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Accounts Payable

The function of Accounts Payable is to discharge funds for goods that have been received, services rendered, and reimbursements.  Payments are processed on a wide variety of non-salary items from books to buses, consultants and contractors, maintenance agreements, legal expenses, leases, petty cash and revolving funds, travel and mileage expenses, individual reimbursements, professional dues, and memberships.

Accounts Payable makes certain that payments are distributed in accordance with all district, state, and federal regulations and vendor terms or contract stipulations.

Sites may verify monthly General Fund payments against their budget account codes on the monthly General Fund Detail Expenditure Report.  General Fund and ASB Fund payments can also be reviewed on-line by looking up the account code that was charged.

The performance of sites and Accounts Payable in processing receiving documents and invoices can have a monetary impact, affecting the district’s credit rating and tax liabilities.  Credit ratings affect the bond ratings, relationships with vendors, and overall public image.  To facilitate the expedient processing of all bills, invoices shall be issued in the name of Clover Park School District and mailed to: PO Box 98927, Lakewood WA  98498-0927.

Receiving documentation is due to Accounts Payable on all goods and services purchased within 48 hours of receipt or acceptance.  Accounts Payable must have both receiving documentation and an invoice before payments can be made.  Vendors should be directed to mail all invoices and statements to Accounts Payable.  Any invoice that is sent by the vendor to a site should be forwarded immediately to Accounts Payable for processing.

A follow-up procedure has been initiated by Accounts Payable to help ensure that payments are made within vendor terms.  Requests are sent to sites when documentation needed to make payment has not been received.  An immediate response is required.

Accounts Payable makes vendor payments upon receiving all approved documentation required for:

  • Payments against a purchase order
  • Refunds of revenue
  • Small expense claims
  • Purchasing card payments
  • Mileage and expense claims
  • Travel claims
  • Utilities


Former Procedure: 7003-P1

Date: 09.01.03

Revised:  05.13.13