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For official copies of board policies and procedures please contact the superintendent's office at (253) 583-5190 or email

Consultant and Professional Services

Contracts and agreements are legal documents, signed by both the contractor and the district.

Contracts and Agreements Signature Authority

Only the Superintendent or designee, the Administrator for Business Services, and the Purchasing Manager have the authority to sign contracts or agreements that are not personnel contracts or negotiated agreements.  Before approving contracts for consultant or professional services in excess of $100,000 or bid-awarded contracts of $100,000 or more, prior approval must be obtained from the Board of Directors.

Only the Superintendent is authorized to sign personnel contracts on behalf of the Board.

All negotiated agreements require the signature of the Board President and the Superintendent.

Filing of Contracts and Agreements

The original of each fully executed contract or agreement is to be sent to Business Services for filing in the district contract file.

Review of Draft Contracts and Agreements

Because of the unique requirements within each contract or agreement, sites shall request a review of draft contracts or agreements from either the Purchasing Manager or the Administrator for Business Services.

Long-Term Contracts

A long-term contract is a legal document, signed by the contractor and the district, with a period of performance of more than one year and a dollar amount.  All long-term contracts for equipment maintenance, leases, rentals, and other services are to be contracted utilizing a purchase order.  Once approved, the original contract and purchase order will be forwarded to Purchasing.  Purchasing will process the order and maintain a copy of the contract for their files.  Purchasing will forward copies of the purchase order and long-term contract to Accounts Payable and Financial Services. The original contract will be sent to Business Services for retention.


Former Procedure: 7005-P1

Date: 05.08.06

Revised:  05.13.13