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Payment of Claims

The Clover Park School District may issue payment of claims prior to School Board approval, as provided by Chapter 42.24 RCW.

The auditing officer of the district shall audit and certify that all claims against the district are just, due, and unpaid obligations against the district for materials that have been furnished, services rendered, or for labor performed.  The officer shall verify the authenticity of claims against the district by so signing each warrant register.

The Board of Directors retains authority to review documentation supporting claims paid and for its approval of all checks and warrants issued in payment of claims at its regularly scheduled public meeting.

Cross Reference: Board Policy 6500 Risk Management
Legal References: RCW 28A.330.080 Payment of claims—Signing of warrants
28A.330.090 Auditing committee and expenditures
42.24.080 Municipal corporations and political subdivisions — Claims against for contractual purposes — Auditing and payment — Forms— Authentication and certification
42.24.180 Taxing District — Issuance of warrants or checks before approval by legislative body — Conditions


Adoption Date:  06.11.84

Former Policy Number: 7003

Clover Park School District

Revised: 07.09.84; 11.18.02; 10.08.12