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Private Vehicle Transportation

The board issues the following statements regarding the use of private vehicles relative to transporting students:

  1. To ensure the protection of staff and students, staff members should not transport students by private vehicle.  Transportation of students in district vehicles shall occur in accordance with Policy/Procedure 6630. In the event of a situational emergency, the staff member will follow the written procedures developed under the direction of the superintendent.
  2. Under unusual circumstances, the district may approve parents (or a designated parent-approved, responsible adult) driving their children to and from school in their own vehicle on a per-mile cost reimbursable basis.  The superintendent or designee determines when “in-lieu” transportation would be advantageous to the district and coordinates implementation.
Cross Reference: Board Policy 6630 Driver Training and Responsibility
Legal References: RCW 28A.160.030 Authorizing individual transportation or other arrangements
WAC 392-143-070 Other vehicles used to transport students


Adoption Date: 03.10.03

Former Board Policy: 7404

Revised: 04.13.09; 10.08.12