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Who to Contact

Name Title Phone E-mail
Lori McStay Executive Director for Human Resources 253-583-5087 lmcstay@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Shannon Angle Administrative Secretary 253-583-5087 sangle@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Cheryl Hardouin District Receptionist 253-583-5000 chardoui@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Lori Liedes Recruitment Coordinator 253-583-5095 lliedes@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Jennifer Tran Recruitment Specialist 253-583-5082 jltran@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Linda Krininger Director for Human Resources 253-583-5091 lkrining@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Aranka Holmes Coordinator for Public Records, Workers' Comp, Employee Accommodations 253-583-5083 aholmes@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Kimberly Jaramillo Payroll Supervisor 253-583-5121 kjaramil@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Alyssa Perez Payroll Specialist 253-583-5120 amperez@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Cherie Broeker Payroll Specialist 253-583-5124 cbroeker@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Sabrina Montana Payroll Specialist 253-583-5122 smontana@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Laurie Miner Human Resources Supervisor 253-583-5096 lminer@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Ann Marie Casner Human Resources Specialist - Lead 253-583-5085 acasner@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Lissette Smith Human Resources Specialist 253-583-5093 lesmith@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Sherri Nelson Human Resources Specialist 253-583-5099 slnelson@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Beth Harriott Substitute Coordinator 253-583-5094 subsvcs@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
Ana Sanchez HR/Payroll Clerk & Sub Coordinator 253-583-5080 subsvcs@cloverpark.k12.wa.us

HR FAX                    253-583-5088

PR FAX                    253-583-5128

Payroll Staff Location Assignments

HR Staff Location Assignments

October 22, 2020 Guest Teacher Training using Teams
November 18,2020
4:00 PM
Principal Certification & Internship Program
February 18, 2021
5:00 - 7:30 PM
Pre-Retirement Zoom Webinar

Human Resources/Payroll Forms

General Forms

Employee Name/Address/Telephone Change Employee Request for Transfer of Records

Administrator Forms

CPASP Stipend
Non-Barg Extra Day Documentation Hiring Checklist-Employees
Non-Barg & Administrator Vacation Cash-Out Hiring Checklist-Substitutes
Request for Professional Growth Funds


Principal/AWSP Self-Assessment Summative-Dean, Dept Coord, CT
Principal/AWSP Observation Tool Summative-ESA, Non-Classroom Teacher
Principal Leadership (Focused & Comprehensive) Classified Evaluation (Focused & Comprehensive)
CPSD Principal Evaluation Process Cycle Head Coaches Evaluation
WA State Danielson Self-Assessment Assistant Coaches Evaluation
WA State Danielson-Observation Middle School Athletic Coordinator Evaluation
WA State Danielson (Focused & Comprehensive)  
CPSD Teacher Evaluation Process Cycle  
Central Office Self-Assessment  
Central Office Observation  
Central Office Summary  

Certificated Forms

Class Size Form Verification of Professional Experience-Certificated:
SPED Class Size/Caseload Form Page 1 | Page 2
IEP Caseload Over Limit Form Verification of Professional Experience-RN, OT, PT, SLP, Counselors & Psychologists
Overload Documentation-High School Core CPEA Personal Leave Cash-Out
Overload Documentation-High School PE
Overload Documentation-Middle School Core Managing Nurse Assignment Form
Overload Documentation-Middle School PE Certificated Employees Pay Sheet
Overload Documentation-Elementary  

Classified Forms

Verification of Professional Experience-Classified ESPCP Paraeducator Extra Day Form
Verification of Professional Experience-Coaches ESPCP Tool Allowance Reimbursement Claim Form
Classified Employees Pay Sheet  

Staff Development

Coaches/Advisors Staff Development Form ESPCP Stipend Form
Training Increment Authorization Classified Staff Development Form
IOUE Training Incentives Classified Non-Bargaining Staff Development Form

Separation of Employment Forms

Separation of Employment Form

Payroll Forms

W-4 Sick Leave Buyout Upon Resignation
Direct Deposit Form Sick Leave Buyout Upon Retirement
Election of Payment for Coaching Stipend Annual Sick Leave Buyout
Timesheet VEBA Plan Participation Enrollment Kit
Prior Approval Form for OT/Additional Hours VEBA Trust Claim Form
Payroll Due Dates Elementary Intramural Stipend Form
Gesa Credit Union Middle School Intramural Stipend Form
WA State Employees Credit Union CPSD Donation Form


Substitute Handbook

arrow CPSD Substitute Handbook

Aesop Substitute Placement & Absence Management


Navigate to the Aesop website, type in ID (phone number) and PIN.

Hours are:  6:30 AM-4:30 PM

Certificated/Classified Substitutes

To be considered for substitute employment, complete a Clover Park School District online application and submit supporting documents as required. Once you have applied for a substitute position, your application will be reviewed. If approved, you will be invited to a mandatory orientation prior to beginning any substitute opportunities.

Substitute Office: 253-583-5094
Hours are 6:00 AM-3:00 PM
Email: subsvcs@cloverpark.k12.wa.us

Dear Colleague:

Thank you for your commitment to the students, staff, and community of Clover Park School District. Our students deserve the very best of educational services. We welcome your professional contribution to the successful delivery of our education program. Your role as a substitute, whether it be teaching or educational support, is to provide continuity to the instruction provided to our students.

A skilled substitute offers a significant, positive impact on the quality of education in the absence of the permanent employee. Our district is committed to providing information and professional development opportunities necessary to fulfill your responsibilities.

We encourage you to seek out and participate in the opportunities available to you. We are excited about your potential here and what you can contribute to our organization. We hope that you will find considerable reward and satisfaction in your work in our schools and that you will be in such demand that you will be scheduling your substitute assignments weeks in advance.

If you are interested in permanent employment opportunities with Clover Park School District, please be sure your online application is complete.

We are delighted you have chosen Clover Park School District and wish you every success!

Clover Park School District
Human Resources Department

Substitute Wages

Position Starting Wage
Substitute Guest Teacher $150/day
Substitute Guest Teacher (w/training) $160/day
Substitute CPSD Retired Teacher $170/day
Substitute RN $28/hour
Substitute LPN $20/hour
Substitute Bus Driver $24.01/hour
Substitute Custodian $19.84/hour
Substitute Paraeducator $15/hour
Substitute Clerical $15/hour
Substitute Food Services $14/hour

Clover Park School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal, and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Address correspondence to one of the following individuals who have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination at Clover Park School District, 10903 Gravelly Lake Dr., SW, Lakewood, WA 98499-1341:
Title IX Coordinator Section 504/ADA Coordinator
Kevin Ikeda, Assistant Superintendent
(253) 583-5165
Brian Laubach, Deputy Superintendent
(253) 583-5050
Civil Rights Compliance Coordinator  
Lori McStay, Executive Director for Human Resources
(253) 583-5087

Annual Open Enrollment - 2021 SEBB Enrollment Guide

SEBB Login – All changes must be made in this portal for Open Enrollment

Annual Open Enrollment

Open enrollment for the School Employees Benefits Board Program (SEBB) is October 26 through November 23, 2020. Benefit coverage will begin January 1, 2021.

Please note that you must re-attest the spousal surcharge questions (if applicable) and submit dependent verification documents by November 23rd.

Due to the current COVID-19 government guidelines, there will be no in person benefit fair. SEBB is offering the ALEX tool and a Virtual fair.

Virtual Benefits Fair

Open Enrollment Webinars

SEBB Program benefits include:

  • Medical insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance
  • Basic long-term disability (LTD) insurance
  • Medical Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA)
  • Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP)
  • Eligible employees can also buy supplemental life, AD&D, and LTD insurance to increase their coverage. This is a DIRECT BILL to you. You will pay this directly to MetLife.

SEBB Links:

The Payroll office will offer virtual assistance by appointment only. Please contact prsvcs@cloverpark.k12.wa.us with your request for assistance. A specialist will schedule a phone call or virtual meeting with you. In-person appointments are on a limited basis due to social distancing concerns.

Payroll is able to explain navigation within the SEBB My Account portal. SEBB is able to assist you with forgotten passwords, plan choice, or provider coverage by plan.

Employee Assistance Program

Work Life Resources

Leave of Absence | On-the-Job Injury | Employee Accommodations

To Apply for a Leave of Absence

Pease review the documents and applications below, and then complete the appropriate forms and submit to: 

Ann Marie Casner
Clover Park School District
Human Resources
10903 Gravelly Lake Dr SW
Lakewood WA 98499  
253-583-5085 or FAX 253-583-5088

CPSD Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) Procedure

To Report an On-the-Job Injury

To Request an Employee ADA Accommodation

All requests for employee accommodations (temporary or permanent) should begin with the Human Resources Accommodations Coordinator. Please email your accommodation request for your disability (temporary or permanent) to:

            Aranka Holmes

The HR Coordinator for Employee Accommodations will initiate the interactive accommodation process. As part of the interactive process:

  • Forms will be sent to employee for completion prior to an accommodation meeting.
    • One form will be for employee’s physician to complete regarding his/her disability.
    • One form will be for the employee to complete regarding his/her disability.
  • After HR receives the forms, HR will schedule a meeting with employee and respective administrator to review the accommodation request and the essential functions of the employee’s position to determine how best to proceed.
  • If approved, an accommodation plan is then sent to an employee summarizing the accommodation.

Collective Bargaining Agreements / Salary Schedules

  Collective Bargaining Agreement Salary Schedules

CPEA (Clover Park Education Association)

CPEA 2020-2021 CBA
TRI Employee Responsibility Contract (2016-18)
CPEA Overload MOU
CPEA COVID-19 MOU for 20-21
1.26.21 CPEA MOU
CPEA 2020-21 Salary Schedule

ESPCP (Educational Support Personnel of Clover Park)

ESPCP 2018-2021 CBA
ESPCP COVID-19 MOU for 20-21
ESPCP 2020-21 Salary Schedule
IUOE (International Union of Operating Engineers) IUOE 2018-2021 CBA
MOU IUOE Gardner Grounds 1.28.21
IUOE 2020-21 Salary Schedule
AAA/CPEA (Athletics & Activities Association) AAA 2019-2022 CBA AAA 2020-21 Salary Schedule
CPASP (Clover Park Association of School Principals) CPASP 2019-2022 CBA
CPASP 2020-21 Salary Schedule

Non-Bargaining Employees

  Handbooks Salary Schedules
Non-Bargained Classified & Certificated Supervisors NB Classified & Certificated Supervisor Handbook Non-Bargained Classified & Certificated Supervisors
Non-Bargained Directors & Council NB Directors & Council Handbook NB Directors & Council

If you need copies of the originals please contact the HR Department

Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program (TPEP)

About TPEP (Teacher/Principal Evaluation Program)

In 2010, the Washington State Legislature passed ESSB 5895 requiring each school district in the state to establish a new evaluation system, including the four-tiered rating, by June 2013. In accordance with ESSB 5895, on June 19, 2012, the Clover Park School District and the Clover Park Education Association agreed to adopt the Washington State Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching as the instructional evaluation model for all classroom teachers.

For classroom teachers, the four-tiered evaluation rating system (Distinguished, Proficient, Basic and Unsatisfactory) is based on the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching. Evaluators observe teachers and assess performance in the four domains of the Danielson framework: Planning and Preparation; Classroom Environment; Instruction; and Professional Responsibilities. These domains also align with the eight criteria established by Washington State.

The Four Domains of the Danielson Framework

1. Planning and Preparation

The first domain is Planning and Preparation, which consists of:

  • Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy
  • Demonstrating Knowledge of Students
  • Setting Instructional Outcomes
  • Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources
  • Designing Coherent Instruction
  • Designing Student Assessments

This domain describes how a teacher organizes and designs instruction. The components address all aspects of instructional planning, such as understanding of content; understanding of the principles, practice and profession of teaching; and understanding of student needs.

2. Classroom Environment

The second domain, Classroom Environment, consists of:

  • Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport
  • Establishing a Culture for Learning
  • Managing Classroom Procedures
  • Managing Student Behavior
  • Organizing Physical Space

The components of this domain set the stage for learning. Teachers create a learning environment through positive interpersonal interactions, efficient routines and procedures, clear and consistent standards of conduct, and a safe physical environment that supports the learning purposes.

3. Instruction

The third domain, Instruction, consists of:

  • Communicating with Students
  • Using Questioning and Discussion Techniques
  • Engaging Students in Learning
  • Using Assessment in Instruction
  • Demonstrating Flexibility and Responsiveness

These are the things most people associate with the core functions of a teacher. This domain focuses on the actual process a teacher goes through when guiding their students through a lesson. It looks at areas like how a teacher engages their students in learning; how a teacher sets learning expectations; and how assessments are used to drive instruction.

4. Professional Responsibilities

The fourth domain, Professional Responsibilities, consists of:

  • Reflecting on Teaching
  • Maintaining Accurate Records
  • Communicating with Families
  • Participating in a Professional Community
  • Growing and Developing Professionally
  • Showing Professionalism

This domain focuses on what it means to be a true professional educator. It includes self-reflection, communication and professional development. This domain considers how teachers reflect on their teaching to determine what worked well and what didn’t, and how to improve; how well they are communicating with students’ families; and what they are doing to continue to grow and develop in their profession.

Implementation Plan

All certificated classroom teachers, as defined in WAC 392-191A-030, will be moved to the Washington State Danielson evaluation system beginning in the 2013-2014 school year. Approximately 25% of continuing classroom teachers will be evaluated per year using the Comprehensive evaluation system for each of the next four years. All classroom teachers must be evaluated on the Comprehensive system by the completion of the 2016-2017 school year.



CPEA Educator Calendar
191 Day Employee Paraeducators: SPED, Bus Paras, ELL, Family Involvement Coord, Lunchroom/Playground, Classroom, Campus Supervisor; Bus Driver; 191-day Custodian
192 Day Employee Food Service Worker/Driver, Warehouse
194 Day Employee Assistant Secretary/Clerk for Student Nutrition and Early Learning Program
196A Day Employee Paraeducators: Library (Secondary)
196 Day Employee LPNs & Health Room Clerks
210 Day Employee Accounting Secretary, Attendance Clerk, Student Accounts Clerk (ASB Secretary), Asst Secretary/Clerk (Elementary)
212 Day Employee College/Career Specialist
223 Day Employee Middle School Secretary, Middle School Guidance Secretary
225 Day Employee JROTC (Army and Air Force
232 Day Employee Elementary Head Secretary, Student Support Specialist
260 Day Employee Certificated Non-Bargaining Directors/Council & Supervisors
260 Day Employee Principals/Assistant Principals
260 Day Employee Head Secretary at CPHS, Lakes, Oak Grove/Firwood, Harrison Prep, ASB Secretary at CPHS & Lakes, High School Guidance Secretary, Year-Round Custodian, Maintenance & Grounds, SSC Year-Round Employees, ASC Year-Round Employees


Washington State certificates are renewed through the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) online system. Your renewal application and/or paperwork must be postmarked or submitted online by the expiration date listed on your certificate in order to avoid re-fingerprinting and other requirements (if expired certificate). OSPI will notify you of your new or renewal certification. (Ensure your contact information is up to date within your OSPI account.)

OSPI receives thousands of applications a year and does become backlogged during the summer months. Typical processing time is 6-8 weeks. It is advisable to submit your application for renewal as soon as you have completed all of the requirements. You must have a copy of a valid Washington State certificate to be able to report for work.

First Time Certified as a Teacher in Washington - The following links will assist you in the OSPI certification process:

  • Washington issues the Residency Teacher Certificate to most first-time and out-of-state applicants for a regular teaching certificate. For additional requirements, select the following links:
  • PLEASE NOTE: All applications are submitted online through the E-Certification system and all supporting documents must be uploaded at the time of application or mailed to the certification office. Also, your application will not be reviewed unless you have fingerprints cleared and on file with OSPI. This process typically takes up to two weeks.

Renewing your Certificate in Washington

  • Steps for submitting your application to OSPI:

The following links will assist you in finding the appropriate application:

Adding an Endorsement

Scholarships are available adding endorsements in shortage areas. For more information, see retooling.

OSPI Contact Information
Phone: (360) 725-6400
FAX: (360) 586-0145
Website: http://www.k12.wa.us/certification

If you have any questions or need assistance, email Laurie Miner at lminer@cloverpark.k12.wa.us.

Alternate Routes to Teaching Certification

Alternative routes are designed for career changers and for individuals already working in the school system who want to transition to full-time teaching. Compared to traditional educator preparation programs, alternative routes tend to be shorter, more convenient, more affordable, and more practically oriented. Enrollment in an alternative route program is through an alternative route provider.

With unprecedented growth/need in the Clover Park School District; and if projections hold true, we will continue to see a high demand for additional educators over the next three to five years.

Statewide, for the foreseeable future, significant teacher shortages are anticipated, particularly in Elementary Education, Math, Science, World Languages, and Special Education. The shortages in Special Education are particularly acute. This as a great time to enter the teaching profession!

The Clover Park School District has partnered with Central Washington University, City University, Northwest Educational Development, Pacific Lutheran University, Pierce College, and Seattle Pacific University to create several non-traditional pathways for our current classified staff, emergency substitute employees, and community members to become fully certificated teachers. Each of these programs is designed with the working professional in mind. Our goal in creating these partnerships is to provide a variety of options that are flexible, affordable, help prospective teachers apply new learning and skills in a practical manner, meet district need, and result in positive employment opportunities.

Find an Alternative Route Program through Professional Educator Standards Board (PESB)

For additional information regarding Clover Park School District’s use of alternate route educators, please contact Lori Liedes at lliedes@cloverpark.k12.wa.us.

Paraeducator Information

Section 1119(g) of the Washington State Paraeducator Guidelines states that all paraprofessionals who are performing instructional duties and are funded with Title I funds, including all paraprofessionals performing instructional duties in a schoolwide building, must meet specific requirements. The purpose of these requirements is to help ensure that the instructional team providing successful learning experiences for students, particularly students receiving benefit of Title I funds. These requirements are:

  1. Paraprofessionals must currently have a secondary school (high school) diploma or its recognized equivalent {and we will be required to provide proof of completion}, and
  2. Paraprofessionals must fulfill one of the three following requirements:
    1. Complete at least two years of study at an institution of higher education; or
    2. Obtain an associate (or higher) degree; or
    3. Meet a rigorous standard of quality and can demonstrate, through a formal state or loca academic assessment,
      1. Knowledge of, and the ability to assist in instructing, reading, writing, and mathematics; OR
      2. Knowledge of, and the ability to assist in instructing, reading readiness, writing readiness, and mathematics readiness as appropriate.

Link to OSPI Paraeducator Information

Clover Park School District - Administrative Notice 70-202007 Required Fundamental Course of Study Training for K-12 Paraeducators

Special Education Recommended Core Competencies

To work in education and related services programs for children and youth with disabilities, paraeducators will demonstrate:

  1. Understanding the value of providing instructional and other direct services to all children and youth with disabilities;
  2. Understanding the roles and responsibilities or certificated/licensed staff and paraeducators;
  3. Knowledge of (a) patterns of human development and milestones typically achieved at different ages, and (b) risk factors that may prohibit or impede typical development;
  4. Ability to practice ethical and professional standards of conduct, including the requirements of confidentiality;
  5. Ability to communicate with colleagues, follow instructions, and use problem solving and other skills that will enable the paraeducator to work as an effective member of the instructional team;
  6. Ability to provide positive behavioral support and management;
  7. Knowledge of the legal issues related to the education of children and youth with disabilities and their families;
  8. Awareness of diversity among the children, youth, families and colleagues with whom they work;
  9. Knowledge and application of the elements of effective instruction to assist teaching and learning as developed by the certificated/licensed staff in a variety of settings;
  10. Ability to utilize appropriate strategies and techniques to provide instructional support in teaching and learning as developed by the certificated/licensed staff;
  11. Ability to motivate and assist children and youth;
  12. Knowledge of and ability to follow health, safety, and emergency procedures of the agency where they are employed;
  13. Awareness of the ways in which technology can assist teaching and learning; and
  14. Awareness of personal care and/or health related support.

Credits and Clock Hours

Salary Placement

  • Salary placement is based on the number of credits and clock hours earned after the awarding of the first Bachelor's degree as well as the number of verified certificated years of experience.
  • Salary advancement adjustments are made in the Fall based on the following guidelines: Coursework must be completed by September 30th. Official transcripts are due in Human Resources no later than close of the last business day in September in order to advance on the salary schedule for the current year. Payments for salary advancement will retro back to the first contracted day of the current school year. New hires have 90 days from their date of hire.

Transcripts, Credits and Clock Hours

  • College/university transcripts must be "official" and sealed.
  • For salary placement, all college/university credits are counted in quarter hours. One semester equals one and one-half quarter credits.
  • Credits must be earned through an accredited college or university.
  • Clock hour courses must be offered by a Washington State approved clock hour provider.
  • 10 clock hours are equivalent to one quarter credit on the salary schedule.
  • Clock hour classes must be a minimum of three hours to be eligible for credit.
  • Other than for salary advancement, clock hours are applicable only to the renewal of a continuing or professional certificate, not to the renewal of an initial or residency certificate.
  • If you have classes posted on an ESD transcript, you will need to contact them and request that they send Human Resources an "official" transcript.
  • Courses will be approved by HR only if the content of the course meet on of the six criteria established by WAC 392-121-262.The six criteria are:
    1. It is consistent with a school-based plan for mastery of student learning goals as referenced in RCW 28A.655.110, the annual school performance report, for the school in which the individual is assigned;
    2. It pertains to the individual’s current assignment or expected assignment for the following school year;
    3. It is necessary for obtaining endorsement as prescribed by the Washington Professional Educator Standards Board;
    4. It is specifically required for obtaining advanced levels of certification;
    5. It is included in a college or university degree program that pertains to the individual’s current assignment or potential future assignment as a certificated instructional staff; or
    6. It addresses researched-based assessment and instructional strategies for students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, and language disabilities when addressing learning goal one under RCW 28A.150.210, as applicable and appropriate for individual certificated instructional staff.
    7. Beginning in the 2011-12 school year, it pertains to the revised teacher evaluation system under RCW 28A.405.100, including the professional development training provided in RCW 28A.405.106.

Course Credit Approval

  • A "Course Credit Approval Form" IS NO LONGER NEEDED. Human Resources will be determining the criteria. If there is a course that is questionable, you will be required to provide a course syllabus. This will be due to Human Resources along with your "official" transcript no later than September 30th.

Certificated Experience Earned Outside of Clover Park School District

  • For certificated experience that is earned outside of Clover Park School District to be considered for salary placement, previous employers must complete and submit a "Verification of Professional Employment" to Human Resources.
  • It is the employee's responsibility to submit a "Verification" form to their previous educational employers to complete. This form is available online.
  • Any experience verification that is received after 90 days for new hire or September 30th for continuing employees will be held and processed the following school year.


  • All applicable certificates must be current (valid). It is important for certificated employees to monitor the expiration date of their certificates. Clover Park School District does not maintain a tracking system for the 150 clock hours necessary to renew your certificate.
  • For questions regarding certification issues contact:

OSPI Certification website or (360) 725-6400

Employment Contracts

  • Two employee contracts are issued:
    • Base Contract – 182 work days
    • Supplemental Contract
  • Base contracts are issued in late spring for the following year and supplemental contracts are issued in October for the current year.
  • Contracts must be signed and returned to Human Resources within ten days of the date of issuance.

For Assistance, email:

Join our Team and be a part of Creating Promising Futures!

Thanks for visiting the Recruitment Page! Whether in-person or virtually, we are looking forward to meeting you and discussing employment opportunities in Clover Park School District.

This page will be updated with recruitment dates as we become aware of events. In the meantime, we encourage you to stay connected by visiting our website and following us on social media.

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We look forward to connecting with you!

Clover Park School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal, and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Address correspondence to one of the following individuals who have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination at Clover Park School District, 10903 Gravelly Lake Dr., SW, Lakewood, WA 98499-1341:
Title IX Coordinator Section 504/ADA Coordinator
Kevin Ikeda, Assistant Superintendent
(253) 583-5165
Brian Laubach, Deputy Superintendent
(253) 583-5050
Civil Rights Compliance Coordinator  
Lori McStay, Executive Director for Human Resources
(253) 583-5087

Student Teaching Placement

Clover Park School District is dedicated to contributing to excellence to future educators by offering quality teaching experiences to more than 60 student teachers annually. Student teaching is considered to be the single most important experience in a teacher preparation program. By working together, we hope to nurture the professional growth of teacher candidates, support the continued professional development of cooperating teachers, and provide for quality learning experiences for the children in our school.

Student Teacher Placement Application Process

Student Teacher Agreement/Contract

If a college/university wishes to place a student in their education program in Clover Park Park School District for observation, practicum, and/or student teaching, the following must be on file in Human Resources:

  • Current Contract
  • Proof of Liability Insurance

Requesting a Placement

Practica and Observation Request – After a contract has been established and an insurance policy is on file, placement officers may work directly with the school principal to request practica and observation. A complete Student Teacher Request Packet must be on file with Human Resources. Arrangements should not be initiated by the student. All long-term and student teacher placement requests must be arranged through Human Resources.

Student Teacher Request – All arrangements for placement of student teachers are made through Human Resources in conjunction with the college/university placement offices and should not be initiated by the student. A complete student teacher request packet must be submitted to Human Resources.

Student Teacher Request Packet: for practica, observation, and student teacher placement:

A complete student teacher application packet includes:

  • Student teacher application from college/university
  • Student's resume
  • Proof of Fingerprinting*
  • Proof of Professional Liability
  • Washington State Pre-Residency Certificate of Clearance**

*The state of Washington requires that everyone who has contact with students in the school setting be fingerprinted prior to starting their assignments. Request for placement will not be processed and student teachers will not be allowed into the classroom without proof of current fingerprints.

**OUT-OF-STATE UNIVERSITIES ONLY: Placement requests will need to obtain a pre-residency clearance prior to placement. For details on the documents needed and application process to obtain this pre-certificate clearance, please click on the OSPI link below:


Once Human Resources has received all completed documents, by the date as indicated below, the information will be forwarded to the building administrator for review for placement. When placement has been confirmed, Human Resources will notify the University Coordinator with the student teacher placement information.

In order to meet the needs of the many universities/colleges, a student teacher placement request must be sent to the Human Resources Department by the following dates:

  • By November 30th for Winter quarter/semester
  • By January 31st for Spring quarter/semester
  • By May 4th for Fall quarter/semester

Contact: Lori Liedes – 253-583-5095 or lliedes@cloverpark.k12.wa.us
*Approximately 25 percent of new hires are CPSD student teachers.

Clover Park School District does not discriminate in any programs or activities on the basis of sex, race, creed, religion, color, national origin, age, veteran or military status, sexual orientation, gender expression or identity, disability, or the use of a trained dog guide or service animal, and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Address correspondence to one of the following individuals who have been designated to handle questions and complaints of alleged discrimination at Clover Park School District, 10903 Gravelly Lake Dr., SW, Lakewood, WA 98499-1341:
Title IX Coordinator Section 504/ADA Coordinator
Kevin Ikeda, Assistant Superintendent
(253) 583-5165
Brian Laubach, Deputy Superintendent
(253) 583-5050
Civil Rights Compliance Coordinator  
Lori McStay, Executive Director for Human Resources
(253) 583-5087


Employee Self-Service provides employees the ability to view and/or print paychecks and W-2s through Clover Park School District’s Teacher Academy.

Select the following link:
Employee Self-Service

User name:District network login
Password: Issued password.
(Select [Forgot your password?] if you have misplaced your password. This will be sent to your Clover Park email address.)

Once logged into site, select [Employee Self Service] (on the right hand side of the screen).

HR Way to view Paychecks

The following screen provides employee detailed information about previous paychecks and W-2s. The paycheck information is updated each month (3 days prior to paycheck issuance).

Way to view paychecks