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Travel Advance Account

The Travel Advance Expense Revolving account is solely for the purpose of making advances for travel expenses to members of the Board of Directors and employees of the Clover Park School District.

An employee who is authorized to travel and whose necessary “out-of-pocket” expenditures are estimated to be $50 or more may make application for an advance payment.

An employee who accompanies students on a field trip and who will be paying the expenses of the students may request advance monies on the Travel Advance Request form as custodian for the students.  A list of the students must accompany the request.

Payment of registration by the district prior to a meeting will not be made out of the travel advance account.  Such payments are to be made with a purchase order or purchasing card.

Travel advance requests for meals may not exceed the established per diem rate times the number of days spent traveling. 

Claims must be filed within 10 days of trip completion. 

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Former Procedure: 7901-P3

Date:  09.02.03

Revised: 01.12.04; 05.13.13