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Procedure for Student Safety Riding Buses to and from School

To insure safe transit, all students riding school buses are required to observe the bus Transportation rules listed below. In addition, ALL APPLICABLE SCHOOL RULES OF CONDUCT ARE TO BE FOLLOWED. This includes the time spent at the designated bus stop as well as on the bus itself. Violation of these rules will result in discipline that adheres to the districts procedure of notification of incidents. The bus driver has the authority to initiate immediate disciplinary action involving minor incidents. Building administrators will take the lead in carrying out disciplinary action at Level 3, as defined in the “Procedures for Notification of Serious Incidents” notice. For complete information, see the Safe Ride to School booklet.

  1. STUDENT MISCONDUCT: Student misconduct shall constitute sufficient reason for suspending transporting privileges.
  2. COOPERATION WITH SCHOOL PERSONNEL: The driver is in full charge of the bus. All students riding school buses must obey the lawful instructions of the bus driver. Students, upon request, must identify themselves. Students must extend the same courtesy and respect to the driver as they are expected to give to teachers or other school personnel.
  3. DISRUPTIVE CONDUCT: Proper conduct must be maintained at all times except for ordinary conversation. Conduct or items that interfere materially and substantially with the safe and orderly operation of the bus will not be tolerated.
  4. SEATING ASSIGNMENTS: In the event seating assignments are made, students will sit only in their assigned seats unless permission to sit elsewhere is granted by the driver.
  5. LITTERING: There shall be no littering at bus stops or while on the bus.
  6. OPEN WINDOWS: There shall be no open windows without permission of the driver. When allowed open, extension of any portion of the body or limbs out the window is prohibited. Also, students must not throw articles of any description out the windows.
  7. ANIMALS: No animals of any kind, with the exception of Service Aid dogs, will be permitted on the bus without prior Transportation administration approval.
  8. BUS STOPS: Students shall ride their regularly assigned bus at all times and shall leave the bus at his/her regular stop unless written permission to do otherwise has been received, space is available and the request has been approved by a school official.
  9. CROSSING HIGHWAYS AND OR ARTERIALS: Students who must cross a street to get to or depart from their designated bus stops must do so only in front of the bus.
  10. EMERGENCY PROCEDURES: Students will comply with established emergency exit procedures when requested.
  11. TOBACCO, ALCOHOL, DRUGS: Students shall not possess or use tobacco, alcohol or controlled substances while under the supervision of district personnel.
  12. WEAPONS AND DANGEROUS INSTRUMENTS: For general safety, students shall not possess any object that can be considered a weapon. In addition, items with sharp or jagged edges, pointed ends, or otherwise dangerous features will not be allowed unless by advance permission of the driver. These items must be able to fit between the seats. At no time can any item be placed in an aisle or emergency exit.
  13. INCENDIARY DEVICES: Students shall not transport any incendiary device on district buses; i.e., military simulators, smoke bombs, firearms, ammunition, fireworks, gasoline or any other flammable material.
  14. DEFACING OR DAMAGING SCHOOL PROPERTY: Any student who shall willfully deface or otherwise damage any school property shall be subject to disciplinary action, withholding of grades, credits, or diploma until restitution is paid. In addition, the student or his or her parents shall be held liable for damages as provided by law.
  15. RAIL GRADE CROSSINGS: Students shall remain quietly seated, not exhibit disruptive behavior and turn off all noise-making devices at highway rail grade crossings.
Board Policies Board Policy 3240 Student Conduct
Board Policy 3241 Classroom Management, Discipline and Corrective Action
Board Policy 4215 Tobacco and Nicotine Substances
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Date: 08.12.82

Revised: 02.12.02; 05.01.03; 06.12.07; 05.13.13; 01.12.15