Create · Communicate ·Design

Student taking photo


Career Cluster
Are you a creative thinker? - or Are you imaginative, innovative and original? - or Do you like drawing, taking photos or writing?

Pathway Description

Be Creative! This Cluster allows you to express, interpret, and present to audiences throught visual arts and technology.

Personal Pathway Course Plan Options

  Year 1 Year 2
Audio/Video Technology A/V Technology
Grades 9-12
IB Film I, II
Grades 11-12
Photography Commercial Photography I
Grades 9-12
Photography II/AP 2D Studio Art
Grades 10-12
Print Design Visual Communication
Grades 9-12
Pre-Press Desktop Publishing
(Yearbook) Grades 11-12

Extended Learning Opportunities

TSA Logo Skills USA Logo
Media Club and Community Showcare
Student taking photo


  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer
  • Multimedia Designer
  • Video Technician
  • Technical Manager