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For official copies of board policies and procedures please contact the superintendent's office at (253) 583-5190 or email

Reimbursement for Goods and Services: Warrants

The Board of Directors will approve the issuance of all warrants.

Expenditures of district moneys will be made on approved vouchers by a warrant signed by the superintendent.

Warrants to be issued will first be recorded with the county auditor's office and the county treasurer's office showing date, payee, and amount.

Unclaimed or Reissued Warrants

Warrants which have not been redeemed within a period of twelve (12) months or longer will be cancelled by the authority of the Board. Such action will take place on or before the end of each calendar year. In the event that a warrant has been lost, a replacement warrant may be issued following acknowledgement of a “stop payment” with the district's depository. A replacement warrant may also be issued to the estate of a deceased staff member upon notice from the court. A replacement warrant may also be issued to a claimant whose warrant has been cancelled because of the time limitation imposed by this policy.

Cross Reference: Board Policy 6215 Voucher Certification and Approval
Legal References: RCW 28A.330.080 Payment of Claims—Signing of warrants
28A.330.090 Auditing Committee and Expenditures
28A.330.230 Drawing and issuance of warrants
39.56.040 Cancellation of Municipal Warrants
Chapter 63.29 RCW Uniform Unclaimed Property Act


Adoption Date: 10.08.12

Clover Park School District