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Signed and dated copies of board meeting minutes are available by contacting the superintendent’s office at (253) 583-5190 or


Regular Meeting of the Board

Student Services Center, Room 4 

December 12, 2016 


Present:           President Marty Schafer, Vice President Carole Jacobs, Becki Kellcy, Joe Vlaming, Paul Wagemann, and Debbie LeBeau 

6:00 p.m.          President Marty Schafer called to order the Regular Meeting of the Board and asked those in attendance to stand for a moment of silence in honor the many men and women who serve our country. This was followed by the pledge of allegiance. 

City of Lakewood Council Remarks

Councilmember John Simpson provided the City Council report. The Waughop Lake Trail project is progressing and on schedule. During the 3rd quarter, vandalism and property crimes were down; however, motor vehicle crimes have increased. The Lakewood Police Department is asking residents to lock vehicles and be aware of their surroundings. This year’s Christmas Tree lighting was the best attended in Lakewood history. The city council and school board have a meeting planned for the end of January. 

The city has an abatement program and is examining and closing down abandoned homes. Twenty-nine homes are under abatement at this time. The Motor Avenue project that includes Whitman and Gravelly Lake Drive is under development. The estimated cost is $2.2M. The city is requesting assistance from the state legislature on the project. 

Road construction has slowed. There are presently four projects in progress. The Point Defiance Bypass Train through Lakewood is progressing on schedule and will be completed in 2017. The Springbrook Park project, a $1M effort, is mostly funded by the state. When crossing Bridgeport Way, there is a nice Springbrook Neighborhood gateway sign on display. Thirteen areas have been identified for the placement of gateway signs for those entering Lakewood. 

At Fort Steilacoom Park, approximately $500K will be used for dugouts, scoreboards, a picnic area other improvements. The city is working with the Rotary Club to build a meeting place as well. The city council continues to discuss whether rental housing requires a business license. Councilmember Simpson also shared with the Board that 10 restaurants are coming or have just opened in Lakewood. There will be three new retail businesses, one new clothing store, and the H&L Market is expanding. There will be four auto business plus two hotels, Marriot and Comfort Inn. A new credit union is also coming to Lakewood. Davita is taking over the former GI Joe store location. There will also be three new health care facilities and a distillery opening soon. 

Councilmember Simpson also shared that while retail sales have decreased in Lakewood, median home prices have risen from an average $199K to $329K. He added that Lakewood has gained 719 jobs in healthcare, food service, wholesale and trade industries. Last Monday, two police officers were recognized with Life Saving Awards. The Lakewood Connections Magazine was recognized again for a national award. The City of Lakewood also received a Defense award and Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting Award. 

He concluded his report with information about the city having talks about opening an ice skating rink. Director Wagemann commented that Sprinker’s ice arena in Pierce County found that the ice rink was a drain on county resources and he suggested that city council consider a roller rink instead. Councilmember Simpson said he would share Director Wagemann’ s remark with the city council. 

Public Comment 




Leo Bundick – Mr. Bundick, a Lakewood citizen, shared remarks concerning Woodbrook Middle School and development of an industrial park in that community. He said the district must remain thoughtful about deleting property from its inventory when the city plans for a 20 percent growth over the next 10 years. He said capacity is the number one issue in the state and Lakewood.

Reports from the Superintendent 


Superintendent LeBeau introduced Mann Principal Steve Seberson who provided the school report. Mr. Seberson joined Clover Park School District in 2004 and this is his second year as principal at Mann Middle School. He began his report discussing the meaning behind the school’s tagline, The Mustang Way!, that has been developed over the last few years to build a culture that models its character traits in order to achieve goals and create a respectful, supportive and safe environment. Students at Mann are responsible for their own behavior and learning and they are encouraged to do their very best every day. It empowers students and staff to demonstrate who they are as kind, supportive and responsible individuals focused on doing their very best. The character trait for the month of December is respect. 

Mann Middle School was awarded the School of Distinction award two years in a row, 2015 and 2016. This recognition identifies all schools performing in the top 5% of highest performing schools in the State of Washington for increased reading/math achievement and graduation rate over the past five years. Mr. Seberson said he would not be surprised if Mann Middle School was again recognized for student achievement gains in 2017. 

Enrollment at Mann Middle School is approximately 400 students with about half of all the students qualifying for free and reduced lunch. The mobility rate is 15.5%, which is about 60 students, or 120 if you count the new students enrolling each year. Mann is proud to serve military families and pointed out that 51% of all students are military connected. 

Mr. Seberson reviewed Smarter Balance and Measurements of Student Progress data with the Board. The report showed good growth in most areas. In 8th grade math, Mann exceeded both State and District Smarter Balance results for 2015-16, which was positive. Mann had 56.4%, while the state reported 47.8%, and district 48.23%. 

Mr. Seberson highlighted professional development strategies as the district focuses on Professional Learning Communities. At Mann, grade level teams meet bi-monthly to focus on the academic growth for all students. Outcomes include: students in need of additional support and are not proficient in coursework, participate in learning strategies classes and who receive added support in the classroom and after school. Students meeting proficiency are offered opportunities in Career Technical Education classes, band and orchestra. 

As Mr. Seberson reviewed successes, he shared information regarding a family engagement article published in the promising partnership practices book highlighting the work Mann is doing to engage parents. For example, a science fair workshop was held utilizing school funds and a small grant to purchasing supplies for science projects such as tri-fold cards, card stock for letters, glue sticks, construction paper and other resources. During the workshop 125 students participated with families to complete or nearly complete science fair projects. Mr. Seberson said that from the school’s perspective, it was a win-win for students and families to provide this type of support. In the area of challenges, the school is challenged to continue to develop professional practices to meet or exceed the growth goals for students. He also said he staff will continue to find more ways to connect with families and engage them in the learning process adding that the closer families are connected with the school, the better the students will do. 

Overall, the Board was pleased with the report. Director Wagemann asked if 5th grade students entering Mann are prepared for 6th grade. He also remarked on looping in order to gain greater results. He said this was a topic at the recent WSSDA conference and part of a presentation that he participated in. Principal Seberson said that as part of the Professional Learning Communities training, they discuss many options like this and he added that everyone is looking for ideas on how to get students better prepared for math and reading. President Schafer remarked it was impressive to see what Mann Middle School did with science results, adding it was spectacular to see that type of movement. The superintendent commented that Mann had a 99 percent parent conference participation rate. She thanked Principal Seberson and his staff for working hard to reach that rate. 


The superintendent shared with the audience that contact was made with citizens who provided public comment at the November meeting. Comments were received from a two Woodbrook teachers and a student regarding the eventual closure of Woodbrook Middle School. One of the teachers mentioned her student started a petition on the subject and a high school student, who previously attended Woodbrook and had a positive experience, shared concerns that her siblings would not have the same opportunity. All of those who provided public comments received a response. 

In the superintendent’s report to the Board, she provided an update on board goals as follows: 

Student Achievement – This month, secondary principals are looking at data, particularly “my school data” in Skyward. The director of information technology services shared how the information is easy to access. Principals indicated that they want teachers to have access to training soon. 

Communication with All Stakeholders – The district began sending text messages to families this year in addition to the phone message and emails that have previously been sent through the Connect Ed notification system. The superintendent provided the total number of contacts made via - Phone: English 11, 640/Spanish 1,848; Email: English 9,647/Spanish 692; and Text: English 7,559/Spanish 1,138. Some families select more than one method to receive messages. 

Letters were mailed to community members in the Oakwood neighborhood informing them that the school property is for sale. The site is zoned as Air Corridor 2, which permits low occupancy type use. The property is located in a mix of residential and commercial properties. 

At a recent Puget Sound Educational Service District meeting, Legislative issues were discussed along with communication strategies among the governor’s office, WSSDA and WASA. We have experts compiling information so that we can share a more united message in order to become more aligned. 

At a recent Parent Community Connections meeting, parent representatives from all the schools reviewed discipline policies. They also discussed how parents want to be communicated with and how to get parent input when needed, such as with surveys. 

Supportive Learning Environment –The recent Lochburn Middle School concert had a packed gym. The superintendent said she had never seen the room packed so full; there were not enough chairs. She suggested to the principal that future concerts be held at the Performing Arts Center at Clover Park High School. Professional Development for principals this month focused on teacher evaluation and safety practices/plans. 

Community Engagement – Many schools participated in the Lakewood Tree Lighting on December 2. There was a lot of student participation that included singing and passing out cocoa. 

The superintendent presented the state of the district at the Lions club earlier today. The group shared information at their meeting about vision and hearing tests they provided at 13 Clover Park schools. They indicated they enjoy working with our schools, but jokingly commented that they wouldn’t mind if nurses provided coffee and donuts. 

The superintendent also attended a South Sound Military and Community Partnership (SSMCP) education work group meeting. The superintendent is the chair of the K-12 workgroup that focuses on education issues. Col. Morgan and others highlighted the partnership between the military and school district in the form of quarterly meetings, health clinics at schools; and planned training at the SSMCP elected officials meeting. 

The 2016 graduation rate is 89.9, and the November parent conference rate is 89%. 

Staff Retention, Recruitment and Performance – The superintendent noted that the district continues to explore alternative routes to certification. A meeting was held for selected classified staff to see if they were interested in the teaching career field in an effort to continue to grow our own teachers. Representatives from City University, Evergreen State College, Grand Canyon University, Pacific Lutheran University, Pierce College, St. Martin’s College and others were present and available to answer questions and share information about the programs offered at each college or university. 

The National Board recognition reception was held on Dec. 6. The district is still hiring teachers and recently hired a kindergarten teacher for Tyee Park, a special education teacher from New York, and recruited a special education teacher from an agency. The superintendent said the district is using all of its connections and pulling out all stops to find and hire teachers. 

The superintendent attended an elementary principal cohort meeting. Principals were able to view learning videos showing teachers in action with Professional Learning Communities. It was a nice model for them to watch and see how other teachers using the PLC strategies. 


On motion by Paul Wagemann, seconded by Joe Vlaming, the following resolution was adopted. Motion carried unanimously. 

17-037   Minutes: Special Meeting/Workshop of November 14, 2016, Regular Meeting of November 14, 2016, and Regular Meeting/Workshop of November 28, 2016

17-038   Waivers/Releases                                                                                 

17-039   Personnel Actions

17-040   Warrants

17-041   Canceled Warrants

17-042   Investment of Funds

17-043   Out of State Travel


17-037   Minutes: Special Meeting/Workshop of November 14, 2016, Regular Meeting of November 14, 2016, and Regular Meeting/Workshop of November 28, 2016

               BE IT RESOLVED, That the minutes of the Board of Directors’ special meeting/workshop of November 14, 2016, regular meeting of November 14, 2016, and special meeting/workshop of November 28, 2016, are hereby approved for recording. 

17-038   Waivers /Releases 

               BE IT RESOLVED, That requests for interdistrict transfer for individual students are accepted or rejected, as indicated on Attachment A and made a part of the minutes of this meeting. 

17-039   Personnel Actions 

               be it resolved, That the Board issues contracts and accepts resignations, names and effective dates as indicated on Attachment B and made a part of the minutes of this meeting. 

17-040   Warrants 

               BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby approves issuance of warrants as follows:               

Number Amount  Date Issued
General Fund
Direct Deposit $9,436,631.61 11/30/16
20044-20107 $1,961,403.17 11/30/16
20036-20043 $3,976.27 11/2/16
Accounts Payable
General Fund
290959-291156 $1,386,506.33 11/28/16
290749-290915 $792,412.40 11/14/16
Capital Projects Fund    
290916-290924 $1,483,480.19 11/28/16
290708-290722 $959,927.00 11/14/16
Associated Student Body Fund
290925-290958 $30,495.43 11/28/16
290723-290748 $17,638.63 11/14/16
290707 $1,495.00 11/3/16

17-041   Canceled Warrants 

               WHEREAS, It has been determined that certain warrants are not viable; 

               NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby authorizes the Pierce County Budget and Finance Department to cancel the following warrants:



Date Issued

General Fund—Payroll






General Fund—Accounts Payable











Associated Student Body Fund













17-042   Investment of Funds

BE IT RESOLVED, that, in accordance with Board Policy 6120, the following funds were invested during the month of November 2016:

  Date Invested Maturity Date   Interest Rate Type*   Investment Amount
  General Fund
  11/30/16 12/30/16 * * $15,100,000
  Capital Projects Fund
  11/30/16 12/30/16 * * $34,400,000
  Debt Service Fund
  11/30/16 12/30/16 * * $10,300,000
  Associated Student Body Fund
  11/30/16 12/30/16 * * $563,000
  Private Purpose Trust Fund
  11/30/16 12/30/16 * * $268,000
Transportation Vehicle Fund
  11/30/16 12/30/16 * * $2,250,000


              CD = Certificate of Deposit

               FA = Federal agency securities purchased

               WA=State of Washington Local Government Investment Pool

               NOW=Negotiable Order of Withdrawal (Interest Bearing) Bank Account


              *The month-end investment report had not been received from the County Treasurer prior to the preparation of this report. The type of investment and rate is not yet known for these investments during the month for this reason.

17-043   Out-of-State Travel 

               BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby authorizes representation at the following meetings in accordance with relevant portions of Board Policy 6213:

            British Columbia Association of International Baccalaureate Schools: Middle Years Programme Category 2 – Coordinators, Vancouver, British Columbia, January 26-29, 2017: Erika Cox [Harrison Prep] (reimbursed through district funds) 

            2017 National Title I Conference, Long Beach, California, Feb. 21-25, 2017: Kristi Smith and Tess McCarten (Teaching & Learning) [Reimbursed through Title 1 funds] 

            Northwest Council for Computer Education: Bridging Capability with Opportunity, March 21-24, 2017, Portland Oregon: Sara Tips [Harrison Prep] (reimbursed through school funds)           


On motion by Carole Jacobs, seconded by Joe Vlaming, the following resolution was adopted. Motion carried unanimously. 

17-044   2016-17 Districtwide Security Monitoring  

WHEREAS, The Clover Park School District Maintenance and Operation Department has the responsibility to provide security measures for the district; and 

WHEREAS, Public agencies in the State of Washington are authorized by RCW 36.100.1804 to enter into service provider agreements for the purchase of services; and 

WHEREAS, The Clover Park School District has a proprietary system installed for the monitoring of all the fire and intrusion alarms established and maintained by Sonitrol Pacific, Sound Security Inc.; 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board authorizes the service provider agreement with Sonitrol Pacific, Sound Security Inc., for the monitoring of the districtwide fire and intrusion alarms for the 2016-17 school year in the amount of $107,454. 

On motion by Joe Vlaming, seconded by Paul Wagemann, the following resolution was adopted. Motion carried unanimously. 

17-045   Contract Award for the Auxiliary Services Center and Student Services Center Generator Project 

WHEREAS, The Maintenance and Operations Department has determined the need to procure and install a generator as part of the project for emergency preparedness; and 

WHEREAS, Public agencies in the State of Washington are authorized by RCW 39.04.155 to enter into contracts under small works roster for construction, building, renovation, remodeling, alteration, repair or improvement and use the small works roster to assure that a competitive price is established in order to award contracts to the lowest responsible bidder; and 

WHEREAS, The Purchasing Department has solicited a small works roster bid for the procurement and installation of generators at the Auxiliary Services Center and the Student Services Center; 

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board approve the award for the generator projects to Excel Electric in the amount not to exceed $351,174. 

Excel Electric                                                                                 $321,000.00

Sales Tax 9.4%                                                                         $30,174.00 

Total Contracted Bid Amount                                                    $351,174.00 

Contingency 10%                                                                       $35,117.40 

Total Approved Project Budget                                                 $386,291.40 

On motion by Carole Jacobs, seconded by Joe Vlaming, the following resolution was adopted. Motion carried unanimously. 

17-046   Architectural Design for a New Middle School 

               WHEREAS, The District publicly advertised for Architects and Engineers (A&E) through a Requests for Proposal qualifications for design and architecture process; and 

               WHEREAS, The architectural firms reviewed would bring both experience and unique assets to District projects, it was determined that the A&E roster will be utilized for the selection of an architectural firm to design a new middle school; and 

               WHEREAS, The qualified based selection process is in compliance with RCW 39.80; and 

               WHEREAS, Funds are available in the Capital Projects Fund to design a new middle school; 

               NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Clover Park School District Board of Directors hereby authorizes the superintendent under RCW 39.80.050 to select an architectural firm to design a new middle school in the anticipated closure of Woodbrook Middle School June – December 2019.



Election of Officers 

-        Election of President: Joe Vlaming nominated Marty Schafer as President. This was seconded by Carole Jacobs. There were no further nominations; the nominations were closed. The oral call vote consisted of ayes-5 electing Marty Schafer as President. 

-        Election of Vice President: Joe Vlaming nominated Carole Jacobs as Vice President. This was seconded by Becki Kellcy. There were no further nominations; the nominations were closed. The oral roll call vote consisted of ayes-5, electing Carole Jacobs as Vice President. 

-        Election of Legislative Representative: Becki Kellcy nominated Paul Wagemann as Legislative Representative. This was seconded by Joe Vlaming. There were no further nominations; the nominations were closed. The oral roll call vote consisted of ayes-5 electing Paul Wagemann as Legislative Representative. 

Board Reports 

Carole Jacobs – Vice President Jacobs remarked on the reorganization of officers. She said this is an unusual time for the district and never has the president and vice president continued to be the same over a three-year period. She said its paramount because Clover Park School District is now in a position dealing with property, it’s very important to maintain the same officers for consistency even though all directors are competent and capable. She appreciates that the Board agrees to stay the course and thanked Director Wagemann for continuing to serve as the legislative liaison. 

Becki Kellcy – No report. 

Joe Vlaming – Director Vlaming attended the National Board Certified Teacher reception and visited Meriwether with the superintendent. He also attended a play at Harrison Prep last week and said he is happy to see the school taking on normalized activities like the other high schools. 

Marty Schafer – President Schafer shared that during the WSSDA conference, board members were briefed on the Every Student Succeeds Act. He said it’s an interesting time in education and asked Director Wagemann to keep this on his radar in case it moves in a different direction with the change of the Secretary of Education. He would like to see the Board in front of this as much as possible. The new secretary has already made a statement about moving away from common core. At the Board of Directors retreat in January, the Board will be asked to address items they have not been able to tie up. He wants to continue to see an investment in the Youth Council, working on the community and parent engagement piece and begin to discuss specifics. He also wants to see continued collaboration with the City Council. He looks forward to an exciting January. 

Paul Wagemann – Director Wagemann also attended the National Board Certificated Teachers Reception. He concurs with Directors Jacobs and Vlaming that while it was a small group, they were very competent. He mentioned that he hears President Schafer’s remarks and said local control remains one of the Board’s priorities. Director Wagemann indicated he’d like to see more funding available at the state level. 

President Schafer concluded the Board reports stating he would like the Board to create “one voice” going forward on this issue. 


  • Investment Earnings, November 30, 2016
  • Enrollment, December 2, 2016
  • Budget Status Report, November 2016
  • Food Services Participation Report, November 2016
  • Preliminary Fiscal Report to Taxpayers, November 2016

 Executive Session 

7:30 p.m.       The board recessed and moved into executive session for approximately forty-five minutes to discuss the superintendent’s performance evaluation. 

8:15 p.m.       The board reconvened to extend executive session approximately fifteen minutes. 

8:35 p.m.       Following its executive session, the Board reconvened. No members of the public were present, or had been since the public meeting was recessed. 

8:35 p.m.       On motion by Joe Vlaming, seconded by Becki Kellcy, the meeting was adjourned. 





Dr. Marty Schafer, President




Deborah L. LeBeau, Superintendent


16-17 Monthly Waiver Report
November 30, 2016

Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade
Aldabashi Mohammed 12   Lopez Baray 04
Barahona Marco 03   Mackey Terrence 04
Barahona Kinny 05   Mcnease Breanna GD
Barker Faith GD   Mercado Elijah 03
Baylis Tyrese 12   Mitchell Madijah 10
Benavente Elijah-Ray 03   Mitchell Genova 12
Berry Juvante 10   Noble Jaida 11
Borge Javen 07   Ogbolu Tia-Josephine GD
Borja Jonah-Ray 04   Olivares Melani 02
Bourne Evanre K   Olivares Jaylen 04
Cervantes Samuel 12   Perez Kristina 07
Duran Giovanni 05   Perez Selena 07
Eden Isaiah 11   Perez Alex 10
Fereti Mckayla 02   Pope Alahna 10
Fereti Saydez 04   Rainwater Isaiah 10
Green Deejay 02   Reily Briana 12
Gutierrez Daniela 07   Ross Kaylee 12
Gutierrez-Cordova Itzel 10   Ruiz Rivera Leandra K
Hamilton Tristen 01   Sanchez Mario 06
Harvey-Cantu Vernon 11   Simpson Jackson 08
Hewett Claire GD   Smith Reece 06
Hidalgo Juliana 07   Velazquez Miguel 11
Hidalgo Rosalinda 09   Williams Kiana GD
Johnson Aracely GD   Woodcock Timothy GD
Johnson Vivian 03   Zavala Calin 11
Johnson-Dumas Lenaysha 12        
Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade
Ahmed Chyanne 05   Moreno Rosa 06
Cepulionis Dominykas 11   Mwangi Lindsay 08
Donaldson Christine 02   Toro Luis 02
Hillier Skylar 04   Webster Asianai 08
Jennings Trysten 06   Wilson Jasmine 09
Corporal Ariana 04   Koroski Peyton 01
Cuscuna Conner 04   Medina Jacob 04
Joy Gabriel 10   Whitmore Perez 08
MONTHLY TOTAL            
Entry to Clover Park SD 6   Transfers Between CPSD Schools 10
Released from Clover Park 51   YTD Transfers Between CPSD Schools 1,523
Monthly Subtotal   57        
Number Released from Clover Park to Online Schools   16 31.37%
(Included in "Released from Clover Park" number above)      
Entry to Clover Park SD 565 35.27% Incoming 565
Released from Clover Park 1,037 64.73% Outgoing Less Still Enrolled 902
YTD Waiver Requests 1,602 100.00% Adjusted YTD Total 1,467
YTD Number Denied Entry to Clover Park     16 2.83%
YTD Number with signed Releases, that are still   135 13.02%
enrolled. (Included in "Released from Clover Park" number above)    
Clover Park School District Board Agenda
December 12, 2016 
NEW HIRES, PROVISIONAL CONTRACTS (Subject to the acceptable outcome of a criminal history records check) LETTERS OF INTENT ISSUED TO THE FOLLOWING:
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Arebalos Vanessa Evergreen  Teacher 1.0 12/7/16
Mrachek-Peterson Nancy Hillside Dean 1.0 11/16/16
Srubek-Treadway Tiffanie Tyee Park Teacher 1.0 12/5/16
Twomey Laura Lochburn Teacher 1.0 11/17/16
Vaagan Jana Park Lodge Teacher 1.0 11/16/16
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Funk  Krystal Lakes RN 1.0 11/23/16
Sikes Misty Beachwood Teacher 1.0 1/27/17
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Haymaker Christine Four Heroes Teacher .5 TBD
NEW HIRES (Subject to the acceptable outcome of a criminal history records check)
Last Name First Name Location Position Hours Effective Date
Allen Holly Lakeview Paraeducator 6.0 12/7/16
Faircloth Rebecca Tillicum Temp Paraeducator 6.0 TBD
Goodwin Martha Tillicum Paraeducator 6.0 11/21/16
Hartman Jacqueline Dower Paraeducator 6.0 12/1/16
Herman Bradley Four Heroes Temp Paraeducator 6.0 11/29/16
James Edna Meriwether Food Svc Wkr 2.5 11/21/16
Kumar Kathy Evergreen Paraeducator 6.0 11/29/16
Lane Stephany IT Department Temp Clerk 4.0 11/21/16
Perry Robert CPHS Paraeducator 6.0 11/16/16
Rabon Richard Idlewild Paraeducator 2.0 11/23/16
Robinson Alexis Tillicum Temp Paraeducator 6.0 11/21/16
Saravia Rebecca Park Lodge Paraeducator 6.0 11/30/16
Sellness Pamela Hudtloff Paraeducator 3.0 11/14/16
Van Daele Kaitlyn Maintenance Parts Expeditor 8.0 12/5/16
Wahlstrom Spencer Firwood Paraeducator 6.0 11/10/16
Yockman Shayna Rainier Paraeducator 6.0 12/1/16
Zepeda Alma Evergreen Paraeducator 6.0 11/28/16
Last Name First Name Location Position Hours Effective Date
Duvall Sharron Beachwood LPN 6.0 12/16/16
Ellis Sandra Human Resources Payroll Specialist 8.0 12/31/16
Hicks Joseph Maintenance Building Mechanic 8.0 11/17/16
Kirkevold Roberta Beachwood Food Svc Wkr 7.00 11/18/16
Last Name First Name Location Position Hours Effective Date
COACHES 2016-17 Fall      
Last Name First Name Location Position Effective Date
Barnes Isaiah Lakes Asst Boys Basketball Winter
Louis Desmick Lakes Asst Girls Basketball Winter
Rickert Julie Lakes Asst Girls Bowling Winter
Stowers Tatiaategalu Lochburn Head Girls Basketball Winter


     PreliminaryNovember 2016 
ENROLLMENT Budgeted Annual Average Current* Enrollment Annual Average
{10 mo avg}
- Variance - Budget-vs-Projected AAFTE
Full Time Equivalent (FTE) w/out Running Start*  12,170.0 12.671.1 12,492 0 322
FTE for Running Start  **  86.0 128.0 121.2 35
Total FTE  12,256 12,799.1 12,613.2 357
December Preliminary Enrollment           
**Enrollment for current month not available until the 1Oth      


STAFFING *As of Dec 2, 2016 Adopted Staff Budget Current* Staffing Variance over/<under> Budget
Certificated Staff: FTE 959.6 913.8 (45.9) ~
Est. Salaries & Benefits $93,594,023 $89,121,693 ($4,4472,330)
Classified Staff: FTE 518.8 570.7 51.9 ~
Est. Salaries & Benefits $42,448,236 $46,696,634 $4,248,397
Total Staff: FTE 1,478.4 1,484.5 6.1
Est. Salaries & Benefits $136,042,259 $135,818,326 ($223,933)


(DFM) Non-spendable-Inventory $512,500
(DFM) Committed to Encumbrances $1,537,500 DFM
(DFM) Committed to Min FB Policy $8,200,000 $10,250,000
Assigned to Carryover of Levy - Fiscal Stability 750,000
Unassigned (residual) $11,564,141
Projected Ending Fund Balance $22,564,141


Beginning Balance $5,354,562
Plus: Year-to-Date Revenues 11,339,127
Less: Year-to-Date Expenditures (5,818,196)
Current Balance $10,875,493 as of Preliminary November 2016