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Use of Supplies and Equipment

District supplies and equipment are purchased and maintained for use by the district.  They may not be used by employees or students for personal betterment or financial gain.

Employees or students may not use the credit or purchasing procedures of the district for their own personal use or gain.

All requests for use of equipment, service, or property assigned to the building or owned by the student body are to be shall be managed in accordance with the Business and Operations Procedures Manual.

Any violation of this regulation shall be cause for dismissal and legal action, if warranted.

Cross References: Board Policy 3231 Student Records
Board Policy 4040 Public Access to School District Records
Board Policy 6801 Capital Assets/Theft-Sensitive Assets
Board Policy 6955 Maintenance of Records
Legal References: RCW 40.14.010 Definition and classification of public records
RCW 42.56.070-080 Public Records Act – Documents and indexes to be made public; Facilities for copying – Availability of public records
34 C.F.R. § 80.32 Uniform administrative requirements for grants and cooperative agreements to state and local governments – Equipment
Management Resources:
Policy News, April 2006 Fixed Assets
Policy News, April 2005 Records Retention Schedule Updated


Adoption Date:  09.22.60

Former Policy Number: 7201

Clover Park School District

Revised:  10.14.85; 11.18.02; 10.18.12