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Signed and dated copies of board meeting minutes are available by contacting the superintendent’s office at (253) 583-5190 or


Regular Meeting/Workshop of the Board

Student Services Center, Room 4

10903 Gravelly Lake Dr. SW, Lakewood, WA 98499

 November 28, 2016 


Present:           President Marty Schafer, Vice President Carole Jacobs, Becki Kellcy, Joe Vlaming, Paul Wagemann and Debbie LeBeau 

5:00 p.m.          President Marty Schafer called to order the Regular Meeting/Workshop of the Board. 



Superintendent LeBeau introduced the topic for tonight’s meeting and provided a recap of the November 14 special meeting/workshop of the Board. The purpose of that meeting was to address questions related to the FAC report of October 24, 2016. The Board was provided with a capital projects funding overview and received information about competing resources for property taxes, debt capacity limits, bonding capacity, non-voter approved bonds and capital projects funds. 

A total of eleven schools have been identified as a priority by the FAC based on deficiencies relating to the condition of the buildings. As a reminder, Woodbrook was identified as being at the end of its facilities life cycle and a major system failure is likely to occur within the next 12-36 months. Long- and short-term strategies were also discussed concerning what steps would be necessary if Woodbrook was closed. There was also information provided that if Woodbrook were closed at the end of this school year, portables would need to be authorized for purchase at the December 12 board meeting in order to be available to house the Woodbrook students at another location for the start of the 2017-18 school year. 

As follow-up, Administrator for Business Services and Capital Projects Rick Ring was asked to address options in more detail and provide soft funding costs. He was joined by Bill Coon, Director of Capital Projects, and Dennis Erwood, Principal/Architect of Studio Meng Strazzara, who is a consulting architect for the FAC. 

Director Coon provided information concerning the current state of Lochburn Middle School and identified soft costs, and projected future costs for options to modernize the school to bring to standard with educational specifications and increased enrollment. The site would be modernized in three phases if this option were selected, and the cost would be nearly equivalent to building a new middle school based on the deficiencies noted. It would also require multiple portables to house students as each phase is completed. The benefit of building in phases is that funding could be carried out over multiple construction bonds allowing the district to focus on more than one school site at one time. Vice President Jacobs said it was doubtful that this option would be acceptable to the voters in Lakewood. Citizens will not likely want to wait for 12 years for a project to be completed. 

Mr. Erwood, consultant architect, provided information concerning the current state of Mann Middle School. The Mann site is very different from Lochburn as it is a large piece of property and has basically a flat landscape. The site allows for modernization, the same as Lochburn, and also allows for the option of building a new school onsite without requiring the use of portables for students. The site will be easier to modernize or build a new school because of the layout. 

The Board was in consensus that Woodbrook Middle School will eventually be closed. It is the timing of the closure and impact to staff and disruption to families that make the timing of when to close difficult. The current zoning at that location, which has been in effect for many years, makes it cost prohibitive to continue funding extensive repairs at the school since the district will not be able to modernize the school or rebuild on that site. While the Board is not making any decisions this evening, the District is still within the timeframe of what it told the city council regarding when a decision will be made. 

Director Vlaming, who was assigned to represent the school board on the FAC, said he would be open to considering a recommendation from the superintendent at the next school board meeting to target a date to vacate Woodbrook Middle School at a future date 30-36 months out. President Schafer added this will give the district time to collaborate with staff and the Woodbrook community and gain insights on the best way to phase out the school within that timeframe. Providing a timeframe allows the city and potential developers an opportunity to finalize planning for the Woodbrook Industrial Park. 

Director Vlaming said he would also consider a recommendation to the Board to authorize the district to follow-up with a detailed plan that includes cost development and funding sources to build a new middle school on the Mann Middle School property that would open by September 2019. 

The superintendent will be prepared to discuss these proposed resolutions with Board members during the December agenda reviews. The cost to engage an architect will be substantial in order to complete the design work. This will be part of the recommendation that will be presented to the Board for consideration on December 12. 

The FAC has two more meetings scheduled.  In the event the Board adopts the recommendations referenced above, the FAC will be given instruction to focus and prioritize maintenance at the other nine schools identified with deficiencies.   

6:12 p.m.       The Board recessed for a dinner break for approximately 30 minutes. 

6:40 p.m.       The Board reconvened the meeting. 


The Board reviewed the accountability and board goals plan for 2016-17. This plan contains data updates from the 2015-16 school year in the area of improving student achievement, increasing community engagement, ensuring communication with all stakeholders and promoting a culture of supportive learning environment for students and employees. 

New to the improvement plan are additional measures of parent community connections council and recognition of students and staff as part of community and parent engagement. In the area of communicating with all stakeholders, the district will measure the outcome of monthly radio interviews and advertisement, social media strategies, emergency communication, and messaging for parents. Also new this year under promoting a culture of supportive learning environments, the district will measure results from the healthy youth survey and create the infrastructure to support safety through facility upgrades. 

Executive Session

7:40 p.m.       The Board recessed and moved into executive session for approximately 30 minutes to discuss the superintendent’s semi-annual evaluation. 

8:06 p.m.       Following its executive session, the Board reconvened. There were no members of the public present or had been since the meeting recessed. There was no action to report. 

                        The meeting was adjourned. 




Dr. Marty Schafer, President




Deborah L. LeBeau, Superintendent