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School-Owned Vehicles

The district may provide for the necessary transportation and expenses that are incurred in the course of performing services for the district, whether within or outside the district. All such vehicles will be properly marked with letters of contrasting color at least 1-1/4" in height in a conspicuous place on both sides of the vehicle. A district may use a distinctive insignia which will be at least six (6) inches in diameter across its narrowest dimension.

Staff members operating district owned vehicles must comply with all state and federal laws including laws relating to the use of telecommunications devices. Unless otherwise specified, all travel must be approved in advance by the staff member's immediate supervisor.

The superintendent is directed to establish procedures for the use of school-owned vehicles.

Cross References: Board Policy 6213 Reimbursement for Travel Expenses
Legal References: RCW 46.08.065 Publicly-owned vehicles to be marked — Exceptions


Adoption Date:  11.13.06

Former Policy Number: 7405

Clover Park School District

Revised: 10.08.12