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Mileage and Expense Claims for Day Trips

The Mileage and Expense Claim is used for in-district mileage; i.e., travel between district sites.  It is also used for day trips defined as trips outside the district when no district pre-paid registration fee is required and there is no overnight stay.  An employee may not claim expenses incurred by another person.

Accounts Payable pays mileage and associated day trip expenses upon receipt of a properly completed and approved Mileage and Expense Claim.

Each budget administrator is responsible for checking claims for accuracy and correctness of information.  By approving a claim, the administrator attests that the claim is a correct and just claim against district funds, that the claim meets Board policy and business procedures,  that the claim is for expenses that were incurred in the conduct of district business, and that budget capacity exists for payment of these expenses.


The district reimburses mileage at the current IRS rate. This rate is updated by the IRS on a calendar basis.

The district has established standard mileage for many locations. Standard mileage will be used when completing Mileage and Expense Claims. Mileage tables for in-district and out-of-district mileage are located in the Travel section of the Business & Operations Procedures Manual.

Mileage is not reimbursed from an employee’s home to a district site. Reimbursable mileage will be computed from an in-district location unless the employee begins travel at a point nearer the destination than the district.  For example, an employee leaving from home in Olympia to attend a meeting in Seattle will claim reimbursement from the district site to Seattle.  An employee living in Fife will claim reimbursement from Fife to Seattle.

If a private vehicle is used on a field trip, the district will not provide mileage reimbursement for such trip.  The district vehicle insurance does not cover staff and parents transporting students on field trips if they use their private vehicles.  The only insurance protection would be the coverage as provided under the driver’s personal automobile insurance.

For information on insurance coverage for district vehicles, See the Business & Operations Procedures Manual, Risk Management section, Insurance—Liability, Property Damage, Vandalism, and Theft subsection and Accident Report Kit—District-Owned Vehicles sub-section.


Only the Board of Directors and district staff are eligible for reimbursement of meals. In no case can meal expense be reimbursed to any person other than the person eating the meal.

A claim may only be for expenses incurred in the conduct of district business. For example, a lunch charged may only be a lunch at which business was conducted, but not a meal that was incidental to a business meeting when the employee was out of the district.  An agenda of the business meeting shall be provided to verify the luncheon claim.


All expenses are to be accumulated and claimed monthly.  Monthly claims up to $50 may be paid by site revolving funds.  Claims that are paid by the site must be marked or stamped paid.  An exception is a claim for the site budget administrator.  These claims must be approved by the budget administrator’s supervisor and forwarded to Accounts Payable for payment.

Mileage and Expense Claims are due to Accounts Payable by the 10th of each month for activity of the prior month.  If the delay in meeting this requirement is caused by extenuating circumstances beyond the employee’s control, a written explanation must be attached to the claim, signed by the budget administrator, and forwarded to Business Services for approval.

A sample of the Mileage and Expense Claim form is in the Forms and Samples sub-section of the Business & Operations Procedures Manual.


Former Procedure: 7901-P2

Date: 11.12.85

Revised: 12.14.87; 05.01.03; 09.02.03; 01.12.04; 05.13.13