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Signed and dated copies of board meeting minutes are available by contacting the superintendent’s office at (253) 583-5190 or


Regular Meeting of the Board

Student Services Center, Room 4

September 11, 2017



Present:           President Marty Schafer, Vice President Carole Jacobs, Joe Vlaming, Paul Wagemann, and Debbie LeBeau

Not Present:   Becki Kellcy (excused)

6:00 p.m.          President Marty Schafer called to order the Regular Meeting of the Board and asked those in attendance to stand for the presentation of colors by the Clover Park High School JROTC Color Guard. This was followed by the pledge of allegiance.



President Schafer welcomed new members of the Associated Student Bodies and City of Lakewood Youth Council. He acknowledged the many students who serve the district as emissaries by modeling the Board’s values within the schools and communities they serve. Students serving in this leadership capacity received a letter of commendation from the Board of Directors. President Schafer stated that true leadership is about building community.


Paul Bocchi provided the City of Lakewood Council report. He is this year’s youth council advisor. He noted that the youth council was established by former Councilperson Claudia Thomas. This year, youth council members will have the opportunity to participate on various city committees.

The City Council is pleased to announce a new Larry Saunders Award, which is sponsored by the Lakewood City Council. Chief Saunders, the first Lakewood Chief of Police, passed away January 7, 2016, and he was known for giving a lot of time and energy to the City of Lakewood. Applications can be picked up at city hall. The deadline is September 29th.

The Waughop Lake Trail Project is nearing completion and parking is now 95% complete. The design process on the road is fairly extensive and planned for completion next year. Councilperson Bocchi provided a road work update regarding Gravelly Lake Drive. The project is scheduled for completion by the end of September.

Director Wagemann remarked on an op-ed piece by councilperson Bocchi that he read about affordable housing that will impact low income and homeless families. He asked what the city council is doing to help those families in need of affordable housing. Councilmember Bocchi responded that its correct that once the rental ordinance is enacted, landlords may take some of their inventory off the rolls. However, it is the city council’s belief that sub-standard housing is not good for the community as a whole and that it’s dangerous for the people living in sub-standard housing. He and others hope landlords will invest in their properties, but realize this could increase the rates for rental properties.

President Schafer thanked Councilperson Bocchi for his report and asked him to share with the city council that the school board appreciates the work they do.



The Board of Directors signed its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The Board reviews the SOPs on a regular basis. The SOPs are a working document that keeps the Board’s focus on students and the power of having one voice to keep their best interest at the forefront of all actions.

Vice President Jacobs appreciates seeing the following statement regarding one voice in the SOPs, “The authority of the board resides in the collective decision of the individual board members and is presented publically as one voice. Individual board directors do not have authority. Only when speaking as one voice, and acting as a whole, does the board have authority.”

Director Kellcy was not available to sign the SOPs but will have an opportunity at a later date. President Schafer excused Director Kellcy from the meeting.






There were no public comments.


Reports from the Superintendent


The superintendent welcomed and introduced new administrators, some of whom were promoted within the district.

  • John Boatman, Director of Maintenance & Operations
  • Diane Carver, Director of Career & College Readiness
  • Michaela Clancy, Director of Special Education
  • Travis Holmgren, Principal, Lake Louise Elementary School
  • Doug Kernutt, Executive Director for Student Support
  • Ray Kurtz, Assistant Principal, Lakeview Hope Academy
  • Tess McCartan, Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Kristi Smith, Executive Director for Teaching & Learning
  • Patricia Stallard, Principal, Custer Elementary School
  • Celena Zanuttini, Assistant Principal, Lochburn Middle School.


The superintendent remarked on the great pictures in the hallway and board room displaying recent summer and beginning of school activities. She said the first day of school was filled with fun and exciting activities for students and staff.

In her superintendent’s comments, Ms. LeBeau provided the following updates related to the five board goals.

Student Achievement – The superintendent shared highlights from the summer school credit retrieval program. One hundred and two students were enrolled, completing 158 courses. Summer school targeted students in grades 2-7. Approximately 300 students attended summer school and the district will conduct an evaluation of the summer program once MAP scores become available.


Communication with All Stakeholders – The superintendent and assistant superintendents met with the incoming Garrison Commander, Col. Nicole Lucus, and the JBLM Deputy Commander. The Garrison Commander has three sons attending Clover Park schools.

In preparation for the public hearing scheduled for September 13, a letter was sent to residents in the Woodbrook neighborhood and families of Woodbrook students regarding the proposed sale of the Woodbrook properties. In addition to the letters, large signs were placed in strategic points at the site.


Supportive Learning Environment – Over the summer, incoming 6th grade students participated in a two-day transition event at each middle school. Lakes and Clover Park held similar weeklong events for incoming freshman. Harrison Preparatory School held multiple events for the various grade levels served.


Maintenance staff worked hard over the summer to prepare schools and the grounds for students and staff. Custer, one of district’s oldest schools, received a little extra attention that included roof repairs, a new special education playground, a new gymnasium/cafeteria floor and new windows and blinds.


Community Engagement –Lochburn staff invited male role models to come on the first day of school to welcome students back and show support. The Tacoma News Tribune featured Lochburn’s welcome back event in an article and video, which is currently available online. Lakeview staff held a “Kids at Hope” tunnel on September 5, which welcomed students to school and provided encouragement and support. It was well attended by community members, families and staff.

All Clover Park School District schools offer some form of meet and greet prior to the start of school to orient students and families. Schools will also host open house events later this month to ensure families know how to support student success.

Retention, Recruitment and Professional Development – New employee orientation was held August 14-18 and concluded with a bus tour of the community so that new staff could become familiar with the communities they will serve. Building and district days followed to help prepare all certificated staff for the new school year.

This year, the district has 21 Alternative Routes to Certification candidates. Human Resources, Teaching and Learning, principals and peer-teachers will support these candidates throughout the process.



On motion by Paul Wagemann, seconded by Joe Vlaming, the following resolutions were adopted. The motion carried unanimously.

18-001   Minutes: Special and Regular Meeting of the Board of August 14, 2017, and Regular Meeting/Workshop of August 28, 2017

18-002   Waivers/Releases                                                                                             

18-003   Personnel Actions                                        

18-004   Warrants

18-005   Canceled Warrants

18-006   Investment of Funds

18-007   Out-Of-State Travel

18-008   Authorization to Accept Highly Capable Annual Plan for the 2017-18 School Year

18-009   School Safety Officer Contract

18-001 Minutes: Board Planning Meeting of August 8, 2016; Regular Meeting of the Board of August 8, 2016, and Regular Meeting/Workshop of August 28, 2017

               BE IT RESOLVED, That the minutes of the Board of Directors’ planning meeting of August 8, 2016; regular meeting of August 8, 2016, regular meeting/workshop of August 22, 2016, are hereby approved for recording.

18-002 Waivers /Releases

               BE IT RESOLVED, That requests for interdistrict transfer for individual students are accepted or rejected, as indicated on Attachment A and made a part of the minutes of this meeting.



18-003 Personnel Actions

              BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board issues contracts and accepts resignations, names and effective dates as indicated on Attachment B and made a part of the minutes of this meeting.

18-004 Warrants

               BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby approves issuance of warrants as follows:

Payroll Number  Amount Date Issued
General Fund
Direct Deposit $9,946,636.89 8/31/17
20572-20573 $2,181.19 8/4/17
  20574-20627 $2,072,839.74 8/31/17
Accounts Payable
General Fund      
  294849-294995 $2,422,026.15 8/7/17
  295027-295295 $683,855.81 8/21/17
Capital Projects Fund      
  294825-294832 $74,014.16 8/7/17
  294996-295003 $37,099.27 8/21/17
Associated Student Body Fund      
  294833-294848 $13,912.34 8/7/17
  295004-295017 $7,037.46 8/21/17
Private Purpose Trust Fund      
  295018-295026 $3,550.00 8/21/17

18-005 Canceled Warrants

               WHEREAS, It has been determined that certain warrants are not viable;

               NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby authorizes the Pierce County Budget and Finance Department to cancel the following warrants:




Date Issued

General Fund—Payroll




General Fund—Accounts Payable
  294803 $59.08 7/24/17

18-006 Investment of Funds

BE IT RESOLVED, that, in accordance with Board Policy 6120, the following funds were invested during the month of August 2017:






General Fund






Capital Projects Fund






Debt Service Fund 08/31/17 09/29/17 * * $13,000,000

Associated Student Body Fund






Private Purpose Trust Fund






Transportation Vehicle Fund







               CD = Certificate of Deposit/

               FA = Federal agency securities purchased

               WA=State of Washington Local Government Investment Pool

               NOW=Negotiable Order of Withdrawal (Interest Bearing) Bank Account

               *The month-end investment report had not been received from the County Treasurer prior to the preparation of this report. The type of investment and rate is not yet known for these investments during the month for this reason.

18-007 Out-Of-State Travel

               BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby authorizes representation at the following meetings in accordance with relevant portions of Board Policy 6213:

               Teachers College: Adapting Units of Study for English Language Learners Institute 2017: New York, New York, Oct. 1-4, 2017: Susan Kontos [Teaching & Learning] (reimbursed through department (Title III) funds)

               National School Board Association, San Antonio, Texas, April 7-9, 2018: Debbie LeBeau, Marty Schafer, Carole Jacobs, Becki Kellcy, Joe Vlaming and Paul Wagemann [Superintendent and Board of Directors] (reimbursed through department funds)

18-008 Authorization to Accept Highly Capable Annual Plan for the 2017-18 School Year

WHEREAS, The instructional program of Basic Education provided by the Clover Park School District shall include programs for highly capable students in grades K-12 under RCW 28A.185.010 through 28A.185.030; and

WHEREAS, The Legislature finds that, for highly capable students, access to accelerated learning and enhanced instruction is access to a Basic Education, and

               NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Clover Park School District Board of Directors approves the iGrants 217 Highly Capable Students Program Annual Plan for the 2017-18 fiscal year.

18-009 School Safety Officer Contract

WHEREAS, Clover Park School District Policy 1001, Philosophy of Education,” states, “The Clover Park School District is dedicated to providing a high quality, relevant education f or students in a safe, caring learning environment;” and

WHEREAS, A safe caring learning environment that is free of persons loitering on school property during the day; and

WHEREAS, The District’s partnership with the City of Lakewood includes a focus on the safety of its students, staff and patrons on school property; and

WHEREAS, The District has received a two-year contract with the City of Lakewood to provide three police officers to work off-duty hours at our secondary schools and special events outside of normal school hours to include salary, benefits and related expenses;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board authorizes the superintendent to contract with the City of Lakewood for Lakewood police officers to serve as school safety officers assigned exclusively to duty with the Clover Park School District for the 2017-18 school year not to exceed $290,375.


On motion by Carole Jacobs, seconded by Joe Vlaming, the following resolution was adopted. The motion carried unanimously.

18-010 A Resolution of the Clover Park School District Board of Directors Commemorating the School District’s 90th Anniversary

WHEREAS, 2018 marks the 90th anniversary of Clover Park School District, originally established in 1928 as Union High School District No. 204; and

WHEREAS, As a result of the 1941 State School District Reorganization Act, Union High School District No. 204 became Clover Park School District No. 400 based on the historical name of the vicinity; and

WHEREAS, The school district encompasses 68 square miles, serving the Lakewood and Joint Base Lewis-McChord communities; and

WHEREAS, The school district has approximately 1,700 highly valued employees who provide educational support for more than 13,500 students in preschool through grade 12; and

WHEREAS, The Board of Directors attributes its success to the many collaborations and partnerships it has with families, community members and businesses, which all have played a role in the overall success of the district;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the Clover Park School District Board of Directors pledge its continued commitment to ensure each student receives a quality education focused on student achievement, community engagement, communication with all stakeholders, supportive learning environment for students and employees, and staff retention and professional development; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That the school board invites all district students, families, employees, graduates and the communities served to celebrate and honor the many successes of Clover Park School District over the years.

On motion by Paul Wagemann, seconded by Carole Jacobs, the following resolution was adopted. The motion carried unanimously.

18-011 Information Technology – Computer Replacement


WHEREAS, The Technology Audit recommends the upgrade and replacement of current technology throughout the District; and

WHEREAS, Computer replacement is scheduled for Park Lodge Elementary, Idlewild Elementary, Woodbrook Middle and Hudtloff Middle Schools during the 2017-18 school year; and

WHEREAS, The District membership with Washington School Information

Processing Cooperative provides comprehensive data solutions through bid process in accordance with RCW 28A.335.l90; and

WHEREAS, Information Technology has determined the need for replacement

throughout the District and will procure computers through Micro Computer

System under statewide contract pricing; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board authorizes the purchase of computers, not to exceed $480,000.

On motion by Joe Vlaming, seconded by Paul Wagemann, the following resolution was adopted. The motion carried unanimously.

18-012 Adoption of Study and Survey

WHEREAS, WAC 392.341.020 District application – Study and survey requires the Board of Directors of a school district to submit to the Superintendent of Public Instruction a study and survey of existing and proposed facilities within the district prior to consideration of state assistance in providing school facilities; and

WHEREAS, Meng Analysis has completed the study and survey;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby accepts the Study and Survey as final and the Board authorizes the submission of the Study and Survey to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction in compliance with WAC 392.341.025.

On motion by Joe Vlaming, seconded by Carole Jacobs, the following resolution was adopted. The motion carried unanimously.

18-013 Survey of Contiguous School Districts

WHEREAS, In order to receive state funding assistance for projects, WAC 392-341-080(2) requires a documented survey of contiguous school districts to identify the existence and location of any available and suitable school facilities meeting this district’s needs and which are currently vacant or are scheduled to be vacant within six years; and

WHEREAS, The Clover Park School District has surveyed Franklin Pierce, Steilacoom, University Place, Tacoma, Yelm, Bethel and North Thurston School Districts which are the districts contiguous with Clover Park School District; and

WHEREAS, Those contiguous districts have advised that no suitable space is either now available or scheduled to become available within six years;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby certify the aforementioned findings to the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction.

On motion by Paul Wagemann, seconded by Joe Vlaming, the following resolution was adopted. The motion carried unanimously.

18-014 New In-Lieu Replacement Option for a New Middle School

WHEREAS, The existing facilities identified in the project application (Form D-3) submitted to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, will be in-lieu of modernization of existing facilities and the existing facilities will not be used in the future for instructional purposes or be eligible for future state financial assistance; and

WHEREAS, Clover Park School District has undertaken a project to replace Mann and Woodbrook Middle Schools; and

WHEREAS, Both state and local funds will be used for this project; and

WHEREAS, Clover Park School District has an updated study and survey and is required to certify per WAC 392-347-042 that the existing facility or space to be replaced will not be used for instructional purposes after the new construction is complete and that the existing facilities will be ineligible for any future financial assistance;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED That the Clover Park School District will be removing from instructional inventory a portion of the existing Mann Middle School (45,718 square feet) and all of Woodbrook Middle School (87,766 square feet). A total of 132,000 square feet from those schools will be used to construct a new in-lieu of modernization middle school on the Mann Middle School property per WAC 392-347-042. The remaining 33,530 square feet of Mann Middle School will be retained.


  • Board Member Reports

Carole Jacobs – Vice President Jacobs enjoyed attending the new teacher’s luncheon. She loves the start of school each year and the high level of enthusiasm teachers bring to the schools. She appreciates being the first board member to greet new employees coming into the district. She participated in two Community Engagement Leadership meetings and appreciates the efforts to take appropriate steps to be a leader amongst school districts. She also noted that she is working on the Board of Distinction application for the Board. It’s a process and she appreciates the assistance she is receiving to complete the task. She also is pleased that the district is celebrating its 90th year. There continue to be many people in the community that have great pride in the schools they graduated from.

Joe Vlaming – Director Vlaming attended the elementary and secondary professional development activities for all certificated staff. He also provided school board remarks at the September 5 city council meeting. He noted that Councilperson Whalen was appreciative of the Hudtloff Middle School welcoming event for 6th graders and said it was a concept he was behind. He spoke to Sergeant John Fraser who shared his observations regarding the community and school district. It was a positive conversation.

Paul Wagemann – Director Wagemann remarked that the certificated staff professional development held at the beginning of the school year was well done. As the legislative representative for the Board he is preparing for the upcoming legislative assembly. The Board will discuss legislative priorities at the September 18 workshop.

Marty Schafer – President Schafer noted that he is looking forward to establishing the Community Engagement Leadership Team (CELT) agenda. He acknowledged the recent press regarding Lochburn Middle School inviting male role models to line the walkways to welcome students to school.

  • Executive Session

There was no executive session.


  • Investment Earnings, August 31, 2017

7:07 p.m.       On motion by Carole Jacobs, seconded by Joe Vlaming, the meeting was adjourned.

17-18 Monthly Waiver Report
August 31, 2017

Attachment A
Clover Park School Board Agenda
September 11, 2017


Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade
Adams Tikere GD   Chandler Courtney 12
Allen Daijahnique 12   Chim Uhmavateykalyaney 09
Allen Summer 08   Cid-Martinez Edson 12
Anaya Nathalia 08   Clements Samantha 11
Ancheta-Oya Cecilia 08   Cleveland Ellis 10
Anderson Koda 06   Coggswell Donavon GD
Appleby Tyler GD   Colt Henry 04
Bacon Isaac 07   Cooper Dominic 02
Bacon Charissa 12   Cunningham Elizabeth 07
Bailey Aiden 05   Damone Victoria 02
Bailey Erica 05   Damone Adrianna 03
Bailey Kyra 06   Daniel Josiah 04
Bailey Shantell 07   David Lyberti 07
Bailey-Blockman De'Oushanay 09   Davidson Haylee 08
Baker Isai 04   Davila Valeria 11
Baker Ikaika 08   Davis Lisa 09
Baranda Herrada Justyn 03   Davis Rose 11
Barnes Faith 12   Davis Hannah 12
Barrett Nathanael 11   Davis Charlize 10
Bauermeister Kaisey 01   De La Cruz Santiago Jeriel 06
Baylis Tyrese GD   Dean Gavin GD
Bega Guillaume 02   Deanda Olivares 05
Bega France 04   Deccio Anthony 01
Bega Isabelle 05   Dehart Brittney 01
Bega Bernard 08   Del Nero Wah'Ske'Siw 11
Bega Jean-Pierre 10   Del Razo Julio 05
Beltran Kimberly K   Delgadillo-Reyes Giancarlos 04
Benitez-Deanda Gonzalo 04   Dewitt Felicia 09
Bertson Aryana 10   Diaz Cindy 06
Bobryk Erik 03   Diaz Wendy 11
Bobryk Maryia 04   Diaz Herrera Alex 10
Bridges Kohreylee 11   Diaz-Herrera David 02
Brooks Elisa 10   Dickson Bryce 02
Brooks Leonor 12   Dilay Kapua 10
Buck Emmalee 11   Dolly Thomas 02
Buck Elizabeth 12   Dominguez-A Alan 04
Burch David 10   Doyle Zachary 11
Burch Sienna 12   Doyle Keicie GD
Burns Darrian 05   Dugar-Sims Kaylieyah 02
Cannon Madison 06   Duncan Marissa 12
Cantu Nolan 01   Dungan Gabriella 02
Cantu Rhys 03   Duran Giovanni 06
Cardenas Joshua 12   Early Andrew 08
Castellano Aciano 01   Edenshaw Alexander 08
Castellano Caesar 02   Eid Garrison 11
Castro Na Sean 01   Eilmann Canaan 10
Castro Evalynn 02   Emmanuel Romelle K
Castro Zavier P4   Englmann Adrianna 01
Enriquez Carlos 05   Good Georgia 12
Erie Alexia 08   Gorman Maddyn 03
Espejel Alexandra 09   Grant Saniyah K
Estrada Jairo 08   Graves Cassandra 12
Faamausili Gabrielle 08   Graves Cassandra 12
Faamausili Danielle 08   Grazier Da'Juan 07
Faamausili Taulagiloufiatama 11   Green Szariyah 04
Faanu Julian 03   Green Joshua 12
Faanu Magdalene 06   Green Jaydus 06
Faitala Jonah GD   Green Justin 09
Faleafine Manaia 05   Green Jaylen 12
Farias Priscilla K   Griffey Essence 09
Farrell Caitlin 12   Grondahl Zackary 12
Fautherree Cadence 03   Grondahl Adrianna 05
Feist Rebecca 12   Grondahl Cody 10
Fereti Mckayla 03   Gronlund Callie 09
Fereti Saydez 05   Gronlund Breun 11
Ferguson Zoe 12   Gunderson Austin 06
Fernandez Jasmine 09   Gutfeld Zachary 11
Ferrer Dianne 10   Gutierrez Jordan 09
Fidaar Khalid 01   Guzman Nataly 11
Fidaar Amin 04   Habersetzer Joseph 09
Fidaar Azar 07   Hagele Austin 06
Fields Chelsey GD   Hagele Alexya 10
Fisher Leah GD   Halbert Julia 02
Fiske Micah K   Halbert Jack 05
Fletcher Keyana 12   Hale Mar'Kiesha 12
Flores Eduardo 12   Hale Ta'Miesha 11
Foust Samuel 06   Hall Ariana 02
Fowle Bryant 03   Hall Isaac K
Fowle Ashley 05   Hall Brooklynn 09
French Christian 11   Hallsted Dylan 01
Frutos Jaiden 01   Hanson Daniel 10
Fry Alyssa 04   Harbottle Abigail 04
Fuhrmann Holly 10   Harbottle Grace 07
Fuhrmann Kristen 11   Harbottle Nicholas 09
Garcia Gladys 08   Hardin Marcus GD
Garcia Ana 10   Hardin Kira GD
Garcia Eric 12   Harris Kalani 06
Garfia Guadalupe 02   Harris Jasmin 08
Gaston Korbin 01   Hart Katelyn 11
Gaulke Alexa GD   Hartley Hannah 11
German Zacharia 02   Hartman Keyana 12
Gilliland Briena 01   Hartz Brayden 08
Ginnis Gabrielle 12   Harvey Lakiyah 06
Ginnis Alexandra 09   Hedge Khayman 07
Glasco Reece 06   Heiniger Collin 06
Goldstein Allen GD   Henderson Kellen 04
Gonzalez Gustavo GD   Henderson Madelyn 08
Hernandez Rebecca 11   Kistler Payton 10
Hernandez Tatiana 03   Knichel Kimberly 08
Hernandez Abigail 10   Knoblich Samuel 11
Hernandez Leslie 12   Kowalski Thomas GD
Hernandez Santiago Jeremy GD   Kuntz Aaron 11
Herrera Velazquez Katty 07   Lapena Christian 09
Hill Dylan 04   Lara Garcia Martin GD
Hillis Madison 10   Larsen Amelia 04
Hillis Austin 12   Larsen Chase 11
Hindman Isabella 11   Lawley Steven K
Honan Quinn 08   Lawrence Nathaniel 12
Hopkins Ruby 12   Lee Chaehong 11
Houk Rylee 02   Lee Hyae 11
Houk Alyssa 05   Lefor Jayden 11
Howell Deyshaun 02   Lefor Jewel GD
Hruby Dayna 08   Lesure Tayla 07
Hunt Camden K   Levins Laura 06
Hutchins Joshua 12   Lewis Myjai 02
Hwang Ingeun 08   Lewis Nijia 06
Hwang Ingyun GD   Linton Kailee 12
Hyland Carina 05   Little Ethan 01
Hyland Alana 09   Lopez Saray 05
Jasin Gabriel 09   Lopez Annette 02
Jesus Jazmin 02   Losito Alycia 12
Jesus Jenavien 02   Love Audrina 01
Jesus Jayfalyn Sirena 04   Lowe Janessa 01
Jimenez Jorge 12   Lowry Jessica 11
Jimenez Nancy GD   Lucas Caden 10
Johnson Sicily 08   Luna Perla 08
Johnson Tamera 08   Lundeen Benjamin 12
Johnson Vivian 04   Lunnie Trey-David 04
Johnson Benjamin K   Lunnie Lena 07
Jones Iveigh 01   Lunnie Ladale 09
Jones Danaleigh K   Madronio Whynzjet GD
Jones Nadalee 06   Maganoa-Bello Kathy 11
Jones Ashtyn 05   Magno Jaslynn K
Jones Benjamin 11   Mahone Shyleah 11
Junge Nicole GD   Manning Chase 11
Karche V. Susanne 10   Marcus Joshua 11
Keel Noah 11   Marnocha Mallory 10
Keller Gavin 05   Marsh Emily 05
Keller Alex K   Martindale Fern GD
Kelly Ayden GD   Martinez Karolyn 05
Kenney Autumn 08   Martinez Artemis 01
Kim Grace 01   Martinez-Estrada Veronica 06
Kim Joseph 03   Mayne Hudson 04
Kim David 05   Mayne Sophia 05
Kinney Jemari 03   Mayne Isabelle 10
Kistler Danae 09   McClanahan Cassidy 11
Mcclung Sampson 07   Mu Jenna 11
Mcclung Katherine 10   Mullen Adara 01
Mccormack Julia 08   Mullen Kieran 04
Mcdaniel Cayden 07   Mullen Fiona 06
Mcdaniel Jayden 07   Muneshige Nina 04
McDonald Anna 11   Muneshige Isaac K
McDonough Drew 03   Munoz Moises GD
Mcfarland Cameron GD   Narcis Mala-Kai 06
Mcmanus Braydon 01   Neel Anthony 04
Mcwilliams Alyssa 09   Neel Ethan 04
Mendez Javier 01   Neel Holden K
Mendez Jasmin 05   Nego Irysha Lynn 09
Mendez Lilyrain 03   Nelson Phoebe 11
Mendez Felicia GD   Neri Esdras 02
Mendoza Caleb 06   Neri Leonardo 05
Mendoza Jacob 09   Neri Sophia K
Menza Ryan 09   Neubaum Kali 05
Middleton Adriana 02   Neubaum Xander 06
Middleton Antonio 04   Newell-Underwood Quinn 07
Middleton Asia 06   Nguyen Claire 08
Middleton Aniya K   Nguyen Tai GD
Mijares Lizbeth GD   Noble Jaida 12
Miklian Kastyn 12   Nolasco Alexander 09
Miles Keshon 10   Norwood Joseph 12
Miller Layne 01   Ofsthun Ikaikaokealohilan 06
Miller Perry 04   Ofsthun Keali'I 12
Miller Keiron 02   Olesle Meleana 04
Miller Kaitlyn 06   Olesle Makani 09
Min Rachel 10   Oneill Lawrence 04
Min Benson 11   Ortega-Bello Kenneth 07
Mitchell Elijah 06   Pacheco Ka'Aeo GD
Mitchell Olivia 08   Pangelinan Adawnah 12
Mizzell Timothy 09   Parr Kaitlyn 10
Molina Kaitlyn 08   Pena Makenzie 04
Molinero Jesus GD   Pense Camryn 10
Monroe Amiah 02   Peredo Dominic 12
Montes Lucas 02   Perez Kristina 08
Montiel Sarahi 10   Perez Eric 08
Moodie Jeremiah 01   Perez Alex 11
Moore Mario 08   Perez Itzel 12
Moore Zakora 12   Perez Alexander 12
Moore Ariana 11   Perez-Villagomez Ayleen 02
Morales Alejandro 02   Perez-Villagomez Marcos 04
Morales Adrian 05   Pierce Aidan 10
Morandarte Geeneva 12   Pierce Nathan 11
Moreno Giselle 12   Pino Maria 10
Morgan Gabriel 09   Pope Michael 12
Morrow Isaac 11   Proctor Noah 03
Mozee Omarion 10   Proctor Alexa 07
Quintero Maleah 01   Scott Drydra 10
Rainwater Isaiah 11   Scott Delacy 09
Ramirez Anthony 11   Scroggins Daniele 09
Ramirez Jonathan 12   Seefeldt Sebastian 02
Ramirez-Villagomez Luis 06   Seefeldt Susanna 04
Ramos Rubi 10   Sharp Samuel 11
Randall Danika 03   Sharp Floyd 10
Randall-Whalen W. Alexzander 09   Shaw Ahlyzah 01
Raznick Dejah 11   Shaw Neyanna 04
Reese D'Shaun 03   Shaw Amari 06
Reynolds Kenneth GD   Shaw Aundrea 12
Reza Jessica 11   Sheil Hannah 12
Rice Alisa 12   Shepherd Alexis K
Rickey Turguesa 03   Shepherd Alexandra 10
Rickey Zephaniah 04   Shewman Joshua 06
Rivera Lillianna 01   Shim Naira 06
Roath Le'Nayja K   Shipley Klairessa 02
Roberts Jacqueline 12   Shipley Khloe 03
Rodriguez Lily 09   Silivelio Gage 08
Rodriguez Leonardo 08   Silivelio April 12
Rodriguez-Loaiza Juan 05   Simons Brendan GD
Romanenko Christina 08   Simpson Kamiya GD
Romanenko Vicky 10   Simpson Jackson 09
Romanenko Samuel 05   Slater Savannah 07
Roma-Torrence Ty 12   Slaughter Taylor 12
Romero Sanchez Madeline 04   Smerer Kody 05
Romero Sanchez Jenalee 07   Smerer Logan 07
Romero Sanchez Angelica 12   Smerer Blake K
Rosado Gregory 11   Smith Hailey 12
Rosales Dylan 01   Smith Landon 02
Rosales Giovanni 04   Smith Zailee K
Rosas-Renteria Alan 04   Smith Emma 05
Ruiz Guerrero Marcos 11   Smith Joseph GD
Russell Alexander 11   Solis Dainka 12
Rutledge Brylee 04   Sons Alex GD
Rutledge Jordyn 09   Spadafore Elijah 08
Ryland Zoey K   Spadara Jaxon 02
Sabanal Hope GD   Spencer Sierra 08
Sampson Noel 09   Spencer Kayir 04
Sampson Ja'Vion K   Stabnow Michaela 11
Sanchez Mario 07   Staton Grant 12
Sandoval Walezka 11   Steven Londyn K
Santiago Izaak K   Suapilimai-Ve'e Trinity 09
Sauceda Michael 02   Sue Silas GD
Schaefer Harper 01   Sukrachan Wanluhdee 12
Schaefer Reegan 03   Sullivan Kaylyn 08
Schaffner Cierra 11   Summers Davonte' 09
Schneidt Kennedy 11   Sutlief Noah GD
Schwartz Keller 01   Swanson Ahzier 01
Swanson Ajourdan 04   Wang Jade 09
Sykes Tyler 11   Wang Mila K
Tacoronte Daniela 01   Ward Savonne 03
Tacoronte Yelena 04   Ward Jesus 09
Talalemotu Isaac 05   Ware Destiny 11
Talalemotu Rollis 06   Ware Matthew 01
Talavera Cristian 05   Ware Jerline 02
Talavera Noel 09   Washington Tre'Mika GD
Talavera Lemus Noelia 10   Waterman Thomas 06
Tauese Valrina 10   Waterman Colleen 07
Thomas Leif 09   Watson-Sauceda Nevaeh 05
Thompson Andre' K   Webb Morghan 09
Topasna Taniyah 11   Weedon Kaarin 03
Topasna Tia 11   Weedon Annika 04
Tovar-Beltran Alejandra 06   Weedon Kellen 06
Tovar-Beltran Gabriel 07   Wegner Lucy 05
Trotter Sharay 11   Weiss Marley 11
Turgeon Eve 11   Werner Emerson 06
Tutt Nevaeh 05   Werner Logan 09
Tyre Connor 12   Wesley-Leading Fighter Da'Vaeh 04
Vaccaro Reed 02   Wetzler Haileigh 01
Vaccaro Camryn 06   Wetzler Theodore 05
Valencia Joshua 12   White Benjamin 09
Valentine D'Quari 03   White Abigail 06
Van Gilder Megan 08   White-Loredo Roque K
Varble Kyeran 06   Whitesell Isaiah 07
Veal Lukas 12   Whitesell Elijah 11
Velasquez-Santana Deanna K   Wicker Matthew 06
Velazquez Jaylene 08   Widman Charlotte 09
Venson Naiyah 11   Wildey Brendon 04
Viken Jaxson 01   Wiles Taliah 01
Viken Dylan K   Willer Aliyciana 06
Villagomez-Zaldivar Daniela 06   Williams Maya 03
Villagomez-Zaldivar Braulio 07   Williams Noah 06
Villarreal Jonathon 03   Williams Christian 11
Villarreal Yvette 10   Williams Jalayla 06
Villela Andrew 10   Williams Nathaniel 08
Wacker Alyssa 05   Williams Trinity 10
Wacker Chloe 08   Williams Jalen 12
Wagikuyu Megan 10   Wilson Amelia 01
Wagner Ashanley 09   Winchester Christina 11
Waithaka Wanjugu GD   Winston Leontay 06
Walker Alexander 04   Woods Fred 01
Walker Mackenzie 06   Wright Marissa GD
Walter Bryson 03   Xie Jia Chun 11
Walter Aubrianna K   Yarbrough Otto 06
Walters Courtney GD   Yarbrough Max 06
Wang Alivia 02   Yarbrough Serena 12
Wang Dorian 06   Yielding Katherine 10
Young Alexander 05   Yurina Haley 11
Yurina Chase 08   Zarr Edward 07


Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade
Abraham Jalen 04   Beltran Isabela 08
Acevedo Yanet 06   Beltran Roberto GD
Adams Aiden K   Benavente Reinida-Sinahi 04
Ahlers Darian 03   Bennett Jocelyn 03
Akissi Gabriela 01   Bennett Lawson 04
Alarcon Taylor 02   Bergeron David 06
Alefaio Cameron 09   Berry Lexy 02
Alefaio Karsyn 02   Bethel Alexis 09
Alefaio Marley 04   Beyler Chase 08
Alexander Cori 01   Beyler Corbin 06
Allen Dyamonique 09   Beyler Levi 03
Alvarez-Moran Lisela 08   Bisarra Gisselle Lyda 07
Amimo Ian 02   Black Jordan 03
Anderson Tyronia 05   Bland-Klein Jackson 09
Andora Aleanna Mae 06   Blankenship Nathan 06
Andrews Alexander 09   Bloodsworth Arianna 04
Aponte-Serrano Nolan 01   Bloodsworth Michaela 04
Aramburo Isabelle 06   Boggs Christopher 08
Arciniega Elian 06   Booth Ethan 04
Arenas Brian 07   Boughton Brody 04
Arias Israel 06   Bounds Ronan 01
Arnold Yuna 01   Bower Cassandra 06
Arroyo Omar 07   Bowles Josie 01
Atkinson Nathan 09   Boyd Jadyn 05
Ausley-Davis Dominick 09   Boyd Joseph 03
Austin Evalynn 05   Bradison Katalina 10
Austria Elijah 11   Bradison Chase 09
Avila Nizir 07   Bradley Ramera 06
Balatbat Mackenzie 05   Bradley Annabelle 01
Bannister Aaliyah 09   Bradley Clarice 01
Bannister Ariel 09   Brandfors Niklaus 07
Barker Quierra 05   Brashear Marshall 10
Barnes Nicholas 08   Brashear Ronald 10
Barnson Hayden 01   Bravo Marcus 01
Basa Ruben 02   Brewster Lauren 02
Batchelder Braeden 08   Brinson Syreeta 05
Bauer ( Veness) Dianna 05   Britt Shaylee 06
Bautista Salas Jesus 10   Broqueza Robert Cedric 07
Bednarczyk Konrad 03   Brouillard Kemoni 06
Bednarczyk Monika K   Brown Jayden 02
Bednarczyk Olivia K   Brown Gracie 08
Bell Austin K   Brown Mary 09
Bell Jaelyn 03   Bryant Mia 07
Bryant Jordyn 11   Cortez-Sebastian Emaretzy 01
Buggert Peiton 07   Corvin Jax 05
Bui Cecilia 07   Corvin Sonohma 01
Burness Seiya 04   Corvin Cruize 07
Burt-Hebert Javion 04   Crail Kaden 04
Bush Kaitlyn 01   Crocker Elton K
Bush Sir'Quan 06   Crout Catalina 04
Bustamante Lillian 06   Cruz-Cruz Alexavier 09
Byrne Gabriel 04   Cumbee Marlee 04
Calo Yariel 06   Cupp Sean 03
Campbell Jillian 10   Cupp William 05
Campbell Jr. Lamont 04   Custodio Jasley 08
Canchola Suarez Maria 06   Danielson Holden 01
Carr Kelvin K   Daugherty Tobias 02
Carrillo Amiya 07   Davis Destiny 12
Castro Ramirez David 09   Dawkins-Watson Nevaeh 06
Castro-Alvarez Luis 12   Daye Ahzhana`e 08
Catahan Joshua Kekoa 02   Deal Coleden 06
Catahan Kalea Christine 03   Deciderio-Venzor Yadira 09
Cervantes-Dorador Sydney 06   Denton Anchalee 06
Chan Ethan 01   Diaz Samaria 06
Chang Eaden 03   Diaz Ojeda Matthew K
Chang Paris 04   Dittmann Tyler 07
Chang Westin 01   Dixon Rowan 06
Chappell Gabrielle 06   Dixon Korenna 10
Charley Troy 07   Dobrovolny Breon 09
Chase Xylee 02   Dodson Jonnie 06
Chatters Malachai 01   Dodson Mary 08
Chichipan Arguello Uriel 07   Dominguez Jasmine 07
Chiles Joshua 10   Dougherty Keegan K
Choi David 08   Douglas Brooklynne 12
Cisco Alyssa 02   Downing Elijah 02
Cissoko Mariam K   Downing Kadence 01
Cissoko Patrick 07   Dungca Danielle Joy 03
Cissoko Zofia 02   Dunham Sadie 01
Clark Michael 01   Dunham Sophie 03
Clark Asia 05   Dunn Aiden 02
Clay Kameia 03   Easter Evan 04
Coleman Alyse 05   Edgmon Hayden 04
Collazo Anthony 06   Elliot Makenzie K
Colon Brooklyn K   Elrod Matthew 11
Combs Sierra 09   Engel Lana 09
Combs Miya 09   Erickson Caden 08
Conde Angelina 03   Erickson Maddox 06
Conde Anthony K   Evans Silas 06
Contreras Jeice K   Evans Cali 01
Cook Jackson 09   Faletagoai Usoalii 07
Cornelio-Birrueta Pricila 09   Fantoni Julie 10
Correa-Miranda Itzel 07   Farmer Dylan 05
Fernandez Brady 04   Hanson Devonte 06
Fernandez Johny 06   Harris Denaya 12
Fernandez Ramon 07   Harris Drew 10
Figueroa Dayshia K   Harris Day'Shanae 09
Flannigan Dylan 04   Harrison Taina 01
Flores Sebastian 09   Hernandez Gabriela 06
Fowler Khonner K   Hernandez Melody 06
Fowler Maison 03   Hickson Rashad 10
Foxx Kailee 02   Hindbaugh Elijah 11
Franklin Piper 04   Hoang Alyannah 03
Franks Breahna 02   Hoang Nasir 05
Franks Riley 04   Hobbs Brooklyn 09
Frazier Shannon 09   Hoem Nora 12
Frazier Josalyn 11   Holloway Angelina 07
Friend Elizabeth 01   Holman-Gillis Amari 09
Froehlig William 04   Holman-Gillis Anaya 06
Frogge' James 06   Holmes Alexis 12
Frugoli Jacob 07   Horton Bradley 01
Fulcher Estella K   Hovies Abigail 09
Garcia Daisy 07   Hufalar Harold 02
Gibb Graycee 01   Hufalar Emanuelle K
Gibb Haylee 03   Humphrey Cain 04
Gipson Reign 06   Humphrey Logan 03
Glasscock Hannah 01   Hur Jinyu K
Glasscock Kennah 03   Hurst Marcel 07
Glenn Chase 10   Iglesias Jonathan 02
Gomez Melina 03   Ingram-Norlund Brayden 02
Gonzales Cole 07   Ivory-Saunders Mitchel 10
Gonzalez-Alvarez Aiden 03   Jakubowski Jenna 08
Gordillo Abarca Nicol 06   James Alexander 06
Goshay Tynesha 09   James Emily 09
Greene Gavin 04   James Gilbert Raechelle 09
Greene Leah 03   Jeffers Asher K
Greenfield Emma 02   Jeffers Benjamin 02
Gumbs Adrian 04   Jenkins Marquise K
Gums Michael 09   Jenkins Ethan 06
Guy Maxwell K   Jenson Levi 06
Guzman-Gomez Cindy 06   Jenson Luke 07
Guzman-Kuykendall Anthony 04   Johnson Malik 09
Haechrel Charles 01   Johnson Charles 09
Haeusler Ricardo K   Johnson Amarii 05
Hagman Clayton 05   Johnson Laila 04
Hagman Henry 01   Johnson Launa 06
Hamilton Owen K   Jolibois David 12
Hanna Jack K   Jones Matthias 06
Hanna Grace 05   Jordan Brock 03
Hansen Carly 06   Jordan Jyala 09
Hansen-Hines Allegra 03   Kay Michael 12
Hansen-Hines Ivy 01   Kay William 12
Keifer Davhin 07   Lynden Quinn 04
Keister Jayauna 09   Lynott Maximilian 04
Kellcy Logan 04   Lynott Samuel 01
Kellcy Luke 01   Machado Ruby 06
Kelly Sterling 06   Magnus Gavin 01
Kesterson Thomas 09   Magnus Neve K
Kigozi Lionel 06   Magoon Jonathan 10
Kim Hana 01   Mahoney Angelina 09
Kim Jayda 09   Mailo Peyton 01
Kirby Jonah K   Mangum Lilly K
Kirby Noah 04   Mapel Ethan 06
Klaas Liliana 04   Martin Kaylee 03
Koden Andrew 06   Martinez Kimo 05
Krakani Charlotte 03   Martinez-Hale Raul K
Krakani Georgiana 05   Martinez-Zuniga Stephanie 06
Kutz Brendan K   Mason Mylie 05
Lagahit Manolo Marco 11   Matas Edis 06
Laine Jean`eva 01   Mathis Alvin 04
Laine Iyana 04   Matthews Trinity 11
Laney Alyssa 04   Maxwell Dalina 04
Laney Isaac 02   Maxwell Kelysse K
Lanner Harley 06   May Kaitlyn 06
Laporta Aria K   May Trevor 04
LaRoy Ethan 04   Maya Emily 11
Laubach Grace 09   Mazza Mia 10
Laughin Oliver K   Mbuja Jayden 05
Lawson Ava 05   McAvoy Eryn 05
Lay Vaughn 11   Mccabe Alexandra 05
Lazaro Hernandez Jhoselyn 07   Mccabe Ethan K
Lee Nahmiya 05   Mccraney Jr Darius K
Lee Darius 08   Mccrary Amari 06
Legler Boen 02   Mccray Brandon 09
Legler Julia 05   Mccray Jordan 09
Leitel Haleigh 10   Mcgee Serenity 01
Lemus Ruiz Maria 06   McKnight-Linn Kayla 10
Leonard Analeigh 01   Mclellan Kylie K
Leonard Noelle 02   Mcmonagle John K
Livingston Grace 10   Mead Kynsley 05
Lopez Fabian 03   Melton Serenity 05
Lopez Phoenix 02   Merchant Mia 07
Lopez Hever 06   Merchant Kenya 09
Lopez Cruz Orla 08   Michelon Decius 06
Lorenzo-Mendoza Yanluis 07   Miller Kristyn 10
Lorenzo-Mendoza Yaideliz 09   Mimms Kai'Nez 05
Louis Zyriahn 11   Miranda Romero 02
Lowder Andrew 04   Miranda Alexander K
Lowder Chloe 02   Mitton Blake K
Luna Ubaldo 03   Molina-Marquez Katty 06
Luna Brandon 04   Moore Aydin 05
Moore Mcguin 02   Perez-Garcia Jaqueline 09
Moore Rachel 04   Perez-Mex Karina 06
More-Ward Ryder 02   Pettigrew Malorie 01
Morris Michael 08   Petty Cayelin 04
Morris Alexander 06   Petty Mariah 01
Moss Michael 05   Petty-Trujillo Patrick 09
Muckley Tristan 08   Pierce Emilia 02
Muckley Kaitlynn 09   Pierce Kinsley K
Munday Faith 01   Pierson Arden 08
Munn Maxwell 04   Pille Emil 06
Nagy Bradley 05   Pille Emma 05
Navarro Tonya 06   Pinzon Romyna 08
NDeritu Natasha 08   Pitzen Ashley 09
Neal Makaila K   Popkov Alexander 10
Nealy Alexis 12   Porter Madeleine GD
Nealy Amber 09   Poumele Afimutasi 09
Neil Magnus 09   Poutou Yonesi 09
Nelson Austin 10   Pullin Kathleen 07
Nelson Owen 02   Puna Raiden 09
Nelson Chloe 12   Rabon Anthony 08
Nelson Katie 09   Rahn Jeremiah K
Newman Sarah 11   Rainsberger Andrew 09
Newville Tenli 10   Ramirez Julian 01
Nguyen Beau 08   Ramirez Layla 05
Nguyen Leah 06   Ramirez Cabanas Lizbeth 06
Nickle Jr. Jonathan 06   Ramos Luis 06
Noel Brian 10   Raney Chloe 04
Noguera-Utrera Michelle 06   Rapanot-Alefaio Seiaulelei 10
Noveda Mark Anthony 09   Rathbone Contreras Eva 01
Nyonjo Alicia 03   Ray Sadie 09
Nyonjo Alvin 06   Raybell Alexys 04
Nyoro Evinrude (evin) 04   Reed Ethan 06
Ockfen Roger K   Renz Adam K
Ockfen Signe 04   Rex Trisden 01
Ojeda Zaneah Mya 07   Reyes Tierrah 04
Okoro Mykah 11   Reyes Siennah 04
Olive Isabelle 04   Reyes Dustin 09
O'Malley Ethan 07   Reyes Gabriella 01
Osas Jeremiah 09   Reyes Joie 10
Parker Austin K   Rhodes Jazmyn 06
Parker Kayden 03   Richard Makiah 02
Patterson Jevin 07   Ridge Loren 09
Patterson Jayden 11   Rieder Benjamin 01
Patu Lady Evamona 09   Rieder Emma 03
Pelayo Rubi 06   Rigell-Perry Mataya 06
Pena Willow 09   Riley Daniel 05
Pena-Carranza Lourdes Shaiel 09   Riley Naomi 07
Perez Aldayr 06   Riley Philip 09
Perez Malcolm 02   Rios Cecilia 04
Rittenberry Lamonte 01   Stamp Isaiah 08
Rittenberry Liberty 03   Staples Dominic 01
Rodriguez Matthew 09   Stensland Morgan 02
Rodriguez Rosalinde 08   Stensland Renner K
Rodriguez-Leal Jaqueline 06   Stephens Frazier K
Rohling Graham 09   Stephens Kassidy 04
Roman Akileas 05   Stephens Sean 06
Romero Sanchez Jenalee 07   Stephens Jameson 06
Ross Tamaiya 09   Stevens Elizabeth 03
Roulette Shayna 11   Stevens Julie 02
Rowden Hailee 04   Stevens Logan 04
Rowland Ariyana 07   Stevens Caden 03
Rud Kaitlyn 04   Stevenson Ian K
Rymer Alyssa 09   Stevenson Summer 02
Saavedra-Luna Valery 10   Stokes Keymoni 02
Saavedra-Luna Isabel 09   Stokes Nazeer 06
Saber Kevin 09   Stroup Mia 01
Salabanzi-Nigg Angelina Penelope K   Suher Aiden 06
Sanchez Jonathan 08   Sunderland Jayden 02
Sandoval Stephanie 06   Sunderland Isabella K
Sapp Tariq 05   Swartzbaugh Joshua 07
Sapp Tredarius 07   Tanner Roman 07
Scarlett Mason 07   Tapp Jacqueline 08
Scarlett Ava 05   Taylor Christopher 10
Schumacher Aspen 05   Thackeray Kaitlyn 06
Schumacher Annabelle 01   Thiessen Brendan 08
Sekhon Nirvair 06   Thompson Lauren 09
Sewall Lily 02   Thompson Xayvion 01
Shaffer Julia 11   Tii Paul 08
Shuler Victoria 03   Tii Ryan 08
Siaki Afegaitinoti 03   Timbers Audrey 02
Slinker Hunter 09   Tomlinson Jacob 02
Smalley Stephen 09   Tomlinson Michael 03
Smith Evelyn 02   Topasna Feh'Mani 04
Smith Lilyanne K   Torres-Gaspar Juan 09
Smith-Sulcer Brooklyn 02   Totten Joseph 01
Smith-Sulcer Jorden 05   Trenchard Kaipo 06
Snell Marilyn 05   Trent Je'Lyn 03
Solheim Andrew 07   Trevino Alexander 07
Solheim Havanna 10   Trujillo Adriyella 07
Songer Isabella 04   Turnbow William 03
Sparks Alexis 06   Turner Jaymeel 10
Sprott Elizabeth 03   Tveten Hailey 09
Sprott Sebastian K   Ukpoma Steve 09
St Clair Hunter 05   Underwood Edward 01
Underwood Thomas 04   Washington Chase 05
Urbina Jacob 07   Weathers Natalie 07
Valdez Evan 01   Weaver Taliyah 01
Valdez Anthony 06   Weaver Michael 04
Valdez Emmanuel 01   Wells Ethan 11
Valdivia Wendi 06   Wells Judah 09
Valenzuela Leslie 07   Wheeler Scarlett 01
Valenzuela Jhoselyn 06   White Dorian 09
Van Antwerpen Heidi 05   White Jr. Jerrell K
Van Woerkom Joseph 02   Whitesell Reagan 12
Velasquez Evelyn 03   Wicker Megan 08
Veness Jack 03   Williams Isaiah 06
Vorobets Sofia 02   Williams-Wake Lili 08
Vu Benjamin 01   Wilson Jayce K
Vu Yvone 04   Wilson Jaylen 09
Waldron Caleb 02   Withrow Christopher 06
Walker Jeremiah 02   Wittig Teiliona 02
Walker Noelani 09   Wright Emma 12
Walker Natasha 09   Yadao Jl 09
Walker Amaurie K   Yadao Jessie 07
Walters Jaylen 06   Yeatman Shannon (sky) 01
Warbreck Lucas 04   Yem Talan 06
Ward Lorenzo 06   Yew Brenden 07
Warner Jeremiah 03   Zakem Tanner 07
Warner Jacob 03   Zeigler Evelyn 05
Warren Breanne 01   Zepeda-Ramirez Isabella 02
Waseen-Vaught Ava 06   Zuniga David 06
Waseen-Vaught Makaela 08        


Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade
Abel Maddox 02   Anderson-Johnson Londyn K
Abkemeier Donovan 05   Antonucci Caleb 11
Acevedo Adara 05   Aquiningoc Brenden Isaac 05
Achord Michelle 02   Arasin Talon 08
Acron Jaslyn 01   Arasin Sabre 11
Acron Jaylen 06   Asclipiadis Makayla 12
Aguilera Madilyn 03   Austin Tyrell 09
Ajifu Terri 11   Austin-Newton Ronnell 08
Allen Jaecob 01   Avery Daniel K
Allison-Coleman Jayden 11   Babauta Xander Paul 07
Alonso Miguel 08   Ball Jacob 12
Alonso Jose 09   Baloo Arihant K
Alonso Rosa 09   Bankhead Brayah K
Banner Mia 08   Cortez Marisol 10
Barber Timothy 03   Coutino Katya 10
Barber Makayla 04   Cox Haleigh 01
Barnes Jordyn 12   Crawford Zariah 01
Batig Ryan 03   Crockett Romello 01
Beerbower Skyler 05   Cruz Ayva 04
Bernard Jemily 08   Csejka Delilah 03
Bevans Jada 10   Csejka Delilah 03
Blau Baylee 11   Cuenca Susana 01
Bleavins Tyler 04   Cunningham Destiny 09
Boone Jalen 05   Daracay Ma. Cassandra 06
Boone Jada K   Darling Michayla 04
Borrero-Lewis Santino 12   Davis True 01
Bostick Gunnar 03   Davis London 03
Bostick Victoria 07   Deblois Elizabeth 05
Bostick Veronica 08   DeChesser Isabella 12
Brewster-Phillips Jalia K   Deisher Jayson 05
Brinkhaus Delaney 05   Dickerson Raegan K
Brinkhaus Ian 05   Dillard Raymond GD
Bullock Elijah K   Dowie Madison K
Burga Tristan 05   Dulce Brandon 04
Bury Willow 01   Dullaga Krisha Anne 06
Calhoun-Smith Ranasia 11   Dullaga Krislynn Jane 06
Cambell Athena K   Dullaga Rizza Mae 09
Cambell Elayna K   Dunn Adam 03
Cardoso-Soria Julian 12   Elliott Trevor 11
Carmona Maisen 01   Enlow Brianna 11
Carney Ryland 01   Falsetta Anari 01
Carter Gabriel K   Falsetta Jacob 04
Carter Rosalyn 10   Farlow Raegan 04
Carter Daniel K   Ferris Adelise 07
Cerda Jacob 01   Fields Trevor 02
Cervantes Niya 05   Flemming Ema 02
Cevallos Ava K   Franks Adam 12
Cha Tani 09   Frederick Taitum 01
Cha Taylor 12   Gallerson Kamarey 09
Clapper Jason 01   Gallup Luke 02
Claussen Elijah 01   Garcia Giovanni 05
Clayton Tamia 07   Giordano Tate K
Coalman Liam 08   Giove Dalton 03
Codes Marcus 04   Glover Elijah 03
Conklin Kamih K   Glover Gabriel 05
Copper Charles 12   Gomez Jacob 01
Cordon Jaylen 04   Gonzalez-Davis Aaniyah 04
Corporal Ariana 05   Grajeda Chanel 04
Gresham Aundrea 06   Kaperick Gabriel 11
Grice Liam 05   Kelleher Robinson 06
Guzman Ryan 03   Kelly Adasyn K
Habte Jaeden 05   Kendall Addison 02
Haji Musa 10   Kendall Payton K
Halstedt Mc Kenna 01   Kerwood Ashley 10
Harris Sydnee 12   Kim Joshua 07
Harris Anaiyah 08   Kim Kaleb 07
Hartman Jadyn 12   Kim Kailey 12
Hauck Nicholas K   Kim Kayli K
Hayes Jolie 03   King Jimmi 01
Heard Madison K   Koke-Mauga Noah 08
Hegg Ronin 02   Kong Melkai 08
Hellyer Keira 02   Kong Eunice 11
Hellyer Kaitlyn 03   Koroski Peyton 02
Hendricks Kathryn 04   Kostelecky Devin 12
Henry Joshua 09   Kraus Jaden 12
Herrera Sanchez Katherine 08   Kropp Jackson 02
Hill Jahnessa 10   Kropp Logan 05
Hillis Jackson 01   Kumher Solis Alexander 04
Hillis Albert 02   Kunimoto Kayla 11
Hinton Karli 12   La Nahvia 06
Hinton Alexus 12   Laguer Keisha 12
Hodge Jada 04   Lam Ryan 08
Hodge Jalen 04   Lambert Harmony 03
Holbrook Bridget 03   Lambert Laylah K
Holmgren Sven 12   Lara - Dupuy Xiomara 12
Horner Trevon 09   Latona Gavin 11
Hulin Keelie 04   Laux Collin K
Hunt James 07   Lee Sean 11
Ibay Kara 03   Leyvd Alexander 03
Ide Dominic 02   Lilley Aiden-Seth 03
Ide Layson K   Lilley Hayley-Elaine K
Jacques Julianna 01   Lopez Sofia K
Jensen Aidan 04   Lopez Kasia K
Johns Condez Naomie 02   Lopez Jamile 02
Johnson Eloheim 10   Lowry Alijah 01
Jordan Keilan K   Lujan Jazlyn 09
Jordan Caden 01   Lujan Justina 12
Joy Earl 08   Mack Anthony 09
Judd Eden 01   Magoonbarker Dante K
Kabiri John 08   Maldini Holly 08
Kalii Mylove 01   Manabat Emalynn K
Kalis Amelia 01   Mancuso Reese 05
Kalis Aubre 03   Mannering Halla 10
Markholt Awjahney 08   Odom Keshona 01
Marquez Adrian 02   Olo Nehemiah 09
Martin Jamir 12   Ortiz Alexandria 01
Martinez Emilie K   Owens Trevon 09
Martinez Mason 01   Pagana Jillian 12
Martinez Sebastian 01   Paresi Elizabeth 12
Massengale Elijah 04   Parham Aiyana 12
Mathes Riley 04   Park John 07
Maxey-Johnson Josiah 07   Passmore Imani 01
Mccleod Alejandro 03   Patterson Nyla 05
Mccleod Bianca K   Paulino Evelyn 03
McCormick Mason 11   Pearson Ridley 01
Mccray Jayshon K   Perez Bryanna 03
Mccreary Mia 10   Peters Ava 04
Mcfarlane Elliana 09   Pingul Chloie 02
Mcmillon Jaydon 10   Pingul Carson 04
Mcmillon Mariah 09   Plocar Zoey 01
McNeil Darryl 12   Plocar Zackary 05
Medina Jaylene 10   Polk Dharion 02
Medina Jacob 05   Potoa'E Moses K
Melgoza Nancy 09   Preston Forrest 08
Meredith Jaelon 02   Quenga Joseph 08
Miller Lucy 01   Quezada Aiden 03
Miller Hope 02   Ragas Tyler 12
Millett Kenyan 04   Ramirez Silas 09
Mingee Landon 01   Ramos Osvaldo 09
Mitchell Madilyn 02   Randall Kingston K
Mitchell Kameryn 04   Ray Dylan 04
Molloy Jeffrey 11   Redfox Daya 02
Montances Andrea 09   Redfox Damon 04
Montgomery Harmony 05   Reed Sammantha 07
Montgomery Kaylee 01   Reed Landon 08
Moore Mia 08   Reynolds Luke K
Moore Mariah K   Rios-Valenzuela Alana 02
Moore Ariana K   Robinson Justin 09
Morberg Lillyanna 01   Robinson Jaiyana 03
Morris Kiyah 04   Rodriguez Gabriel 01
Muasau Aunalaia 07   Rodriguez Sophia 01
Muir Iyla K   Rose Mckenzie 02
Mujica Lance K   Rose Isabella 04
Myers Brian 02   Rosenberg Brianna 10
Negron Skylar 05   Rosenberg Colin 06
Nims Emma 03   Ruff Victor 05
Niusulu Seeseei 09   Rupprecht Cadence 03
Niusulu Violet Fujiko 12   Rupprecht Eliana K
Russell Jahnyla 03   Tindal Brayden K
Sablan Arianna Faith 02   Togar Ava 02
Sablan Owen Matthew K   Torres Fabian 05
Salazar Thomas 02   Urps Sierra 08
Saulnier Aubrie 05   Valentine Zii'Onah K
Selby Amara K   Vasquez Makayla K
Serquina Brandon 06   Velasquez Raquel 07
Shields Bry'Ahja 03   Velasquez Elias 08
Shultis Lura 09   Vicente Samantha 09
Shultis Ammon 12   Waayngin Anela 04
Shultis Joshua 06   Wade Marquees 11
Shurick Alexis 02   Walker Payton 01
Silver Cason K   Walton Terra K
Simonsen Isabel K   Washington Kimarree 07
Sliwoski Konrad 03   Weires Abigail 02
Sliwoski Kira K   Weires Amelia K
Smith Kaydin 04   Weldon Carson K
Smith Marquez 06   Westbrook Colton 01
Soderberg Alan 03   Westbrook Michael 02
St. Clair Keira 03   Whitmore Perez 09
Staidle Athan 04   Whyde Jaylah 01
Stanford Marilyn 01   Williams Mason 01
Stanford Alan 03   Williams Jackson 05
Stango Ryland 03   Williams Divina 06
Steele Braeden 01   Williams Dameyan 02
Stephenson Landon 04   Williams Jalisa 05
Stewart Braden 01   Williams Blake 12
Street Ra'Mon 04   Wilton Sarah 08
Taulung A.J. 09   Wingard Bedelia 01
Taulung Cheryl 10   Woodrow Kinsey 11
Taylor Ashton K   Wright Megan 10
Taylor Jacy 12   Yook Kyungmin 09
Thierbach Ethan 01   Young Rian 04
Thomas Ayden K   Zukowski Grey 02
Thomas Payton 12   Zukowski Lily 04
Thomas Staysha 09        
MONTHLY TOTAL            
Entry to Clover Park SD 367   Transfers Between CPSD Schools 623
Released from Clover Park 590   YTD Transfers Between CPSD Schools 1,230
Monthly Subtotal   957        
Number Released from Clover Park to Online Schools   110 18.64%
(Included in "Released from Clover Park" number above)      
Entry to Clover Park SD 407 37.20% Incoming 407
Released from Clover Park 687 62.80% Outgoing Less Still Enrolled 0
YTD Waiver Requests 1,094 100.00% Adjusted YTD Total 407
YTD Number Denied Entry to Clover Park     3 0.74%
YTD Number with signed Releases, that are still   51 7.42%
enrolled. (Included in "Released from Clover Park" number above)    

Attachment B
Clover Park School Board Agenda
September 11, 2017


NEW HIRES, PROVISIONAL CONTRACTS (Subject to the acceptable outcome of a criminal history records check) LETTERS OF INTENT ISSUED TO THE FOLLOWING:
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Alexander Erin Lakeview Teacher 1.0 8/30/17
Amador Patricia Lochburn Library Media Specialist 1.0 8/30/17
Beverly Brenda Carter Lake Teacher 1.0 8/30/17
Callisto Christopher Lakeview Teacher 1.0 TBD
Davis Shalita Meriwether Teacher 1.0 8/31/17
Johnson Kedrin Lakeview Teacher 1.0 8/31/17
Shapiro Taan SPED Teacher 1.0 8/30/17
Thompson Christina Carter Lake Teacher 1.0 8/30/17
CONDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS (Subject to the acceptable outcome of a criminal history records check) LETTERS OF INTENT ISSUED TO THE FOLLOWING:
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Moore Darcey Dower Teacher 1.0 8/30/17
Ward Tyshawn Lochburn Teacher 1.0 8/30/17
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Cabage Brandy Carter Lake Teacher 0.5 8/30/17
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Eaton Thomas CPHS Teacher 1.0 8/30/17
Haymaker Christine Four Heroes Teacher 0.5 8/30/17
Holmes Penelope SPED Psychologist 0.5 8/30/17
Pan Syi-Ku SPED Psychologist 0.5 9/8/17


NEW HIRES (Subject to the acceptable outcome of a criminal history records check)
Last Name First Name Location Position Hours Effective Date
Alefaio Gladine Hudtloff Paraeducator 7.0 8/30/17
Auston Miriam SPED Paraeducator 8.0 8/30/17
Bennett Joy SPED SLPA 7.0 TBD
Bird Kayla Woodbrook Paraeducator 6.0 9/6/17
Cottrill Dorothy CP Early Learning Paraeducator 6.2 8/30/17
Evans Brenda SPED Paraeducator 8.0 8/30/17
Frazier Tracy Student Nutrition Food Service Worker 6.0 8/29/17
Hammock Anna Transportation Bus Driver 4.8 9/7/17
Harkness Michael Transportation Bus Driver 6.8 9/6/17
Harp Jessica Tillicum Family Involvement Coord 6.6 8/29/17
Hartsell Kristina SPED Autism/Behvr Spclst 8.0 8/30/17
Henry Alvarez Rozette Evergreen LPN 7.0 9/6/17
LeForge Barbara Idlewild Paraeducator 3.0 9/1/17
Luttringer Anita Evergreen Paraeducator 6.0 9/6/17
Manteufel Jeanne Custer Food Service Worker 7.5 8/29/17
McDonald Robin Assessment Assessment Technician 8.0 8/31/17
Nordland Miranda HP Paraeducator 7.0 9/6/17
Ochoa Christina Evergreen Paraeducator 6.0 9/7/17
Parke Stephnie Evergreen Paraeducator 6.0 9/6/17
Perez Monique CP Early Learning Paraeducator 7.0 9/7/17
Porco Matthew Four Heroes Custodian 8.0 8/21/17
Poutou Ivonne Evergreen Paraeducator 6.0 8/30/17
Reynoso Joni Lakes Food Service Worker 2.5 9/6/17
Rojas Villalba Patricia HP Paraeducator 2.0 9/11/17
Salazar Guadalupe CP Early Learning Paraeducator 6.2 8/29/17
Smyth Penelope Transportation Bus Driver 6.8 9/5/17
Steinfeld Alexander Woodbrook Paraeducator 6.0 9/6/17
Tejada Orr Maria CP Early Learning Instructor 7.6 9/1/17
Thompson Shane Transportation Bus Driver 8.0 9/1/17
Vega Teresita Transportation Bus Driver 4.5 9/8/17
Wade Roberts Da'Nitra HP Food Service Worker 3.0 8/29/17
Warczak Kathleen Lake Louise Family Involvement Coord 1.5 8/30/17
Wooten Niki HP Paraeducator 6.0 9/11/17
Wooten Tifphanie Lakeview Secretary 8.0 8/21/17
Last Name First Name Location Position Hours Effective Date
Carter Margarete Carter Lake Paraeducator 6.0 9/13/17
Clark Scott Transportation Bus Driver 4.25 9/15/17
Cruz Stacey Rainier Clerk/Paraeducator 6.0 9/8/17
Gonzalez Gonzalez Naomi Custer Paraeducator 6.0 8/28/17
Griffin Christina Lake Louise Paraeducator 6.0 8/24/17
Mahoney Jennifer Operations Custodian 8.0 8/25/17
McClary Kathaleen Park Lodge Paraeducator 6.0 8/16/17
Miller Shina Transportation Paraeducator 5.75 8/29/17
Olivero  Xiomara Meriwether Paraeducator 6.0 8/14/17
Reiner Clayton T&L Clerk 8.0 9/15/17
Riley Tiffany Evergreen LPN 7.0 8/14/17
Selga Rushelle Four Heroes Paraeducator 6.0 8/21/17
Wooten Tiphanie Assessment Assessment Technician 8.0 8/20/17