school budgets. When schools are developing their plans, they must estimate how much money each strategy will cost. Then they allocate their budget accordingly.

How do school plans relate to site-based management?

Clover Park schools are site-based, which means that school staff will play a bigger role in managing themselves. School plans will help schools keep organized, allocate their funds most efficiently and stay focused on common goals.

Who makes sure that school plans are followed?

Each school’s site-council monitors the implementation of their school plan.