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Food Service K-12

Food service is provided in all elementary, middle, and senior high schools in the district.  This is a non-profit program maintained for the benefit of the students.  All income is used solely for the operation or improvement of food service.

The district participates in the National School Lunch Program and the U. S. Department of Agriculture Food Distribution Program.  Free or reduced price-lunches are offered to students whose gross family income meets eligibility guidelines established periodically by the U. S. Department of Agriculture.

The objectives of the district food service program are to provide a nutritionally balanced meal to all pupils and to help students develop good eating habits.  In the operation of the food service program, no student shall be discriminated against because of race, sex, color, or national origin.  No student receiving a free or reduced price meal shall be set apart from other students in any way.  A meal provided by district food service will follow the pattern determined by the National School Lunch Program.

Prices of school meals and milk shall be kept as low as possible.  This is accomplished through U. S. Government aid in the form of cash subsidy and food commodities distributed through USDA.  This aid amounts to about one-third of the cost of the meal.  The remainder is paid by the student.  As the food service program grows, service improves.  School staff members should encourage participation in the food service program.


Adoption Date: 04.30.97

Former Policy Number 7501

Clover Park School District

Revised: 10.08.12