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Small and Emergency Expense Claims

Sometimes due to urgency, it is necessary to purchase small items quickly.  Sites and Accounts Payable may issue payments up to and including $50 for these items without a purchase order.

Occasionally, purchases of an urgent need arise.  Financial Services maintains a revolving fund to accommodate emergency purchases of a higher cost without a purchase order.  Requests for use of these funds must be substantiated and requested from the Director of Financial Services.

Sites shall use their revolving account to process small claims for $50 or less with the exception of claims for the site budget administrator.  Small Expense Claim forms for budget administrators must be approved by their supervisor and forwarded to Accounts Payable within 10 working days from date of purchase.

Sites that do not have a revolving account should submit properly completed and authorized Small Expense Claim forms to Accounts Payable within 10 working days from date of purchase.

Claims may be processed through a Small Expense Claim for Revolving Fund Reimbursement (Under $50).  An original receipt must be attached; copies will not be accepted.  The receipt should be marked received, dated, and signed by the employee who received the goods.  At the time claims are paid, original receipts must be marked or stamped paid.

Legal Reference: RCW 42.24 Payment of Claims for Expenses, Material, Purchases--Advancements


Former Procedure: 7003-P2

Date: 09.01.03

Revised: 05.13.13