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Video Cameras on School Buses

The installation of active cameras on Clover Park School District buses is intended to record the atmosphere and actions of passengers while being transported.  The intent of this program is to deter inappropriate behavior that may occur on the bus. 

Drivers or principals may request the video footage of student behavior and overall atmosphere of a bus ride be downloaded for review. An encrypted file will be made available with a designated password for that employee to view the video footage.  The Transportation Director or administrative designee will document when a video file is requested for processing.  All viewing of bus video files shall take place on district property unless otherwise required by law. 

If a serious or flagrant violation of the rules by a student or a group of students is observed on the video file, appropriate disciplinary action may be imposed. The video file will be downloaded to hard copy; the file will be dated; labeled and kept on file at the Transportation Office for three (3) years.  Lesser violations will be brought to the attention of the student, proper conduct explained and progressive disciplinary action will be initiated. The parent or guardian of the student being disciplined may request to view the video. A viewing will be arranged at either the school or the Transportation Office. 

The use of video files for instruction purposes may be granted by the Director of Transportation or designee; as long as positive aspects of performance are portrayed on the tape. 

Cross Reference: Board Policy 3200 Rights and Responsibilities
Board Policy 3241 Classroom Management and Corrective Actions


Date: 05.13.13