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Signed and dated copies of board meeting minutes are available by contacting the superintendent’s office at (253) 583-5190 or

Clover Park School District

Regular Meeting of the Board
Student Services Center, 10903 Gravelly Lake Dr. SW, Lakewood, WA 98499-1341

October 9, 2017


Present: President Marty Schafer, Vice President Carole Jacobs, Becki Kellcy, Joe Vlaming, Paul Wagemann, and Debbie LeBeau

6:00 p.m. President Marty Schafer called to order the Regular Meeting of the Board and asked those in attendance to stand for a moment of silence to honor the men and women who serve in the military. This was followed by the pledge of allegiance.

Special Recognition: School Principals and Assistant Principals Month

The month of October is National Principals Month. The Board of Directors and superintendent recognized all principals and assistant principals for their dedicated service to Clover Park School District. President Schafer noted that he is grateful to see the positive culture that takes place in schools and is appreciative of administrators for making that happen. Superintendent LeBeau read the poem “You Make a Difference,” which was written by an anonymous author. The poem expressed appreciation to those who go the extra mile and spend their lives serving others.

City of Lakewood Council Remarks

There were no City Council remarks.

Public Comment 

Members of the audience wishing to address the Board of Directors will have three (3) minutes to provide comments. Remarks of a negative nature singling out specific employees, other than the board and its secretary, will be heard in executive session following the business meeting. The board reserves the right to terminate comments containing personal attacks on individuals. 

Follow-up to public questions and comments will be addressed during the superintendent’s comments at the next scheduled regular meeting of the board as appropriate. Please note that only the audio from the first regular meeting of the board is recorded. 

Please contact the superintendent’s office if you need communication aids or services during a meeting as soon as possible and no later than forty-eight (48) hours before the scheduled meeting so that necessary arrangements can be made.

You may also send comments in writing to: Board of Directors, Clover Park School District, 10903 Gravelly Lake Drive SW, Lakewood, Washington 98499-1341 or If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the superintendent’s office at (253) 583-5190.

There were no public comments.

Reports from the Superintendent


Superintendent LeBeau introduced Principal Leila Davis who is in her third year as principal at Meriwether. Prior to that, Ms. Davis was the principal at Oakwood for one year as it transitioned to close. She also has served many years as a teacher in Clover Park School District and knows the district very well. The superintendent complimented school staff who assisted the principal by displaying school work in the board room and hallway that reflected the good work students are doing in the classroom.

Principal Davis presented the Meriwether School Report. Meriwether is a Kids at Hope school. It serves students on Joint Base Lewis McChord North and is celebrating its fourth year in the community. The current enrollment is 335. Thirty-Six percent of students are eligible for free and reduced lunch as of May 2017. The mobility rate was 21% for the 2016-17 school year.

The mission statement is “…we are committed to empower, engage and educate all children in our care.” The vision is “To foster learning, community and connections in order to ensure all students are inspired to meet their potential.” In order to achieve a shared vision, the staff at Meriwether made a series of collective commitments such as: use data driven instruction and best practice strategies, commit to building-wide implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions Supports (PBIS), cultivate a positive, safe and respectful atmosphere and exemplify the Kids at Hope beliefs.

Ms. Davis presented assessment data and provided a three-year trend analysis. She addressed decreases and how staff are managing the data to put interventions in place to support students. Students in 3rd and 4th grade English/language arts are above the state average, and in Math grades 3, 4, and 5, Meriwether has outscored the state average. Ms. Davis said she finds that staff are having to flex to meet the needs of all students.

The school has been successful in implementing PBIS routines and is using response to intervention/ multi-tiered system of support processes. Ongoing challenges include building a Parent Teacher Association (PTA), attendance and focused growth in Smarter Balance scores. The challenge to build a PTA has more to do with the name of the group. Ms. Davis said parents are willing to support Meriwether students as long as it does not require joining the PTA.

The board president thanked Ms. Davis for sharing her report on Meriwether.


In her superintendent’s comments, Ms. LeBeau provided the following updates related to the following board goal areas.

Student Achievement – The district hosted teacher academy classes to support implementation of new literacy materials, preK-5. The assistant superintendent of elementary schools is conducting literacy walks in all schools to monitor and support the implementation of the materials.

Communication – The district is nearing completion of its work to convert web text and images to make it more accessible to the public. Last spring survey results revealed that the Administrative Leadership Team identified communication as an area for growth. The district has begun that work using Maxwell’s, “The 5 Levels of Leadership”

Supportive Learning Environment – The student services department has already needed to provide counseling services to students after a tragic incident occurred at one of our schools. The district is implementing new state rules and procedures related to attendance and discipline. This requires the district to integrate training on cultural competence and involving parents and students in the processes.

Community Engagement – The superintendent attended a recent impact aid conference in Washington DC. The impact aid dollars received would have to increase by $23M in order to maintain the current funding level, which the superintendent doubts will not happen.

The Lakeview Action Team for Partnership listened to what parents said about needing resources and support last year and created a STEM fair academy. The academy provides resources to parents to help their students succeed in the form of supplies/materials and hands on experience. Families were invited to see how they can help students STEM projects. The school earned an award from the National Partnership for Schools. This was a great example of how the action team took a situation that was a challenge and turned it into a success.

Staff Recruitment and Retention – The superintendent has heard many positive stories about the Professional Learning Communities (PLC) from principals. She read an email from a special education employee thanking Teaching and Learning staff for the work done to establish PLC time on late start Wednesdays. The benefits to students were clearly outlined in the message.


On motion by Paul Wagemann, seconded by Joe Vlaming, the following resolutions were adopted. Motion carried unanimously.

  18-015 Minutes: Regular Meeting of the Board, September 11, 2017, Special Meeting of September 13, 2017, Public Hearing on Proposed Sale of Property, September 13, 2017, and Regular Meeting/Workshop of the Board, September 18, 2017
  18-016 Waivers/Releases
  18-017 Personnel Actions
  18-018 Warrants
  18-019 Canceled Warrants
  18-020 Investment of Funds
  18-021 Out-of-State Travel
  18-022  Consultant Agreement - Educational Service District 121 ReLife Program
  18-023 Application for Funds for Department of Defense - Department of the Army's Army Youth Programs in Your Neighborhood Program

18-015   Minutes: Regular Meeting of the Board, September 11, 2017, Special Meeting/Workshop, September 13, 2017, Public Hearing on Proposed Sale of Property, September 13, 2017, Special Meeting/Workshop of September 13, 2017, and Regular Meeting/Workshop of the Board, September 18, 2017

               BE IT RESOLVED, That the minutes of the Board of Directors’ regular meeting of September 11, 2017, special meeting/workshop of September 13, 2017, public hearing on proposed sale of Property, September 13, 2017 and regular meeting/workshop of September 18, 2017, are hereby approved for recording.

18-016   Waivers /Releases

               BE IT RESOLVED, That requests for interdistrict transfer for individual students are accepted or rejected, as indicated on Attachment A and made a part of the minutes of this meeting.

18-017   Personnel Actions

               BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board issues contracts and accepts resignations, names and effective dates as indicated on Attachment B and made a part of the minutes of this meeting.

18-018   Warrants              

               BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby approves issuance of warrants as follows:            

  Number  Amount Date Issued
  General Fund    
  Direct Deposit $318,703.94 9/8/17
  Direct Deposit $11,427,539.02 9/29/17
  20628-20648 $14,970.75 9/8/17
  20649-20708 $1,878,307.63 9/29/17
Accounts Payable      
  General Fund    
  295505-295509 $10,443.70 9/7/17
  295326-295504 $2,598,292.70 9/5/17
  Capital Projects Fund    
  295296-295297 $5,057.76 9/5/17
  Associated Student Body Fund  
  295298-295320 $9,768.51 9/5/17
  Private Purpose Trust Fund    
  295321-295325 $4,641.00 9/5/17

18-019   Canceled Warrants

WHEREAS, It has been determined that certain warrants are not viable;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby authorizes the Pierce County Budget and Finance Department to cancel the following warrants:

Number Amount Date Issued
General Fund—Payroll
General Fund—Accounts Payable
295241 $75.00 8/21/17
295256 $75.00 8/21/17
295207 $150.00 8/21/17
295204 $150.00 8/21/17
295087 $75.00 8/21/17
295182 $150.00 8/21/17
295206 $150.00 8/21/17
295236 $300.00 8/21/17

18-020   Investment of Funds  

BE IT RESOLVED, that, in accordance with Board Policy 6120, the following funds were invested during the month of September 2017: 

        Date            Maturity      Interest                             Investment

    Invested         Date             Rate           Type*              Amount


General Fund








Capital Projects Fund








Debt Service Fund








Associated Student Body Fund








Private Purpose Trust Fund








Transportation Vehicle Fund








               CD = Certificate of Deposit/

               FA = Federal agency securities purchased

               WA=State of Washington Local Government Investment Pool

               NOW=Negotiable Order of Withdrawal (Interest Bearing) Bank Account


          *The month-end investment report had not been received from the County Treasurer prior to the preparation of this report. The type of investment and rate is not yet known for these investments during the month for this reason.

18-021   Out-of-State Travel 

BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby authorizes representation at the following meetings in accordance with relevant portions of Board Policy 6213:           

The SIOP Institute: Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol Training, Portland, Oregon, Aug. 2-4, 2017: Jamie Romberg [Compensatory Programs] (reimbursed through department (Title III) funds) 

Schetky Northwest Sales, Inc & Thomas Bus: Educational Trip – High Point, North Carolina, Oct. 25-28, 2017: Paul Vigil [Transportation] (Paid in full by Schetky Northwest Sales, Inc.) 

DoDEA National Grant Recipient Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, November 15-17, 2017: Tess McCartan & Erin Vidal [Teaching & Learning] Reimbursed through grant funds) 

Solution Tree: RTI Conference, Tampa, Florida, November 28-December 1, 2017: Tracy Lund [Hudtloff] (reimbursed through principals professional growth funds)

National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, Phoenix, Arizona, December 8-13, 2017: Clayton Angle [Clover Park] (reimbursed through Asst Supt Secondary funds) and December 7-13, 2017: Scott Nordi [Lakes] (reimbursed through school funds) 

18-022   Consultant Agreement - Educational Service District 121 ReLife Program 

WHEREAS, The Clover Park School District is responsible for providing educational opportunities to middle and high school age students with severe behavior problems; and 

WHEREAS, The ReLife Program, through Educational Service District 121, provides a program specific to students with severe behavior problems: and 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the board authorizes the superintendent to enter into an Interagency Agreement for the fiscal year 2017-18 to provide an educational program for middle and high school age students with severe behavior problems. 

18-023   Application for Funds for Department of Defense - Department of the Army's Army Youth Programs in Your Neighborhood Program 

WHEREAS, Clover Park School District students will benefit from activities and services available through the Department of Defense - Department of the Army's Army Youth Programs in Your Neighborhood (AYPYN) program; and 

WHEREAS, The funds provide opportunities for the district to expand the availability of high quality and high interest afterschool programs for army connected youth; 

WHEREAS, The contract application and award are closely aligned with the district's existing plan for district improvement; and 

WHEREAS, The funding of this contract is for the period of October 1, 2017, through September 30,2018; and  

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the Clover Park School District Board of Directors accepts the contract from the Department of Defense Department of the Army in the amount of $190,000.00.


On motion by Carole Jacobs, seconded by Becki Kellcy, the following resolution was adopted. Motion carried unanimously.

18-024  Certification of Emergency Repair at Woodbrook Middle School 

WHEREAS, The Superintendent has authorized an emergency repair of the structural beams at Woodbrook Middle School; and 

WHEREAS, Public agencies in the State of Washington are authorized by RCW 28A.335.190 and Board Policy #6210 to enter into contracts without advanced approval when it is necessary to protect the interests of the district or the health and safety of the staff and students; and 

WHEREAS, The Maintenance and Operations Department with the assistance of AHBL as consultants and subject experts, has solicited from the small works roster bids qualified and licensed contractors available to do the emergency repair and replacement at Woodbrook Middle School; 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board certify the emergency and immediate repairs at Woodbrook Middle School not to exceed $150,000.


On motion by Joe Vlaming, seconded by Carole Jacobs, the following resolution was adopted. Motion carried unanimously.

18-025   Commercial Real Estate Marketing and Brokerage Services 

WHEREAS, The Clover Park School District has deemed the district parcels, located at 150th and Spring Street, Thorne/Woodbrook neighborhood in Lakewood, WA, as properties no longer required for school use by the district; and. 

WHEREAS, Public agencies in the State of Washington are authorized by RCW 28A.335.120 to enter into a real estate contract to facilitate the sale of real property;  

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board authorizes the agreement between the District and Washington Real Estate Advisors for the marketing and brokerage services for the aforementioned properties, at a commission fee of 2% of total sale proceeds not including any buyer broker fees. 


On motion by Paul Wagemann, seconded by Carole Jacobs, the following resolution was adopted. Motion carried unanimously.

18-026   Selection of General Contractor/Construction Manager (GC/CM) for New Middle School Construction Project 

WHEREAS, The School District has conducted a competitive process in accordance with RCW 39.10 that included the public solicitation of proposals for general contractor/construction manager ("GC/CM") services; and 

WHEREAS, A committee established by the School District in accordance with the statute evaluated initial proposals, selected the most qualified finalists, and then evaluated the final proposals and bids; and 

WHEREAS, The   committee   has   recommended   selection   of   Korsmo Construction, which is the firm submitting the highest scored final proposal using the evaluation factors and the relative weight of factors published in the public solicitation of proposals; and 

WHEREAS, The GC/CM contract included with the public solicitation initially relates to the pre-construction services of the GC/CM and envisions the construction phase generally to commence after the School District and the GC/CM have agreed to an Amendment establishing a guaranteed maximum price for the construction; and 

WHEREAS, The fee for pre-construction services shall be on an hourly basis as specified in the contract, not to exceed $355,000; and 

WHEREAS, The bid of Korsmo Construction, included a percent fee of 2.33% on the estimated maximum allowable construction cost and a fixed amount for the general conditions work specified in the request for proposal of $1,744,662; 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED That the Board of Directors of Clover Park District, Pierce County, Washington, awards the GC/CM contract for the aforementioned projects to Korsmo Construction, in the form specified in the public solicitation, with a not-to-exceed fee for preconstruction services as specified above, and a percent fee for construction and a fixed amount for Specified General Conditions consistent with the above figures. The Board authorizes the Superintendent to finalize and execute the contract. 


On motion by Joe Vlaming, seconded by Becki Kellcy, the following resolution was adopted. Motion carried unanimously.

18-027   District Wide Security Monitoring

WHEREAS, The Clover Park School District Maintenance and Operation Department has the responsibility to provide security measures for the district; and 

WHEREAS, Public agencies in the State of Washington are authorized by RCW 36.100.1804 to enter into service provider agreements for the purchase of services; and  

WHEREAS, The Clover Park School District has a proprietary system installed for the monitoring of all the fire and intrusion alarms established and maintained by Sonitrol Pacific, Sound Security Inc.; 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board authorizes the service provider agreement with Sonitrol Pacific, Sound Security Inc., for the monitoring of the district wide fire and intrusion alarms for the 2017-18 school year in the amount of $105,366.00 to include sales tax. 

18-028   Negotiated Agreement Between Clover Park School District and International Union of Operating Engineers Local 286 

WHEREAS, The negotiated agreement between the Clover Park School District Board of Directors and the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 286 expires August 31, 2017. 

WHEREAS, The Clover Park School District Administration and the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 286 entered into negotiations for a successor contract pursuant to RCW 41.59. 

WHEREAS, The parties have reached a tentative agreement on a collectively bargained contract for the period September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018. 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Clover Park Board of Directors approves the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Clover Park School District and the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 286, tentatively agreed to by the District's bargaining team, for the period September 1, 2017 through August 31, 2018.


  • •First Reading 
Recommended Policy Number/Action Policy Title  
3115 Homeless Students – Enrollment Rights & Services
3116 Students in Foster Care
3122 Excused and Unexcused Absences

Director Wagemann asked if it would be appropriate to consider asking the state for an exception to counting block leave for military students against a school districts chronic absenteeism rate. President Shafer will give other board members an opportunity to consider the request and follow-up if any revision to policy 3122 is necessary.

  • •Board Member Reports

Paul Wagemann: Director Wagemann reminded Board Directors to participate in the upcoming WSSDA vote. WSSDA needs to receive enough votes to validate the election. Director Wagemann and President Schafer met with the WSSDA executive director. Director Wagemann is supportive of the WSSDA executive director and WSSDA legislative representative.  He believes they both care very much about what school board directors are saying and make sure to communicate that message to the legislature with positive results. The legislative assembly went well and there was lots of good input. The issue of local control for school boards remains an important priority. 

Joe Vlaming: After reading an article in the Tacoma News Tribune about a Clover Park High School (CPHS) football coach, Director Vlaming went to the school to meet the coach and extend his appreciation for his dedication to students. He added that CPHS is having a good football season. 

Rebecca Kellcy: Director Kellcy was able to visit a school with Superintendent LeBeau. She was appreciative that the principal took time to meet and provide a tour of the building. 

Carole Jacobs: Vice President Jacobs read the recent edition of News Briefs and thanked Kim Prentice, community relations director, and her team for doing a great job. She especially enjoyed the new section devoted to interviewing staff. The CELT group continues to move forward. She appreciates that the committee is leaving no stones unturned and is dedicated to making sure everything is done correctly so that it will be engaging.  

Marty Schafer: President Schafer thanked Paul Wagemann for arranging the meeting with the executive director at WSSDA and for being the school board legislative representative. He thanked the superintendent for her commitment to keep the district’s need for impact aid in front of federal legislators who represent Washington state. President Schafer announced that he will continue to mentor high school athletes this year.

  • •Executive Session 

There was no executive session.


  • Budget Status Report of September 30, 2017
  • Investment Earnings, September 30, 2017
  • Enrollment, October 1, 2017
  • Food Services Participation Report, September 2017

7:17 p.m.       On motion by Carole Jacobs, seconded by Joe Vlaming, the meeting was adjourned.



Dr. Marty Schafer, School Board President



Deborah L. LeBeau, Superintendent


17-18 Monthly Waiver Report
September 30, 2017

Attachment A
Clover Park School Board Agenda
October 9, 2017
Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade  
Adams David GD   Cook Nicole 01  
Alaniz Sohnyae 09   Cook Andrew 02  
Allen Kaleb 07   Cooley Paul P4  
Alverio Zoya GD   Cooper James 12  
Arevalo King 03   Correia Joshua 10  
Arizmendi-Nava Mailyn 02   Garrett Alice 03  
Arizmendi-Nava Alain 04   Gordon Lila 01  
Armstrong Aaryn 12   Granillo Gabriel 10  
Armstrong Harlea GD   Guevara Daphne 11  
Ashbaugh Gabriella GD   Gunderson Abby 07  
Ashley Devon 05   Jackson Alliyah 12  
Ashworth Mason 09   James Jaden 01  
Barnes Angel 01   Jarvis Jomokenyahta 11  
Barnes Kimora 05   Johnson Kaila 03  
Barnson Makenzie 11   Johnson Brittney 04  
Basile Kaylee 02   Johnson Za'Kieviah 05  
Bernal Santino 06   Johnson Ij'Mahri 09  
Bernal Nia 08   Johnson Mysteria 11  
Bernal Eric 11   Jones Jaliyah 05  
Booth Jazmine 08   Jones Kamara 06  
Borjas-Calvo Ignacio GD   Jones Mark 07  
Bostick Chymaera 06   Jones Serenity 08  
Boul Xavier 08   Jones Jaytrell 12  
Branch Kayleigh 02   Jones Deante 12  
Broadwater Caleb 08   Jones Cyan GD  
Brown Brandon GD   Just Jessa 02  
Bruce Chanel 11   Just Aiden 06  
Bustos Elizabeth 06   Lillian Matthew GD  
Cabrera Alianna 01   Quiocho Chase GD  
Camky Alexis 11   Ussery Iyanna 04  
Carreno-Ocampo Angel 11   Van Dyke Savannah 06  
Chaires Briseis 06   Vaughn Alexis 11  
Chavez Jazlyn 04   Velazquez Miguel 12  
Chichipan Rosario 12   Verdei Aaron K  
Clarkson Jonathan 06   Von Barnau Sythoff Eric 10  
Clay Cornelius 10   Yannello Joseph GD  
Colon Cory GD   Zavaughntae Tymas 09  
Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade  
Allen Katalina 03   Benitez Fausto 10  
Applewhite Anthony 02   Benton Alyssa Rose 07  
Asadi-Mclaughlin Grayson K   Bethel Roman K  
Augustin Elon 09   Bolling Devin 06  
Aznaran Adrian 02   Brady Ja'Vaehh 03  
Beane Wyatt 02   Broughton Mekhi K  
Belt Jared 05   Broughton Marcelus 05  
Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade  
Brown Areauna 11   King Henry 01  
Burbank Isaac 05   King Samuel 04  
Cardenas Gutierrez Anthony 08   Kitchen Jacob 09  
Cardenas Gutierrez David 06   Kitchen Joshua 09  
Cisco Jacob K   Kronika Kaden 02  
Cody Conor 01   Kronika Mykaela 02  
Cody Michael 02   Lesane Makayla 03  
Coles Brandon K   Leyva Mercedes Jakov 02  
Collins Nysa 07   Lopez Julian K  
Comoza Kyera 04   Lopez Bowie 01  
Comoza Makayla 05   Lopez Jackson 05  
Condry Taryn K   Lopez-Hernandez Nancy 01  
Cross Y'Mani 01   Lynch Samira 02  
Cross Reginald 02   McRae Kamari 09  
Daniels Christian 02   Mcwilliams Alivia K  
Davidson Donyaih 06   Mcwilliams Nadia K  
Demapan Ayvah Victoria K   Meeks Corbin 01  
Dickey Jamari 06   Merritt Carsten K  
Dittmann Casey 04   Merritt Katie K  
Dixon Stella 03   Mervyn Vincent 03  
Dogbe Faith K   Michelon Leonidas 04  
Downer Eli 01   Miller Benjamin 05  
Downer Madyson 04   Miller Sarah 01  
Edwards Shyllia K   Monner Augusta 02  
Evans Elianna 04   Monner Anabelle 04  
Evarts Ezekiel 02   Moore Aaron K  
Evarts Josephine 04   Morris Marissa 11  
Faillace Barry 03   Morris David 10  
Fiber Noah 07   Mwaura Tiffany 01  
Golladay Madison 02   Nauta Joey 05  
Gonzales Kyara 05   Nehl Jaidan 04  
Gonzales Isabel K   Nehl Regan 01  
Griffin-Barber Makai K   Nehl Ethan 10  
Hampton Noah K   Nunes-Almadova Kailee 09  
Hendrix Archer K   Ocampo-Carreno Diego 05  
Herber Katherine 04   Ortiz Aiden 02  
Herber Nicholas 02   Ostrowski Alessandra 09  
Hill Serenity K   Paxton Ayden 07  
Hoffmire Brandon 03   Peebles Rose K  
House Isaiah 03   Pena Ixchel 08  
Jackson Bailey 05   Perry Athena K  
Jackson Rollins Coraz'On 09   Peters Darwin 02  
Jackson-Solis Mateo 03   Phipps Isabelle K  
Johnson Caleb 01   Portillo Liliana 01  
Johnson Jennalyn 01   Radden Elaina 12  
Jormelu Lanyela 02   Ramos Kimberly 12  
Kellcy Jordan K   Ramos Maria Andrea 12  
Kelly Aryana 01   Resendez Michelle 09  
Kelly Zarra 05   Richards-Parrell Mariah K  
Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade  
Robinson Mannie 06   Threats Alisha K  
Robinson Meeco 07   Trower Heavyn K  
Rodriguez Selah 02   Tudela Joseph 01  
Rogers Braylon 01   Van Dyk Kegan 02  
Rush (king) Hannah 01   Velez Boyce Ricardo 01  
Rybak Matthew 04   Wade Austin 02  
Santana Demetrio K   Wagus Joshua 03  
Schmidt Malachi 01   Ward Demetrius 09  
Schmidt Pangea 05   Ware D` Asia 01  
Simmons Karson K   Watley Devonte 09  
Simpson William 01   White Trista 02  
Slater Mason 07   Wiedemann Sarah 09  
Smith Johnny-Blaze 05   Wiedemann Annelise 12  
Souder Destiny K   Williams Philip 01  
Stravinskas Sonya 05   Williams Ariyan 03  
Surles Kiamora 02   Wooley Jada 08  
Tajalle Madeline K   Yarborough Sterling 12  
Taylor Brynna 05   Young Audrianna 04  
Thomas Aria K   Zuniga Anthony 04  
Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade  
Atwood Jai` Andre 02   Giordano Tate K  
Beard Lillyana K   Giove Izzabella K  
Bradley Mikayla 06   Go Jillian Jade M 01  
Bradley Andrew 07   Go Alain 02  
Brawley Noah 11   Gordon Sidnie 07  
Buchanan Laura K   Gumkowski Madelyn 02  
Bullock Bryanna 05   Haines Salora 03  
Bullock Kythanna 07   Hammett Felix 01  
Calkins Josiah 02   Hammett Ayden 03  
Cervantes Isaac K   Harman Damiano 08  
Chandler Hallie 01   Heminger Jessie 12  
Chandler Liam K   Holden Kahlil 01  
Cheng Olivia 05   Holden Rayshaun 05  
Colbert Mishhah 01   Jackson Ahlaiya 01  
Cuba Velazquez Rayza K   Johnson Aviva 03  
Daracay Althea 03   Kombassere Relwende 01  
Davis Alijah 01   Leblanc Nanabelle 02  
Davis Jayden 05   Leong Kaitlyn K  
De La Riva Angel K   Logova Riggahmortus 01  
Demerin Piilani 04   Logova Raniah 02  
Dickerson Raegan K   Logova Ryan Jr 04  
Dunn Mary-Katherine K   Mariano Kaylani K  
Ellis Kalaja 03   Mathews Jaydyn P2  
Espinoza Pablo 04   Medina Jermani 09  
Ford Enrique 01   Medina Joseph K  
Garcia Sophia Yzabelle 04   Meyer Garrett K  
Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade  
Mogen Anthony 03   Roderick Madisen 12  
Moody Jackson 02   Roe Phillip 05  
Morales Paulino Sebastian 03   Sowell Shylise 09  
Morales Paulino Julio Daniel 04   Sowell Ferman 10  
Moreland Tarae 01   Taing Bryson K  
Moreland Talea 02   Thomas Nathan 03  
Newton Saphir K   Tillman James K  
Parks Azelee K   Torres Ysabella K  
Parks Donnell K   Trigger Lawrence K  
Potoa'E Moses K   Vargas Adrian 10  
Preston Tarren K   Vargas Daniel 10  
Ramirez Joe 02   Vargas Marcos 12  
Rasmussen Samuel K   Wangi Jamal 12  
Rigby Mason K   Watson Aleksander 12  
Rivera-Gaines Ayanna 04   Watson Merrick 12  
Robinson Nevaeh 05          
MONTHLY TOTAL              
Entry to Clover Park SD 83   Transfers Between CPSD Schools 150  
Released from Clover Park 74   YTD Transfers Between CPSD Schools 1,380  
Monthly Subtotal   157          
Number Released from Clover Park to Online Schools   19 25.68%  
(Included in "Released from Clover Park" number above)        
Entry to Clover Park SD 490 39.17% Incoming 490  
Released from Clover Park 761 60.83% Outgoing Less Still Enrolled 64  
YTD Waiver Requests 1,251 100.00% Adjusted YTD Total 554  
YTD Number Denied Entry to Clover Park     3 0.61%  
YTD Number with signed Releases, that are still   64 8.41%  
enrolled. (Included in "Released from Clover Park" number above)      


Clover Park School District Board Agenda
October 9, 2017
NEW HIRES, PROVISIONAL CONTRACTS (Subject to the acceptable outcome of a criminal history records check) LETTERS OF INTENT ISSUED TO THE FOLLOWING:
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Amick Joseph Carter Lake Teacher 1.0 9/7/17
Arnold Ashlyn Lochburn Teacher 1.0 9/5/17
Chiarenza Yvonne Meriwether Teacher 1.0 9/25/17
Kaperick Peter CPHS Teacher 1.0 10/5/17
Noe Scott Lakes Teacher 1.0 9/21/17
Viveros Velez Viviana Lake Louise Teacher 1.0 9/25/17
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Azzedine Abdelmajid SPED Psychologist 0.3 8/30/17
Ferreira Sharon SPED SLP 0.5 8/30/17
Rosado Sarah Carter Lake Teacher 1.0 9/30/17
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Kirby Diana Custer Teacher 0.5 9/21/17
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Nelson Ryan Tyee Park Teacher 1.0 9/26/17


NEW HIRES (Subject to the acceptable outcome of a criminal history records check)
Last Name First Name Location Position Hours Effective Date
Ausage Mark Transportation Bus Driver 4.0 9/18/17
Bolden Florine HP Custodian-Asst Chief 8.0 10/9/17
Bronson Laura Meriwether Paraeducator 6.25 10/2/17
Castro Anthony CP Early Learning Paraeducator 7.0 10/3/17
Flores Stephanie Rainier Clerk 4.5 10/2/17
Flores Stephanie Rainier Paraeducator 1.5 10/2/17
Fulps Kristina SPED Clerk 6.0 9/14/17
Gill Sirjant Beachwood Paraeducator 6.0 9/25/17
Haywood Benjamin Woodbrook Paraeducator 6.25 10/2/17
Huffman Jon Transportation Mechanic 3.0 TBD
Johnson John Custer Paraeducator 4.5 10/4/17
Johnson Joyce T&L Clerk 8.0 10/9/17
Johnson Mia Oakbrook Paraeducator 6.25 10/2/17
Miller Elizabeth CPHS Paraeducator 6.0 9/18/17
Modie Toni Student Nutrition Clerk 4.0 9/20/17
Villanueva Maria Meriwether Paraeducator 6.0 9/27/17
Last Name First Name Location Position Hours Effective Date
Allison Karen Tyee Park Food Service Worker 2.5 8/30/17
Bauer Harrison Hudtloff Paraeducator 6.0 9/29/17
Brown Lesa Custer Paraeducator 6.0 9/20/17
Clayton Maureen Tillicum Clerk 2.0 9/11/17
De La Paz Katy Hudtloff Paraeducator 6.0 10/9/17
Huntwork Carisa Hillside Paraeducator 6.0 10/23/17
Massey Todd Transportation Bus Driver 5.25 9/25/17
Reyes Brandon Woodbrook Paraeducator 6.0 8/30/17
Sealey Wayne Transportation Bus Driver 7.75 9/26/17
Last Name First Name Location Position Hours Effective Date
Bradley Judy Student Nutrition Food Service Worker 3.5 8/28/17


Fiscal Report to our Taxpayers
Fiscal Year 2017-18