Clover Park School District is on the radio

Each month a district representative will participate in a "Community Conversation" on KLAY 1180 AM. Radio interviews are conducted live on the first Friday of each month and can be listened to from the district's website. Topics will vary each month and conversations run about ten minutes.

Here are the most recent community conversations.

June 2018

Topic: Educating students from military families in CPSD
Listen to the June 2018 Episode

May 2018

Topic: Employee Recruitment and Retention
Listen to the May 2018 Episode

April 2018

Topic: Special Education in Clover Park School District
Listen to the April 2018 Episode

March 2018

Topic: CPSDs Gifted Program
Listen to the March 2018 Episode

February 2018

Topic: Volunteering in CPSD
Listen to the February 2018 Episode

January 2018

Topic: CPSD’s 90th anniversary
Listen to the January 2018 Episode

December 2017

Topic: Career and Technical Education
Listen to the December 2017 Episode

November 2017

Topic: Attendance and Community Truancy Boards
Listen to the November 2017 Episode

October 2017

Topic: Parent/Teacher Conferences
Listen to the October 2017 Episode

September 2017

Topic: new kindergarten through grade 5 reading curriculum
Listen to the September 2017 Episode

August 2017

Topic: Back to School 2017-18
Listen to the August 2017 Episode

July 2017

Topic: District summer work projects
Listen to the July 2017 Episode

June 2017

Topic: Avoiding the Summer Slump
Listen to the June 2017 Episode

May 2017

Topic: Employee Recognition
Listen to the May 2017 Episode

April 2017

Topic: Smarter Balanced
Listen to the April 2017 Episode

March 2017

Topic: Professional Learning Communities
Listen to the March 2017 Episode

February 2017

Topic: Volunteering in CPSD
Listen to the February 2017 Episode

January 2017

Topic: Employee Retention and Recruitment
Listen to the January 2017 Episode

December 2016

Topic: School Safety and Emergency Preparations
Listen to the December 2016 Episode

November 2016

Topic: Parent and Community Engagement
Listen to the November 2016 Episode

October 2016

Topic: Parent Teacher Conferences
Listen to the October 2016 Episode

September 2016

Topic: Facilities Advisory Committee
Listen to the September 2016 Episode

August 2016

Topic: Welcome Back and What's New
Listen to the August 2016 Episode