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Signed and dated copies of board meeting minutes are available by contacting the superintendent’s office at (253) 583-5190 or


Regular Meeting/Workshop of the Board

Student Services Center, Room 4

10903 Gravelly Lake Dr. SW, Lakewood, WA 98499

August 28, 2017


Present:           President Marty Schafer, Vice President Carole Jacobs, Becki Kellcy, Joe Vlaming, Paul Wagemann and Debbie LeBeau

(Council Present: Brian Laubach, Ron Banner, Doug Kernutt, Kim Prentice, Kristi Smith and Rick Ring)

5:00 p.m.          President Schafer called to order the Regular Meeting/Workshop of the Board.



President Schafer discussed districtwide implementation of a Community Engagement Leadership Team (CELT). He shared his impressions regarding the value of collaboration as it relates to the Board and district team.

Ashoke Menon, a consultant, opened the conversation regarding the importance of coming to agreement on how collaboration is defined. The Board and district team participated in an exercise to help define their understanding of the value of collaboration.

Mr. Menon stressed how important it is for the Board and district team to take the time necessary to define the differences between success vs. achievement. He remarked the concept of CELT is an amazingly visionary idea. He added it empowers the CELT members to impact student success and rallies the community at the same time, which he believes is an important strategy.

Mr. Menon also mentioned defining success vs. achievement has been a hot topic around the country and people are debating what causes someone to achieve. This could be debated endlessly. He asked if it made sense for the Board and district team to say that a feeling of success may be a precursor to actual achievement.

Mr. Menon equated success to growth and suggested the team look toward affirmations to build a person’s inner resource, which ultimately is what he or she will need to rely on for sustainable success. He concluded that affirmation might be a precursor to success.

President Schafer closed the report by discussing how the CELT will need to work toward redefining and refining student success. At the last board retreat, directors participated in an exercise to describe success. Key words from the exercise were pulled together and may later be helpful to build a definition of what a successful student is. The Board and superintendent’s council will follow-up on this topic.


The Board of Directors reviewed suggested legislative priorities for the 2017-18 school year. Director Wagemann, legislative liaison for the Board, met with the superintendent and Board president to review suggested priorities.

During that meeting, eight priorities were identified and seven more will be identified with input from the Board. Superintendent LeBeau will provide Board members with the WSSDA legislative priorities as a reference to assist in this process.

The topic will be revisited at the September 18 workshop.



Administrator for Business Services and Capital Projects Rick Ring responded to follow-up questions from the August 11, 2017, special meeting related to cost escalation in the construction market this past year that has impacted funding for a new middle school. The Board discussed funding options, clarified timelines, cost and next steps.


6:35 p.m.       The Board recessed until 7 p.m. and then moved into executive session for approximately 30 minutes to discuss a legal matter.

7:36 p.m.       Following its executive session, the Board reconvened. No members of the public were present, or had been since the public meeting was recessed.

                        On motion by Joe Vlaming, seconded by Rebecca Kellcy, the meeting was adjourned.






Dr. Marty Schafer, School Board President







Deborah L. LeBeau, Superintendent