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For official copies of board policies and procedures please contact the superintendent's office at (253) 583-5190 or email

Nutrition and Physical Fitness

School Meal Programs and Competitive Foods

The district will follow the guidelines of the USDA’s Smart Snacks in School available at .

While students/parents are permitted to bring commercial foods to school that do not meet the Smart Snacks standards on occasions such as birthdays and holiday celebrations, the district will encourage healthy food choices in all school operations.

School Cafeterias

  • Any student may eat in the school cafeteria or other designated place;
  • Meal prices will be established by the superintendent and food service supervisor at the beginning of each year;
  • Healthy option foods should be competitively priced; and
  • Meal prices will be conspicuously posted in each cafeteria or designated meal area.

Staff Development

Ongoing in-service and professional development training opportunities for staff in the area of food nutrition will be encouraged.

Nutritional Content and Food Service Operations

To support the school’s nutrition and food services operation as an essential partner in the educational mission of the district and its role in the district’s comprehensive nutrition program, the superintendent is responsible for:

  • Encouraging students to participate in the school’s child nutrition breakfast meal program;
  • >Providing varied and nutritious food choices consistent with the applicable school meal program guidelines; and
  • Providing that:
    • Students have adequate time to eat their entire meal;
    • Seating for meals is not crowded and occurs in a pleasant and safe environment;
    • Rules for mealtime behavior are consistently enforced; and
    • Mealtime supervision is appropriate.

Physical Education

District physical activity/health and fitness programs will be monitored and assessed regularly in conjunction with other district academic and health-related programs using tools like the Physical Best Program, Healthy Kids Survey, CDC School Health Index or an OSPI approved assessment.

Health and Fitness

It is the district’s position that all students have equal and equitable opportunities for physical activity and fitness education in our schools. The goals of the district are:

  • All children, from kindergarten through grade 12, will participate in a  quality, standards-based physical activity/fitness education program;
  • All schools will have certificated physical education teachers providing instruction; and
  • All schools will have appropriate class sizes, facilities, equipment, and supplies needed to deliver quality physical education consistent with national standards.

Schools will require students in grades one through eight to engage in physical education averaging 100 instructional minutes per week and all high school students will complete two credits of health and fitness.

Access to school sites will be provided through permitting use of facilities to community youth sports groups consistent with the district’s facilities use policy (Policy 4260), community college and municipal joint use agreements and partnerships with youth organizations so additional opportunities are available for all youth in our communities to participate in quality physical activity, fitness, sports and recreation programs.

School administrators will discourage the use of physical activity as a punishment. School administrators will discourage the withholding of physical education class and other forms of physical activity as a consequence.

Family and Community Involvement

To promote family and community involvement in supporting and reinforcing physical education and nutrition in the schools:

  1. Parents are encouraged to promote their child’s participation in the school’s physical education programs and after school activities;
  2. Families are invited to attend and participate in physical education activity programs and health fairs;
  3. School staff consider the various cultural preferences in development of physical education programs; and
  4. School staff is encouraged to cooperate with other agencies and community groups to provide opportunities for students to participate in physical activity and nutrition programs.


Former Procedure: 7502-P1

Date: 06.13.05

Revised:  05.13.13; 03.16.15