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Signed and dated copies of board meeting minutes are available by contacting the superintendent’s office at (253) 583-5190 or


Regular Meeting of the Board

Student Services Center, 10903 Gravelly Lake Dr. SW, Lakewood, WA 98499-1341

 October 10, 2016


Present:           President Marty Schafer, Vice President Carole Jacobs, Becki Kellcy, Joe Vlaming, Paul Wagemann, and Debbie LeBeau

6:00 p.m.          President Marty Schafer called to order the Regular Meeting of the Board and asked those in attendance to stand for a moment of silence to honor the men and women who serve in the military. This was followed by the pledge of allegiance.


October is National Principals Month. The superintendent and Board recognized principals and assistant principals in Clover Park School District. Each principal was provided with a certificate of appreciation for the important work they each do to support student success.


Mike Brandstetter provided the City of Lakewood Council remarks. He remarked on the school work displayed in the boardroom and said he appreciates seeing examples of student work. He also congratulated principals and assistant principals who were recognized. He appreciates that each school has its own unique identity and sees that many people have pride in their individual schools.

He remarked that the youth council provided comments at a recent city council meeting that was in many respects surprising in terms of range of things they commented on and phrasing.  While the city council did not conduct an interrogatory of students, he did personally encourage students to address the issues through communication with the Board. He further commented that last week he saw some efforts by the district to open communication with the youth council which he hopes will have benefit and clarify gaps in information.

Later this week, Councilperson Brandstetter and colleagues are meeting with Board members in a small group setting and he looks forward to having a discussion on how the city and school board can work together productively.

Councilperson Brandstetter provided an update on the city’s budget for the next biennium. He said the city feels it is in a good financial place in terms of keeping services going and continuing to make progress on a number of fronts.

A number of public works projects will be funded in the next biennium and there will be road projects to expand the network of sidewalks in Lakewood that will benefit Hudtloff, Dower and perhaps some other schools. The city also continues to make enhancements in the parks and recreation programs to offer programs to the community afterschool and during the summer. The city council wants to impact youth in a positive way and is hoping to reduce domestic violence. Domestic violence accounts for a significant percentage of crimes against persons and property, as well as impacts the city’s reputation when you gauge it against crime statistics. A lot of progress has been made with the city, police department and Western State Hospital in terms of how they can work together to ensure the community is both safe and aware of residents who leave the hospital without permission and before they complete treatment that helps them function in society. There have been many escapes from Western State Hospital and there were a number of internal issues going on in the hospital that may have attributed to this.

Director Wagemann said he personally is interested in strong families. He said domestic violence breaks down the strong family bond and asked if the city council has looked at faith-based organizations to help make families stronger. Councilperson Brandstetter said the city did look at this and other strategies. The city council also discussed how they set aside funding to assist organizations that deal with human services. A fraction of the funding has gone towards domestic violence and perhaps in the future more will go towards that issue. The city council wants to focus on strengthening the family instead of labeling people.





Miriam Robinson – Ms. Robinson shared concerns regarding a rumor that the district is planning to close Woodbrook at the end of the school year without a public hearing or community input. She wanted the Board to know that she and others proudly serve the Woodbrook community, a community where most people are vulnerable and where children of color and low income can be successful, which they prove every day at Woodbrook Middle School.

Elena Asmar – Ms. Asmar, a former Woodbrook student, spoke about the positive influence that Woodbrook had on her. She came from a poor country and Woodbrook took her in with open arms. She said staff want to help students to succeed—calling them poets, not teachers.

Dana Ohler – Ms. Ohler was a teacher in Clover Park School District for six years. She resigned last year from Harrison Preparatory School. She was concerned to hear the recent KOMO news report about Clover Park School District, and then later to find students at a city council meeting sharing their concerns. She said it was her understanding that students who protested were suspended, just the ones who spoke to the media. She challenged the district to find a way to let students know they are concerned about student safety and their feelings.

Aaron McDonald and Ian Shelley – Messrs. MacDonald and Shelley submitted a request to travel out of state to attend a national science conference. They shared with the Board reasons why the travel would be beneficial to the Hudtloff science program.

Lina Ramos – Ms. Ramos responded to Ms. Ohler stating no students were suspended for protesting. She was one of the students involved in the protest. This evening, she is here to talk about Woodbrook. Teachers at Woodbrook made a huge impact on her life and she will never forget them. She was a troubled child, but they never gave up on her even when she gave up on herself. She told her story so the Board would hear that the school is more than just a school, it helped her succeed.

President Schafer remarked that the Facilities Advisory Committee has not made a formal recommendation to the School Board concerning Woodbrook. As of this date, no decision has been made regarding Woodbrook or any other school. He is sad to learn a message has come across that Woodbrook will close at the end of the school year, and stated the Board will hear the FACs recommendation and then do what is in the best interest of students.



Superintendent LeBeau introduced Principal Nancy LaChapelle who has served 14 years in the district as principal. The superintendent thanked Ms. LaChapelle for the amazing results she and her staff have accomplished. She pointed to the school work inside the boardroom and in the hallway. The school staff spent quite a bit of time selecting the work and displaying it. She encouraged meeting participants to take time to look at the samples of school and art work which represents the learning that occurs at Woodbrook.

Principal Nancy LaChapelle provided the Board with the Woodbrook Middle School Report. Woodbrook’s vision is “to provide each learner a rigorous and engaging educational experience, where data and reflection guide our work in developing resilient, optimistic and determined leaders.” Her report included demographic information and overview of assessment results highlighting increased proficiency in many areas including an increase over expected growth in the last two school years.

Student discipline incidents have decreased significantly in the past school year. In 2014-15 there were 1,210 incidents, which was reduced to 394 in 2015-16. Ms. LaChapelle remarked that Woodbrook hosts a Madigan school-based health center and has a significant number of afterschool activities which include league sports, Army Youth Programs in Your Neighborhood, and the Ignite Student Mentoring Program.

Some of the successes noted by Ms. LaChapelle include the implementation of the District curriculum, focused interventions and sixth grade August “Jump Start” program. The staff continue to work towards building a high functioning professional learning communities team, offer timely and effective interventions that address barriers to learning and to develop a safe and respectful bully-free school.

During the 2015-16 school year, staff conducted home visits to provide disciplinary conferences, share personal information with families regarding the “Jump Start” program, and to deliver school supplies and welcome families to the new school year. Staff also made personal phone calls to every family served before the start of this new school year and held a WOW! (Parent Welcome and Orientation) meeting. In addition, Woodbrook has been named as a school of distinction by the Center of Educational Excellence for the second year in a row.

President Schafer thanked Ms. LaChapelle for the amazing presentation. He was not aware that Woodbrook served one new student almost daily. He said he appreciates the holistic approach to learning at Woodbrook that insures new students do not eat alone on his or her first day of school. It shows that she and her staff care.

Vice President Jacobs remarked that the assessment results at Woodbrook show that they are moving students forward which is a great accomplishment because of its heavy military influence and turnover. Other Board members also remarked they were pleased with the report and discussion regarding how students are taking responsibility for their behavior and the engagement efforts staff are making to include families in the learning process.


The superintendent shared the outcomes of responses provided to those who gave public comments at the September regular meeting. A student shared his concerns about the number of syringes found on the ground out in the community where he walks and where children play. The superintendent followed up with him about ways he could report that information to the city. Jim Schell, President of the Clover Park Education Association provided acknowledgement of the collaborative work the school district and union has accomplished. The bargaining agreement received a 98% ratification vote.

In the superintendent’s report to the Board, she provided an update on board goals including:

Communication with All Stakeholders – Superintendent LeBeau and President Marty Schafer met with members of the Lakewood Youth Council to discuss greater collaboration and to improve communication. This meeting was scheduled after Youth Council students indicated they were unhappy with the direction of the district. The meeting had good results and a follow-up meeting was agreed upon. There was an article in the National Military Family Association regarding federal Impact Aid. The superintendent was one of two superintendent’s mentioned in the article that focused on the importance of funding Impact Aid to support military students and to encourage military families to fill out impact aid forms.

Community Engagement – Approximately 30 parents participated in roundtable discussions at the first Parent Connections Council meeting for the school year. There was also a Facilities Advisory Committee (FAC) meeting on September 21. Minutes for the FAC meetings are posted on the district website. Administrators are also provided updates regarding the FACs progress at neighborhood meetings. Woodmen Life Insurance Society Chapter 84 distributed American patriot handbooks and miniature flags to all district fifth graders to commemorate Constitution Day. Assistant Superintendent Ron Banner started the community partnership with Woodman Life Insurance at Mann.

Student Achievement - Students across the district are finishing fall testing. Students in grades 3 – 9 are being tested with the Measures of Academic Progress and students in kindergarten through second grade are utilizing the district’s new I-Ready testing program. I-Ready is also being used to assess students in grades 3 – 8 for intervention support. High school students are taking the ACT college admissions test.

Clover Park High School held its annual college and career fair in September, and Lakes held tennis shoe conferencing. Seven district schools received 2016 School of Distinction Awards. Tyee Park, Lake Louise, Carter Lake and Evergreen Elementary Schools, Mann and Woodbrook Middle Schools and Harrison Preparatory School received this designation from the Center for Educational Effectiveness and its partner organizations. They were recognized for making significant, sustained improvements in student achievement over a five-year period in the areas of English language arts and math.

Supportive Learning Environment – Crews are working after hours to install a new HVAC system in the Student Services Center. Skanska, the construction company working on the new Evergreen Elementary School on JBLM held a back-to-school drive to support students at Tillicum Elementary School. The donated school supplies amounted to $4,800 and were provided to families during an assembly at the school. The Board’s revision to the district’s mission statement, which now reads “ensure each student learns,” has clarified the message to administrators and staff by affecting our goals to ensure students are learning.

During the kick-off for Watch Dogs “Donuts for Dads” at Park Lodge, 142 dads were in attendance and signed up for 62 days of volunteer service. Nine elementary schools have this program to engage father figures. The students really love having a family connection.

Staff Retention, Recruitment and Performance - The Board will consider taking action on the negotiated agreement between the Clover Park Association of School Principals this evening. This collective bargaining agreement is for the period of July 2016 through June 2019. The district had its first meeting for the Administrative Intern Academy last week. There are five district staff members participating in the program. Last week’s academy topic was assessment and accountability.


On motion by Joe Vlaming, seconded by Carole Jacobs, the following resolutions were adopted. Motion carried.

17-012   Minutes: Regular Meeting of the Board, September 12, 2016, and Regular Meeting/Workshop of the Board, September 19, 2016

17-013   Waivers/Release

17-014   Personnel Actions

17-015   Warrants

17-016   Canceled Warrants

17-017   Investment of Funds

17-018   Out-of-State Travel

17-019   School Safety Officer Contract

17-020   Consultant Agreement – Nursing Staffing Providers

Resolution 17-012

Minutes: Regular Meeting of the Board, September 12, 2016, and Regular Meeting/Workshop of the Board, September 19, 2016

               BE IT RESOLVED, That the minutes of the Board of Directors’ regular meeting of September 12, 2016, and regular meeting/workshop of September 19, 2016, are hereby approved for recording.

Resolution 17-013

Waivers /Releases

               BE IT RESOLVED, That requests for interdistrict transfer for individual students are accepted or rejected, as indicated on Attachment A and made a part of the minutes of this meeting.

Resolution 17-014

Personnel Actions

               be it resolved, That the Board issues contracts and accepts resignations, names and effective dates as indicated on Attachment B and made a part of the minutes of this meeting.

Resolution 17-015


               BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby approves issuance of warrants as follows:




Date Issued

General Fund

Direct Deposit



Direct Deposit









Accounts Payable
General Fund












Capital Projects Fund








Associated Student Body Fund








Private Purpose Trust Fund









Resolution 17-016

Canceled Warrants

               WHEREAS, It has been determined that certain warrants are not viable;

               NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby authorizes the Pierce County Budget and Finance Department to cancel the following warrants:





Date Issued

General Fund—Payroll


General Fund—Accounts Payable




























Associated Student Body





Resolution 17-017

Investment of Funds

BE IT RESOLVED, that, in accordance with Board Policy 6120, the following funds were invested during the month of September 2016:











General Fund 






 Capital Projects Fund






 Debt Service Fund






 Associated Student Body Fund






 Private Purpose Trust Fund






 Transportation Vehicle Fund






               CD = Certificate of Deposit

               FA = Federal agency securities purchased

               WA=State of Washington Local Government Investment Pool

               NOW=Negotiable Order of Withdrawal (Interest Bearing) Bank Account

               *The month-end investment report had not been received from the County Treasurer prior to the preparation of this report. The type of investment and rate is not yet known for these investments during the month for this reason.

Resolution 17-018

Out-of-State Travel

               BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board hereby authorizes representation at the following meetings in accordance with relevant portions of Board Policy 6213:

            DoDEA Educational Partnership Program: 2016 Post-Award Meeting, Norfolk, Virginia, October 16-19, 2016: Michelle Knoll and Jan Lonsway [Teaching & Learning] (reimbursed through grant funds)


            International Baccalaureate Organization: 2016 Combined Programs IB Workshop, Atlanta, Georgia, November 2-5, 2016: Robert Paul Kay [Harrison Prep] (reimbursed through department funds)

            International Baccalaureate Americas Development, Portland, Oregon, November 11-14, 2016: Brian Olsen [Harrison Prep] (reimbursed through department funds]

            National Science Teachers Association Area Conference, Portland, Oregon, November 11-14, 2016: Aaron McDonald and Ian Shelley [Hudtloff] (reimbursed through school funds)

            Florida Association of International Baccalaureate World Schools: 2016 Diploma Programme Professional Development Workshop, St. Pete Beach, Florida, November 30-December 3, 2016: Kevin Rupprecht (Cat. 2, Administrators Training), Amy Stapleton (Cat. 2-Creativity, Activity, Service Training), Marco Viniegra (Cat. 1-Lengua B Training), Sarah Neal (Cat. 2-Visual Arts Training), Kim Demming (Cat. 2-Counseling), Erika Cox (Cat. 2-Coordination) [Harrison Prep] (reimbursed through department funds)

            National Athletic Directors Conference/NIAA Annual Meetings, Nashville, Tennessee, December 9-14, 2016: Clayton Angle [CPHS] (reimbursed through school funds)

            International Baccalaureate Organization: Heads of School/IB Coordinators: Implementing the Middle Years Program – Category 1, New Orleans, Louisiana, December 16-19, 2016: Angela Laws [Harrison Prep] (reimbursed through professional growth funds)

Resolution 17-019

School Safety Officer Contract

WHEREAS, Clover Park School District Policy 1001, Philosophy of Education,” states, “The Clover Park School District is dedicated to providing a high quality, relevant education for students in a safe, caring learning environment;” and

WHEREAS, A safe caring learning environment that is free of persons loitering on school property during the day; and

WHEREAS, The District’s partnership with the City of Lakewood includes a focus on the safety of its students, staff and patrons on school property; and

WHEREAS, The District signed an agreement on June 3, 2014 with the City of Lakewood to hire four police officers to work off-duty hours at our secondary schools that included four one-year renewal terms at a cost to include salary, benefits and related expenses;

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board authorizes the superintendent to exercise its option to renew the contract with the City of Lakewood for Lakewood police officers to serve as school safety officers assigned exclusively to duty with the Clover Park School District for the 2016-17 school year not to exceed $300,225.

Resolution 17-020

Consultant Agreement – Nursing Staffing Providers

WHEREAS, Clover Park School District students attending Evergreen Elementary School and Clover Park High School must be provided with nursing services during the 2016-17 school year; and

WHEREAS, The district was unable to fill all RN (ESA) positions after advertising the vacancies; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Board authorizes the superintendent to enter into an individual consultant agreement with RoHealth to provide nursing services for the 2016-17 school year with the sum total of the contract to not exceed $180,000 for nursing services for students at Evergreen Elementary School and Clover Park High School.


On motion by Paul Wagemann, seconded by Joe Vlaming, the following resolution was adopted. Motion carried.

Resolution 17-021

Commercial Real Estate Marketing and Brokerage Services for the Sale of the Oakwood Elementary Property


WHEREAS, the Clover Park School District has deemed the Oakwood Elementary property, located at 3230 85th Ave S, Lakewood, WA, as property no longer required for school use by the district; and.

WHEREAS, public agencies in the State of Washington are authorized by RCW 28A.335.120 to enter into a real estate contract to facilitate the sale of real property;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board authorizes the agreement between the District and CBRE for the marketing and brokerage services for the Oakwood Elementary property at a commission fee of 5 % of total sale proceeds.

On motion by Carole Jacobs, seconded by Joe Vlaming, the following resolution was adopted. Motion carried.

Resolution 17-022

Negotiated Agreement Between Clover Park School District and the Clover Park Association of School Principals

WHEREAS, The negotiated agreement between the Clover Park School District Board of Directors and the Clover Park Association of School Principals expired on June 30, 2016, the Clover Park School District Administration and the Clover Park Association of School Principals entered into negotiations for a successor contract pursuant to RCW 41.59; and

WHEREAS, The parties have reached a tentative agreement on a collectively bargained contract for the period July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2019; and

BE IT RESOLVED, That the Clover Park Board of Directors approves the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Clover Park School District and the Clover Park Association of School Principals, tentatively agreed to by the District's bargaining team, for the period July 1, 2016, through June 30, 2019.

On motion by Paul Wagemann, seconded by Becki Kellcy, the following resolution was adopted. Motion carried.

Resolution 17-023

Authorization to Employ Non-Represented Certificated Administrators, Supervisors and Classified Personnel/2016-17 School Year

WHEREAS, The Board of Directors of Clover Park School District employs staff who are not individually contracted or represented by a bargaining agent; and

WHEREAS, It is essential to the success of the District's educational program that non-represented staff salaries for the ensuing school year be authorized; and


  1. The Superintendent shall be authorized to offer to non-represented staff employment as determined by the Superintendent to be consistent with the 2016-17 budgetary projections; and
  2. The Board hereby adopts the attached 2016-17 non-represented staff salary schedule.

On motion by Carole Jacobs, seconded by Joe Vlaming, the following resolution was adopted. Motion carried.

Resolution 17-024

Adoption of Policies


               WHEREAS, School Boards are empowered by RCW 28A.320.010 and RCW 28A.320.04 to formulate policy consistent within state statute, rules or regulations for the government and operation of the school district; and

               WHEREAS, The policies listed below was created as new or revised and distributed, and has been reviewed for relevancy:

Recommended Policy Number/Action

Policy Title


Suicide Prevention


Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services


Excused and Unexcused Absences




Student Conduct Expectations and Reasonable Sanctions


Student Health


Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises


Use of Tobacco and Nicotine Substances


Hiring of Retires School Employees


Sale of Real Property


               NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the above policies as written, shall become effective upon adoption by the Board of Directors.


  • Board Member Reports

Marty Schafer – Board President Schafer said he appreciates the district’s accountability plan more than he ever thought. He added that the plan continues to have the right areas listed for review by the Board. He thanks Director Wagemann for attending the recent youth council meeting with him. He was grateful to hear from students and felt communication was an important first step to begin building trust. He looks forward to holding additional meetings with students and wants the district to have sincere collaboration in order to establish a better understanding of accountability and trust.

Carole Jacobs – Vice President Jacobs remarked that she appreciates everyone’s support this past week.

Becki Kellcy – Director Kellcy participated in a classroom visit with the superintendent at Hudtloff and Lakes. She said it was a great opportunity to see students in the classroom and said it was exciting for her.

Joe Vlaming – Director Vlaming said he appreciated Councilperson Brandstetter’s remark that the “community is important.”

Paul Wagemann – Director Wagemann attended a WSSDA regional meeting. He said it’s always a great opportunity to attend these meetings and see what is going on in other school districts. He also attended the WSSDA legislative assembly in Spokane. Director Wagemann presented on the Board’s behalf a statement concerning the process for submission of priorities and the overall concern about duplicity and the large number of legislative priorities. He learned that WSSDA had the same concern and recently established a standing committee to work on this issue. He visited Mann and Custer with the superintendent and thanked the superintendent for those classroom visits. He concluded his report sharing a concern he has at one of the elementary schools.



  • Investment Earnings, September 30, 2016
  • Enrollment, October 1, 2016
  • Food Services Participation Report, September 2016

  • Executive Session

7:40 p.m.          The Board recessed and moved into executive session for approximately 40 minutes to discuss an employee performance matter.

8:20 p.m.          Following its executive session, the Board reconvened. There was one member of the public present who had been since the public meeting was recessed. No action was taken.

                           On motion by Carole Jacobs, seconded by Paul Wagemann, the meeting was adjourned.

16-17 Monthly Waiver Report
September 30, 2016

Attachment A
Clover Park School Board Agenda
October 10, 2016



Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade
Adams Jaxon 12   Bryant Haley 02
Adams Messyiah 02   Buchanan Angelika 12
Alaniz Erick 03   Buchanan Anaka 12
Alejo Sara 11   Buelna-Alcantar Roberto 12
Alfaro Gabriel 02   Bui Cecilia 06
Allen Nathaniel 11   Burger Mikaela 03
Allen Daijahnique 11   Cabrera Kainalu GD
Altemus Daniel 10   Caddey Gabriel 05
Ancheta-Oya Cecilia 07   Campos Ruth 02
Anderson James 12   Canfield-Welches Elias 01
Anderson Mary 10   Castro-Alvarez Brian GD
Anderson Edward 07   Castro-Alvarez Luis 11
Arizmendi-Nava Mailyn 01   Cayald Tavairious 12
Arizmendi-Nava Alain 03   Clough James 03
Arteaga Aaron 02   Coggins Kelise 10
Arteaga-Soto Hernesto 01   Collins Kwaliem 10
Ashing Rialadee 05   Colmenares Lexi K
Ashworth Ella 11   Colt Henry 03
Ausage Kamlash 10   Contraro Kaci 12
Ausage Lopez 12   Cooper Dominic 01
Ausage Sailinjoses 03   Crawford Nakeem 12
Ausage Tau 08   Curtis Taice K
Auvil Christopher GD   Davis (Hensley) Kyle 12
Babcock Vivian GD   DeBrie Johanna 11
Baer Sarah 03   Dickson Bryce 01
Bahadori Masih 06   Diez Caleb K
Baker Ikaika 07   Dominguez Allison K
Bastian Zymirah 05   Duncan Tyler 10
Bega Gwillaume 01   Edenshaw Alexander 07
Bega Bernard 07   Enriquez Carlos 04
Bega Isabelle 04   Erie Alexia 07
Beumer James 01   Espinoza Armando 10
Birdine Diavion 11   Eufracio Aurora GD
Black Deja-Lynn 11   Evans Silas 05
Bondaug Kainoa Scott 01   Fantoni Jessica GD
Bondaug Mihaela 05   Fantoni Jessica GD
Booth Kennedi GD   Figueroa Brian GD
Borjas-Calvo Ignacio 12   Figueroa Lorena 12
Braziel Neiheya 05   Fisher Leah 12
Brazier Emaurie K   Fite Austin GD
Brazier Zyaiire P4   Fiveash Kaylynn 09
Brazier Emaurie K   Flores Benitez Shulyka P4
Browning Joesiha GD   Foreman Shawn 07
Brubaker Hadassah 01   French Christian 10
French Brian 12   Holloway Caitlyn 01
French Elijah 09   Holloway Jacob 01
Frierson Justin 12   Holmes Elisa 02
Garcia Gladys 07   Holmes Lydia 04
Gates Tyler 08   Hunotte Dylan GD
Gichura Margaret GD   Hunotte Shelby GD
Gilliam Kaleb 03   Husseen Abdirashid 11
Gipson Jayvion 02   Hwang Ingyun 12
Gipson Reign 05   Ingram Hunter 12
Gist Tucker 08   Jackson Demario GD
Glasco Reece 05   Jaimes Katlynn 09
Goggin Alexis 01   Jaramillo Evikko GD
Goggin Anastasia 03   Jimenez-Ramirez Mary GD
Goldstein Allen GD   Johnson Aliyas 02
Gomez053100 Karla 11   Johnson George 02
Gomez053100 Karla 11   Johnson Isaiah 08
Gomez053100 Karla 11   Jones Kianna 03
Gonzales Maya 11   Jones-Lawton Jaylynn 01
Gonzalez Aaden 01   Julca Kathleen 08
Gonzalez Mia 04   Junge Nicole GD
Good Georgia 11   Karr Ashley GD
Gooden-Tucker Trinity 05   Keel Mavaney 11
Gordon Jacob 11   Keifer Davhin 06
Grant Miciah 09   Kim Kaylee K
Guerrero Luis 12   Klein Madison 11
Guillemette Jose GD   Knadler Tristen 01
Gunderson Abby 06   Kuntz Aaron 10
Gury Ariah 12   Lamai Di Aung GD
Hagopian Jacob 10   Larsen Chase 10
Hajopin Jacob 10   Lauano Hulda 12
Hale Andres Emily 09   Leary Kennadi 04
Hall Nicole 12   Ledoux Isabella GD
Halverson Charles 05   Lee Sang 12
Hamilton Daniel 12   Legkun Alexander 09
Harrell Quante 09   Leslie Aiden 02
Hathcock Lyric 09   Linton Kailee 11
Hayes Jordan 02   Little Ethan K
Hedge Khayman 06   Lockridge Ruchamie 01
Henneman Jaelee 09   Lockridge Don 03
Hernandez Rebecca 10   Lockridge Rmani K
Hernandez Jazmen 11   Lopez Elena 11
Hernandez Nancy 01   Lopez Adriana 07
Hernandez Kelly 07   Love Slade 11
Herrera-Perry Adavien 04   Lowden Melian 07
Lowden Alexander 10   Park Amber 09
Lower April 10   Parks Jacob 01
Lutsyuk Daniel 12   Parks Zara 02
Mabine Nadia 10   Parks David 05
Mack-Hadfield Jalaya 09   Parks Shelby 04
Macugay Daelynne Jael GD   Peredo Dominic 11
Malanitch Billy 10   Perez Andrea 06
Malanitch Tommy 11   Perez Eric 07
Martinez Reese 10   Perry Whitney 10
Matthews Tyrique K   Peter Subrey 03
Mcfann Jermiah 02   Peter Carter 05
Mcgary Phyness 10   Phanthauong Triston 07
McIntire Britney 09   Pino Maria 09
Mckoy Ciena GD   Potter Shelly 12
Mcnease Breanna GD   Poutou Yonesi 08
Means-Collyer Aislinn 08   Pressley Samuel (jakob) 07
Medeiros Aaron 12   Printz Chyanne 12
Mendez Felicia GD   Radilla Javier 09
Mendoza Alexandra 04   Ramirez Anthony 10
Meyer Lucas 08   Ramirez Jonathan 11
Miller Mckenzie 11   Ramirez Bryan 12
Miner Juleon 06   Ramirez-Smith Kimberly 02
Montalvo-Caraballo Luis 10   Ramos Ryan 12
Montalvo-Caraballo Solangel 12   Ramos Manaomi K
Moore Zakora 11   Raymundo Baltazar 12
Moore Mario 07   Recinos Jonathan 11
Moore Alexander 06   Reynolds Kenneth 12
Morris Michael 07   Riley Sakinah 10
Morrison Makaylee P5   Riley Kalil 08
Mosley Calvin 05   Roberts Devin 12
Mosley Micah 07   Roberts John 04
Neel Anthony 03   Roman Margarito 12
Neel Ethan 03   Rosado Gregory 10
Nguyen Calvin 11   Rosario-Santos Karla 07
Nigh Sabrina GD   Rosas Cruz Jessica GD
O'Bannon Isaiah 11   Rosas-Renteria Alan 03
O'Brien Annabelle K   Ruiz Frayre Grecia 02
Ofsthun Ikaikaokealohilan 05   Ruiz Rivera Leandra K
Okoro Mykah 10   Ruscin Laine 04
Owens Makynzy GD   Ruscin Lailla 06
Pablo Ana 12   Rutledge Jordyn 08
Padilla Keisha 10   Salgado Lucia GD
Paige Mariyah 10   Sanders Izaac 03
Sandoval Berenice 12   Trinidad Sunshyne 01
Sandoval Juan 12   Tudor Sebastian GD
Sandoval Walezka 10   Tupuola Brave 02
Savage Isaiah GD   Tyre Connor 11
Schrader Izayah 04   Ulloa Elizabeth 09
Scott Abdwaan 09   Varner Hayden 06
Sharp Floyd 09   Wagikuyu Megan 09
Sharp Anthony 07   Waiss Ahlisha 11
Sharp Jimmy 08   Waithaka Wanjugu 12
Sialaoa Raelynn 02   Walden Tyler 11
Sialaoa Raedena 03   Wally Jeremi K
Smith Shepard 02   Werner Logan 08
Smith Dylan 06   Werner Emerson 05
Staton Grant 11   Westfall Jasmine 08
Steger Gabriel 03   Wilcox Austin 12
Steger Christian 10   Williams Deniro 11
Stepanoff Annastasia 08   Williams Christian 10
Stevens Madysyn 07   Wilson Clarissa GD
Stewart Anthony 11   Wilson-Walker Alexys 09
Stewart Tre'Sja 12   Witt-Bell Carlyn GD
Sullivan Kaylyn 07   Wood Brayden 05
Sylvia Destini 10   Wood Jared 07
Sylvia Trinitti 11   Worley Chance 08
Taimajgw Kyle GD   Yannello Joseph GD
Talalemotu Isaac 04   Yorks Dondre GD
Talalemotu Rollis 05   Young Vincent 11
Tamaalii Ockimey Noelani 01   Zapata Victoria 09
Thompson Alexis GD   Zapata Mario 12
Tiai Travis K   Zhuravleva Margaret 12
Tito Jolin 08   Zuniga Martin 12
Tito Jaylene 04        


Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade
Alarcon Taylor 01   Balinado Renee 10
Alexander Cori K   Barker Quierra 04
Arnold Yuna K   Barnes Charles 05
Asmar (garcia) Alicia 07   Barnson Hayden K
Austin Michael 09   Barrientos-Juarez Montserrat 08
Bain Charles 08   Barrientos-Juarez Xitlali 11
Balinado Francelso 09   Batchelder Kyla 10
Bauer ( Veness) Dianna 04   Dixon Rowan 05
Baxin Valerio Joshua 09   Dixon Stella 02
Baxman Cora 04   Downer Madyson 03
Baxman Rhys 03   Downer Eli K
Bayes Kaylee 08   Dunham Sadie K
Beall Adriana 09   Dunham Sophie 02
Beaney Aiden 01   Durr Corban K
Beltz Makenzie 06   Earle Nicholas 02
Bigayan Kailiyana 06   Edgmon Hayden 03
Biggs Christopher 01   Ervin Desiron 04
Black Savannah 09   Ervin Deamora K
Borland Kailyn K   Espinal Jaylen 03
Bounds Ronan K   Espinal Aryana 04
Bowles Josie K   Evans Elianna 03
Bradley Annabelle K   Evans Cali K
Bradley Clarice K   Evarts Josephine 03
Bradshaw Hayley 10   Evarts Ezekiel 01
Bush Kaitlyn K   Faircloth Jordan 09
Cahill Ryden 01   Faletagoai Usoalii 06
Cammack Brian 06   Fenton Jasmine 08
Campos Mercedez 11   Fields Alexandria 02
Carlson Isabella K   Flynn Zariah 05
Castaneda Maria 09   Frazier Shannon 08
Chan Ethan K   French Ethan 10
Chancellor Collin 02   French Tyson 09
Chang Westin K   Gaines Jr Anterrion K
Charley Troy 06   Galaz Brandon 11
Chatters Malachai K   Gale Johnathan 11
Coggins Kelise 10   Gallow Aidelyn K
Colson Kameron 01   Gibb Graycee K
Colson Kristian 01   Glasscock Hannah K
Cook Jasmine 09   Glenn Chase 09
Cordell Joseph 09   Haechrel Charles K
Cortez-Sebastian Emaretzy K   Hagman Henry K
Corvin Sonohma K   Hall Ariana 01
Creson Tristan 08   Hall Olivia 08
Daniel Christian 10   Hansen Isaiah 02
Danielson Holden K   Harris Eimani 09
Daye Ahzhana`e 07   Harrison Taina K
De Leon Joseph 05   Hawes Samantha 07
Diaz-Guzman Eliseo 06   Heinz Kaylee 03
Diaz-Sarabia Leonel 10   Heinz Jeffrey 05
Dickerson Ariana 02   Henderson Tyler K
Dittmann Casey 03   Herber Katherine 03
Herber Nicholas 01   Mackley Akira K
Hindbaugh Elijah 10   Magnus Gavin K
Hindbaugh Levi 09   Malawo Makani 08
Hoffmire Brandon 02   Mapel Jacoby K
Hoke Charles K   Martinez-Hale Raul K
Hurd Dezmond 02   Mason Christopher 09
Isioye Brandon 05   Maxwell Dalina 03
Isioye Juwon 04   McCrary Dustin 06
Jackson Amaya 07   Mcrae Maya 09
Jackson Robert 01   Miranda Romero K
Jackson-Solis Mateo 02   Molloy Jeffrey 10
Johnson Caleb K   Molloy Sophia 12
Jolibois David 11   Monner Augusta 01
Jones Elijah K   Morris Clarence 03
Jones Samantha GD   Munday Faith K
Jordan Laila 10   Munoz Mesino Dorismar 12
Jordan Seth 12   Murphy Alexia 11
Kaae-Robitaille Ezekiel 07   Mwaura Tiffany K
Kellcy Luke K   Myers Samantha K
Kelly Zarra 04   Nantambi Jane 02
Kelly Aryana P5   Naramore Keira 04
Kim Hana K   Njoroge Vienna 10
King Samuel 03   Normandin Jordan K
King Henry K   Norris Brianna 06
Kirk Landon K   Nyonjo Alicia 02
Kirkevold Cherish 03   Ocampo-Carreno Diego 04
Kirstien Xzander 05   Ojeda Zaneah Mya 06
Kronika Kaden 01   Ortiz Aiden 01
Kronika Mykaela 01   Ozeki Sakura 11
Lackie Parker 08   Patu Lady Evamona 08
Lam Ryan 07   Patu Lady Salamasiha 07
Lawver Blake 02   Pecic John 06
Le Quyen 11   Perez Bella K
Leaf Cheyenne GD   Perez Eric 07
Ledesma Betancourt Santiago 11   Perrill Makayla 08
Lee Nahmiya 04   Perrill Mitchel 10
Lehnert Evan 05   Peters Darwin 01
Leonard Analeigh K   Petty Mariah K
Lipponen Emery K   Pina Emmett 03
Lom Mayra 09   Plattner Ashten 02
Lopez Bowie K   Porterfield Joshua 12
Lowder Ciara 07   Portillo Liliana K
Lynott Samuel K   Pratt Tyler 11
Ramirez Aizzlyn K   Vandegrift Jaice K
Ramos Naomi K   Velazquez-Carrasquillo Fernando K
Rathbone Contreras Eva K   Velez Boyce Ricardo K
Reyes Dustin 08   Velez-Ayala Angelie 08
Reyes Siennah 03   Veness Jack 02
Reyes Tierrah 03   Vu Benjamin K
Rittenberry Liberty 02   Vu Yvone 03
Rittenberry Lamonte K   Wade Austin 01
Rivera-Delgado Ketzia 10   Walston Lenice 06
Rubio Mark 08   Wamagata Isaac 06
Saber Kevin 08   Warbreck Lucas 03
Salado Grace K   Ward Treyland K
Santiago Iris 06   Warren Breanne K
Schroeder Micah 11   Waseen-Vaught Makaela 07
Schumacher Annabelle K   Watson Nicolaus 01
Sears Christian 10   Weaver Alexis 08
Shaffer Julia 10   Wells Jesse 05
Shaw Lorenz 09   Wells Levi 03
Shiosaki Takumi 09   Wells Ethan 10
Shuler Victoria 02   Wells Jermaine 03
Simpson William K   Wells Jadah 08
Smith Evelyn 01   West Andrew 08
Soper Kyle 05   White Dorian 08
Sprott Elizabeth 02   Whitesell Mikayla 12
Stanford Jordan 08   Whitesell Reagan 11
Stepanoff Annastasia 08   Williams Mekaia 03
Still Collin 06   Wilson Ronan K
Takayesu Caleb K   Wilson Abigail K
Taylor Alexis 05   Winfield Desiree K
Taylor Kaylee 04   Wright Johnny 11
Taylor Brynna 04   Yan Cherish 03
Taylor Logan 09   Yarbrough Max 05
Thomas Evan 10   Yarbrough Otto 05
Thomas Briahna 06   Yeatman Shannon (sky) K
Thompson Kyree K   Yi Brody K
Tiai Travis K   Zaharevich Christopher 05
Toling Mikaella Kate K   Zaragoza Neftali 10
Tran Mai Ly K   Zaragoza Edder 09
Tymensky Alexia 11   Zaragoza Yaira 06
Underwood Edward K   Zeigler Dylan 03
Valdez Emmanuel K   Zeigler Evelyn 04


Last Name First Name Grade   Last Name First Name Grade
Ahuma-Kodjo Latre K   Flemming Ema 01
Althuisius Parker 01   Franks Adam 11
Althuisius Hunter 05   Fuller Naila 01
Andre Kenny 12   Garcia Sophia Yzabelle 03
Andrews Terrill 12   Garcia Giovanni 04
Antoine Jaylen 11   Gilyard Jasmine 09
Antonucci Caleb 10   Gilyard Jermaine 12
Aquiningoc Brenden Isaac 04   Gonzalez-Davis Aaniyah 03
Armistad Rylan 01   Gourdon Ethan 02
Babauta Xander Paul 06   Green Damani 09
Ball Jacob 11   Guzman Ryan 02
Barnes Jordyn 11   Hahn Nolan 01
Beacham Tristan 11   Hahn Mia 03
Bell Jaelyn 02   Hahn Cora 08
Benabda Salma K   Hansen-Hines Allegra 02
Bennett Noah 08   Hansen-Hines Brennan 05
Bleavins Tyler 03   Hargett Khalil 10
Brinkhaus Brianna GD   Harris Anaiyah 07
Brostoski Reagan 07   Hartman Jadyn 11
Brostoski Madison 10   Hill Jahnessa 09
Bury Willow K   Hill Tahrik 11
Byrd Aleta K   Hillis Jackson K
Calhoun-Smith Ranasia 10   Howard Jaden 02
Calkins Josiah 01   Hughes Kiaya 12
Carter Rosalyn 09   Hunt James 06
Carter Jonathan 10   Irvin Zachary 12
Cerda Jacob 06   Jacques Julianna K
Charles Josiah 03   Jellesed Landyn 05
Charles Zaria K   Jellesed Tilly 06
Cheng Olivia 04   Jellesed Ellianna 07
Claussen Elijah K   Jones Kyra 08
Clemente Sheila Andre' 11   Jordan Teland K
Cooper-Feldt Gabriel 10   Jordan Caden K
Cordon Jaylen 03   Kalii Mylove K
Cox Haleigh K   King Jimmi K
Crawford Zariah K   Lasalata Vincent K
Crockett Romello K   Le Giann 02
Dangtuw Alexander 11   Leblanc Nanabelle 01
Davis Jayden 04   Lech Ethan 03
Davis True K   Lee Cynthia 02
Davis Alijah K   Lee Daeshaun 04
Dominguez Sarah 12   Lee Sean 10
Falsetta Anari K   Lowry Alijah K
Fisher Samantha K   Lucich Randy 11
Marquez Adrian 01   Rodgers Xavier 03
Martin Raymon 08   Rodriguez Sophia K
Martin Bryan 10   Ruiz-Colon Jean 11
Martinez Isaiah 03   Russell Jahnyla 02
Mckeehan Sirius 03   Sablan Arianna Faith 01
Mcmillon Jaydon 09   Salazar Thomas 01
Mingee Landon K   Sanchez Camille Jade 02
Montgomery Kaylee K   Schildhauer Jaiden 03
Moody Jackson 01   Schoonover Peyton K
Moore Gavin 09   Serquina Brandon 05
Morberg Lillyanna K   Shields Bry'Ahja 02
Moreno Jaylen 12   Shultis Ammon 11
Morris Kiyah 03   Sikes James 02
Mullins Jaylen 09   Simpson Jada 09
Myers Brian 01   Snowardt Rori 03
Myers Connor K   Soeung Violette 09
Nims Emma 02   Soto-Mendoza Selene 08
Odom Keshona K   St. Clair Keira 02
Olivares Abrahan 03   Steele Braeden K
Passey Ameila 01   Stevens Celena 12
Passey Celeste 02   Stredick Leighton 02
Passmore Imani K   Street Ra'Mon 03
Pitchford Torian 04   Taulung Cheryl 09
Ponce Thelma 09   Vargas Adrian 09
Ponciano Sosa Diana 11   Vargas Daniel 09
Potoa'E Daniela Sopo-Mari 10   Vargas Marcos 11
Quezada Aiden 02   Velasquez Raquel 06
Ramos Kimberly 11   Velasquez Elias 07
Ramos Maria Andrea 11   Villagomez Tinina K
Ramsey Bresiah 01   Vlad Alex 10
Rankin Kayla 03   Vo Don 12
Ray Annette 09   Walker Branson 03
Redfox Daya 01   Walker Payton K
Redfox Damon 03   Wangi Jamal 11
Remen Daniel 08   Washington Justin 08
Reynolds Arianna 06   Watson Merrick 11
Robinson Jaiyana 02   Wheatley Lillian K
Robinson Nevaeh 04   Whyde Jaylah K
Wilkie Addyson K   Wilton Katherine 10
Williams Jalisa 04   Wingard Bedelia K
Williams Hailey 11   Wright Megan 09
Williams Mia 12   Zimmer Ethan 01
Williams Mason K   Zoret-Turner Maverik 01
MONTHLY TOTAL            
Entry to Clover Park SD 174   Transfers Between CPSD Schools 270
Released from Clover Park 323   YTD Transfers Between CPSD Schools 1,479
Monthly Subtotal   497        
Number Released from Clover Park to Online Schools   70 21.67%
(Included in "Released from Clover Park" number above)      
Entry to Clover Park SD 524 35.87% Incoming 524
Released from Clover Park 937 64.13% Outgoing Less Still Enrolled 815
YTD Waiver Requests 1,461 100.00% Adjusted YTD Total 1,339
YTD Number Denied Entry to Clover Park     10 1.91%
YTD Number with signed Releases, that are still   122 13.02%
enrolled. (Included in "Released from Clover Park" number above)    


NEW HIRES, PROVISIONAL CONTRACTS (Subject to the acceptable outcome of a criminal history records check) LETTERS OF INTENT ISSUED TO THE FOLLOWING:
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
CONDITIONAL CERTIFICATIONS (Subject to the acceptable outcome of a criminal history records check) LETTERS OF INTENT ISSUED TO THE FOLLOWING:
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Grierson Mary Four Heroes Teacher 1.0 10/24/16
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Last Name First Name Location Position FTE Effective Date
Carlson Jeffrey Dower Teacher .5 10/3/16
Eaton Thomas CPHS Teacher 1.0 10/5/16
Holmes Penelope Special Education Psychologist .5 10/3/16
Walter William CP Open Doors Teacher .5 10/10/16


NEW HIRES (Subject to the acceptable outcome of a criminal history records check)
Last Name First Name Location Position Hours Effective Date
Angle Shannon Human Resources Administrative Asst 8.0 10/4/16
Boisclair Louis Transportation Bus Driver 4.0 9/21/16
Bus Mariesa Community Relations Community Relations Mgr 8.0 TBD
Glass Caryn Transportation Bus Driver 4.0 9/19/16
Green Carole Publications Copy Center Operator 8.0 9/26/16
Hawkins Joshua Lake Louise Paraeducator 6.0 9/26/16
Hinton Barbara Transportation Bus Driver 4.0 9/23/16
Johnson Barbara Business Services Analyst/Project Mgr 8.0 9/26/16
Krininger Linda Human Resources Director 8.0 10/13/16
Lindly Amanda Tillicum Paraeducator 6.2 9/19/16
Mendez Natalie Tyee Park Paraeducator 6.0 9/29/16
Miller Shina Transportation Paraeducator 4.0 9/19/16
Mondry Julie Human Resources Manager 8.0 10/13/16
Nix Douglas Mntc & Operations Building Mechanic 8.0 9/13/16
Reiner Clayton Teaching & Learning IMP Clerk 8.0 9/21/16
Roberts Latoya Evergreen Paraeducator 6.0 10/3/16
Shaw Allan Transportation Bus Driver 4.0 9/20/16
Taylor Terrance Transportation Bus Driver 4.0 9/22/16
Trenchard Heather Park Lodge Paraeducator 6.0 9/28/16
Vandergrift Carmen Evergreen Paraeducator 7.0 9/20/16
Vandiver Rebecca Evergreen Paraeducator 6.0 TBD
Whittle Heather Hillside Paraeducator 6.0 10/3/16
Wilson Kimberly Transportation Paraeducator 4.0 9/26/16
Yaworsky Steven Mntc & Operations Building Mechanic 8.0 10/10/16
Last Name First Name Location Position Hours Effective Date
Davis Gregory Human Resources Director 8.0 10/12/16
Rabon Richard Idlewild Paraeducator 1.25 9/14/16
Wagner Martha Transportation Bus Driver 5.0 10/11/16
Yannello Lisa Hudtloff Food Svc Wkr 3.5 9/14/16
Last Name First Name Location Position Hours Effective Date
Last Name First Name Location Position Hours Effective Date


COACHES 2016-17 Fall      
Last Name First Name Location Position Effective Date
Knutsen Aryn CPHS Asst Girls Basketball Winter
Marcus Davis Woodbrook Asst Football Fall


Fiscal Report to our Taxpayers
Fiscal Year 2016-17

    Preliminary September 2016
Current *
Annual Average
(10 mo avg)
-Variance -
Budget -vs- Projected AAFTE
Full Time Equivalent (FTE) w/out Running Start *   12,170.0 12,679.1 12,415.7 246
FTE for Running Start **   86.0 0.0 85.9 (0)
Total FTE   12,256 12,679.1 12,501.6 246
* October Preliminary Enrollment
**Enrollment for current month not available until the 10th
STAFFING *As of Sep 20, 2016   Adopted Staffing Budget Current * Staffing Variance
over / <under> Budget
Certificated Staff: FTE    959.6 905.0 (54.6)  ~
   Est. Salaries & Benefits  $93,594,023 $88,268,270 ($5,325,753)  
 Classified Staff: FTE   518.8 528.7 9.9  ~
   Est. Salaries & Benefits  $42,448,236 $43,255,200 $806,964  
 Total Staff: FTE   1478.4 1433.7


   Est. Salaries & Benefits $136,042,259 $131,523,470 ($4,518,789)  
(DFM) non-spendable - Inventory  

 $  -

(DFM) Committed to Encumbrances   $6,670,000 DFM  
(DFM) Committed to Min FB Policy   $ - $6,670,000  
Restricted for Carryover of Restricted Revenues   $1,028,000      
Assigned to Carryover of Levy Proceeds   $2,300,000      
Assigned to Other Purposes - Equip Replacement   $424,000      
Assigned to Other Purposes - Schools Carryover   $1,000,000      
Unassigned (residual)   $10,788,473      
Projected Ending Fund Balance   $22,210,473      
Beginning Balance   $5,759,348  (a)    
Plus: Year-to-Date Revenues   421,735      
Less: Year-to-Date Expenditures   (2,093,265)      
Current Balance   $4,087,818  as of Preliminary September 2016
(a) Estimated amount of unexpended Levy from prior year(s), reserved as part of prior year Ending Fund Balance