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Construction Design

Facilities will be designed to accommodate the educational and instructional needs of the district. The professional experience and judgment of staff will be used in developing such educational specifications. The superintendent will see that all construction projects comply with the requirements for accessibility to individuals with disabilities and comparability between the sexes.

After determining that a need for new or improved facilities exists, the board, upon the recommendation of the superintendent with the guidance of professional staff, will:

  1. Engage construction management services as required by statute;
  2. Select an architect;
  3. Review a site evaluation including an assessment of existing facilities, if any, on the site;
  4. Develop educational specifications recognizing instructional needs and available financial resources;
  5. Review and approve schematic design prepared by architect;
  6. Review a value engineering study and constructability review, and approve construction design including construction estimates;
  7. Call for bids; and
  8. Review and approve final construction contract.

The board will comply with the terms and conditions as specified in the contract between the architect and the school district.

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Management Resources:
Policy News, October 2011 Policy Manual Revisions


Adoption Date: 10.08.12

Clover Park School District