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Pesticide Notification

This procedure deals with the spraying of pesticides at school district facilities to include any portion of the entire district site.


Each site in the Clover Park School District shall provide written notification annually or upon enrollment to parents or guardians of students and at hiring, employees describing the school district’s pest control policies and methods, including posting and notification requirements.

Each site shall establish a system that notifies registered employees and parents or guardians of students at least 48 hours before a pesticide application is made to the facility.  Once a site has been advised by the Maintenance or Grounds department of a scheduled application, the appropriate notification will be made.  The system shall include posting of the notification in a prominent place.  Each school should send notification home in writing with the students before each application.  Sites other than a school shall set up their own system.  The Maintenance or Grounds department shall notify sites of scheduled application dates.  If prior notification is not made the pesticides shall not be applied.

The pre-notification requirements of this section do not apply if the application at the site is made when the site is not scheduled to be occupied by students or employees for at least two consecutive days after the application.

The pre-notification requirements of this section do not apply to any emergency application for control of any pests that pose an immediate human health or safety threat, such as stinging insects.  When an emergency application is made, the site will be notified as soon as possible after the application.

Operations will provide a binder labeled “Pesticide Notification” to each site in the Clover Park School District.  This binder will be placed in the main office at each facility.  All staff at each site shall be made aware of the location of the binder.

Each site shall make the records of all pesticide applications readily accessible to interested persons.

The binder will include samples of all of the forms for posting and notification.  A registry of persons wanting to be notified shall also be kept in this binder.  Pesticide labels and MSDS sheets for an application of pesticides will also be kept in a section of the binder.


A site shall, at the time of application, post notification signs for all pesticide applications made to the site unless the application is otherwise required to be posted by a certified applicator under the provisions of RCW 17.21.41 0(1)(d).

  1. Notification signs for applications made to the site by district employees shall be placed at the location of the application and at each primary point of entry to the    grounds.  The signs shall be a minimum of four inches by five inches and shall include the words:  “THIS LANDSCAPE HAS BEEN RECENTLY SPRAYED OR TREATED WITH PESTICIDES BY THE DISTRICT” as the headline and “FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL” (all capital letters) as the footer.  The footer shall provide the name and telephone number of a contact    person at the site.

    Note:  The Washington State Department of Agriculture suggests that each site determine the primary points of entry to grounds and make that information known to parents, guardians and employees as part of the annual notification.  When possible, the site should include a map of the property with the primary points of entry identified.

  2. Notification signs for applications made in locations other than grounds shall be posted at the location of the application.  The signs shall be a minimum of 8.5 x 11 inches in size and shall include the heading “Notice: Pesticide Application” and, at a minimum shall state:
    1. The product name of the pesticide applied;
    2. The date and time of application;
    3. The location to which the pesticide was applied;
    4. The pest to be controlled; and
    5. The name and phone number of a contact person at the site
  3. Notification signs shall be printed in colors contrasting to the background.
  4. Notification signs shall remain in place for at least 24 hours from the time the application is completed.  In the event the pesticide label requires a restricted entry interval greater than 24 hours, the notification sign shall remain in place consistent  with the restricted entry interval time as required by the label.  Sites are not liable for posters that are removed by unauthorized persons.

    Sites may also add additional information to the posted signs if they choose.

Legal References: RCW 17.21.410 Landscape applications -- Marking of property, posting requirements.
RCW 17.21.415 Schools -- Policies and methods -- Notification -- Records -- Liability


Date:  04.08.03

Revised:  05.13.13