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Signed and dated copies of board meeting minutes are available by contacting the superintendent’s office at (253) 583-5190 or


Regular Meeting/Workshop of the Board

Student Services Center, Room 4

10903 Gravelly Lake Dr. SW, Lakewood, WA 98499 

January 23, 2017 



Present:           President Marty Schafer, Becki Kellcy, Joe Vlaming, Paul Wagemann and Debbie LeBeau 

Not Present:   Carole Jacobs (not excused) 

5:00 p.m.          President Marty Schafer called to order the Regular Meeting/Workshop of the Board.


Superintendent LeBeau shared a copy of the new annual report with the Board. The format was recently revamped and the district is getting good feedback from the community. The Board received an invitation to the 9th Annual Future Chef Competition hosted by Sodexo on February 8. 

The topic for tonight’s presentation is the Facilities Advisory Committees (FAC) recommendation. The committee was on a very accelerated timeline this year. The last meeting for the group was January 11. Therefore, we have had relatively little time to finalize the final report but it will be made available to the public as soon as practical. The presentation highlights the process used, types of documentation reviewed, and recommendations from the FAC.  


Administrator for Business Services and Capital Projects Rick Ring presented the FAC update. Joining him in the presentation was Bill Coon, Director of Capital Projects; Joel Davis and Dennis Erwood, FAC Workshop Facilitators; and James Guerrero, a FAC Representative. 

The FACs charge and purpose was to:

  • Update the capital facilities master plan;
  • Recommend short- and long-term solutions related to the district’s deferred maintenance, educational adequacy of schools, safety and security, future plans and use of district property; and
  • Consider a future capital bond proposition. 

The FAC was presented with data to study and evaluate the overall condition of the district facilities to identify and prioritize potential facility modifications, replacements, additions and/or closures to best enhance student achievement opportunities and support the ongoing economic development and health community. 

The data included:

-        Facility Condition Assessment

-        Educational Standards

-        Technology

-        Enrollment

-        Financial Data

-        Deferred Maintenance

-        Safety and Security Standards

-        School Capacity

-        Demographics 

Mr. Ring provided highlights regarding the work the FAC completed. He also reviewed the workshop schedule with the Board. In June 2016, the FAC held an introductory workshop and began discussions regarding Woodbrook. From June through September, the FAC established subcommittees, completed phase I prioritization, and made its recommendation to close Woodbrook in September 2016. As part of phase I prioritization, the committee identified over $200M in deficiencies and later had to eliminate some items to focus strictly on school facilities to bring the amount down to approximately $112M with peak cost years in 2017 ($48M) and 2018 ($38M). 

The committee grappled with several options before recommending closure. In the end, the only options available were to rebuild or close Woodbrook. The committee voted with a 15 to 1 result to close Woodbrook. 

Information workshops continued from September through November, with FAC facility pre-design studies in October/November 2016. In December 2016, the Board made a decision to authorize the design of a new middle school in order help determine next steps related to Woodbrook. The FAC completed phase II prioritization and in January 2017 were ready to present results and recommendation to the Board for consideration. 

Facility Analysis Reports that were considered by the committee included: 1) facility condition assessment; 2) educational adequacy report; and security measures report. The committee looked at deficiencies in various ways.

  • Large capital prioritization identified Custer, Lochburn and Oakbrook as the top three projects with most need.
  • Major maintenance prioritization identified Clover Park, Lochburn and Custer as the top three projects with most need.
  • Small Capital prioritization identified the Clover Park High School PAC, Clover Park High School Gymnasium, and Harry Lang Stadium as the top three projects with the most need.
  • The top three district-wide prioritization results identified safety and security, technology infrastructure, and equity. 

The FAC recommendations are:

  1. Close Woodbrook Middle School;
  2. Develop a new middle school (i.e. consolidate Woodbrook and Mann);
  3. Consolidate elementary schools in lieu of replacing each school;
  4. Demolish the Little Red School House, but honor the historical features in a future capital project;
  5. Maintain Lake City property for future CPSD facility;
  6. Implement an ongoing Facilities Advisory Committee/Bond Planning Committee;
  7. Develop a long-term masterplan (with sequential bonds planned); and
  8. Increase annual funding for major maintenance. 

At the end of the presentation, the FAC representative James Guerrero said committee members were appreciative of the process. In all, the committee felt they were not led through the process and were provided with the professional support necessary to develop the recommendations presented at tonight’s board meeting. 

As part of the wrap-up of the discussion, Mr. Ring discussed the selection of planning and design consultants for the new middle school. Interviews are being held tomorrow. He also would like to see ongoing FAC meetings that could begin work on bond planning with discussion about a possible 2018 bond campaign, and evaluation of priority capital projects vs. major maintenance. 

President Schafer expressed gratitude to the presenters and the FAC committee for their time and hard work. He said the committee did a fantastic job, not just going through the basics, but delving into and creating a thorough analysis so the Board can do its part. He is appreciative that the community is willing to be a part of the district’s process and added the district needs the voice of parents and the community in order to be successful. 

There was some discussion by the Board about the FAC recommendation to have an ongoing FAC/bond planning committee. This would offer more continuity in the process and make it easier to gain input as things change and the plan has to be updated. 

The Board will review the information and determine next steps which will include community engagement and communication. While the outcome may not match the recommendations in total, at the end, the Board hopes the result will be reflective of the work the FAC completed. 

President Schafer also thanked Director Vlaming for his role on the FAC. He thanked him for his expertise and voice. 

Superintendent LeBeau expressed there is a lot of data and information. Obviously if the Board pursues the recommendation to hold a bond in 2018, there are timelines that would be critical to meet. She added that further discussion is warranted before the Board can finalize its decision. 

6:10 p.m.       President Schafer called for a recess. 

6:18 p.m.       President Schafer reconvened the meeting. 



The Board has been collaborating with the City and on January 30, they are holding a joint meeting where they will discuss the FAC recommendations. The meeting is part of an ongoing initiative to build collaboration. The city council is just one piece of that effort and there are many other groups such as students, community and staff. 

The Board is looking at developing key messages to build on increasing communication and community engagement. They will focus on safety, collaboration, building confidence and overcoming misperceptions through relationships. Director Wagemann and Vice President Jacobs were tasked to form a subcommittee to develop key messages. Director Wagemann shared a grid identifying key messages to and about students, staff, stakeholders, schools and parents. He shared that Carole Jacobs did not have an opportunity to see the handout he presented to the Board in advance. President Schafer asked to Board to review and identify other key messages that could be added to the grid. The input is to be sent to Carmen Lewis so she can merge the information into one document for Board review at a future workshop. 

President Schafer recapped conversation from the recent Board retreat which generated discussion concerning the possibility of creating an at-large position. The Board also requested reports on marketing, the constitution and Intelligent Design. The superintendent’s Friday packet provided information and a sample timeline concerning the process for creating an at-large position. In all, it would take about three years and would include boundary changes. The requested written reports were incorporated into the board meeting and workshop schedule. 

Executive Session

There was no executive session. 

6:35 p.m.        On motion by Paul Wagemann, seconded by Joe Vlaming, the meeting was adjourned.





Dr. Marty Schafer, President




Deborah L. LeBeau, Superintendent