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For official copies of board policies and procedures please contact the superintendent's office at (253) 583-5190 or email

Travel Requests and Claims


For Clover Park School District purposes, travel expenses are defined as the ordinary and necessary expense of traveling on district business that requires an overnight stay or district pre-paid registration.

All business travel shall be requested on the Travel Request and Claim form with exception to business travel that does not require overnight stay or pre-paid registration, which is included on a Mileage and Expense Claim form.

Travel Request and Authorization

The employee’s request and administrator’s authorization sections of the form must be completed prior to making any travel arrangements.

All out-of-state travel requires authorization by the superintendent and board approval.  Travel within the State of Washington requires authorization by the superintendent or designee.  The employee’s request for travel shall be pre-approved by the employee’s budget supervisor prior to submission to the appropriate Council administrator or designee for final approval. Before approving the request for travel, the employee’s budget supervisor must determine whether the travel, workshop, or conference relates to that employee’s individual job goals or professional responsibilities, or to the school, department or district goals. (Travel for a Council administrator will be pre-approved by the Superintendent or designee.  Travel for the Superintendent will be pre-approved by the Deputy Superintendent or designee.)  Travel requiring Board authorization must be submitted to the Superintendent at least 10 workdays prior to the Board’s business meeting.

Registration Fees

Registration fees may be paid by purchase order or purchasing card.  If payment is made by purchase order and the payment must be prepaid, note this requirement on the purchase order with the due date of the prepayment and forward all registration information pertaining to the charge to Purchasing.


Meals will be paid at the established federal per diem rate based on destination for approved travel advances.   Properly completed travel advance requests must be received at least five business days prior to travel to receive a check in advance of travel.  If the request is not received five days prior to travel, per diem checks may be picked up after the travel has taken place.

Transportation and Lodging

The district recognizes and reimburses the most efficient method of travel.  When air travel is the most efficient way of travel and the employee chooses to travel by automobile, the district will reimburse for the amount of airfare.  Expenses which would not have been incurred had the trip been by air (e.g., extra hotel space, meals, etc.) will not be reimbursed.

If an employee chooses to combine a vacation or personal travel with authorized travel, the district payment for travel shall not exceed the cost of tourist or economy round trip public carrier fare.

If a companion accompanies an employee on a trip, the district will reimburse for a single-occupancy charge. If a travel card is used to secure and pay for the room, non-employee companion charges may not be incurred against the card.

The district will not reimburse employees for overnight stays within 50 miles of the district unless there are extenuating circumstances, which will require written rationale and authorization by the superintendent.  If hotel space, other than for sleeping, is needed, a statement should be included explaining the type of facility to be used and the reason additional space was required.

The use of a rental car must be pre-approved on the Travel Request and Claim form.  Purchasing cards and travel cards cannot be used to pay for a rental car.

Individual Travel Card

The Individual Travel Card Custodian has the responsibility for the credit card.  Responsibility includes accounting and reconciling the credit card account.  All aspects of the travel arrangements will be made directly by the card custodian.  The card custodian will be responsible for all charges incurred against the Individual Travel Card account and for maintaining, at their site, the original card receipts with the Credit Card Transaction Summary. Copies of the receipts are to be attached to the card custodian’s Travel Request and Claim form.

Travel charges made against an Individual Travel Card for employees traveling with the Card Custodian (hotel, meals, transportation, etc.)

  1. When travel charges for other employees are applied against a card custodian’s travel card, the card custodian is to be provided by the accompanying employee(s) a pre-approved Travel Request and Claim.  If the card custodian is not assuming budget responsibility for any portion of the travel expenses, the pre-approved Travel Request and Claim is to provide the card custodian the account code to be charged for the employee’s expenses for which the employee’s site is responsible. The account code and the cost charged for these expenses are to be entered on the card custodian’s Credit Card Transaction Summary and submitted with copies of the accompanying employee’s pre-approved Travel Request and Claim form.

If the card custodian is assuming full or partial budget responsibility for other employees’ expenses, the card custodian is required to complete a Travel Request and Claim form including all transactions.  A list of the employee(s) whose travel expenses were charged to the card is to be attached to the form. The employee(s) traveling with the card custodian is required to submit a completed, approved Travel Request and Claim noting that portion of the expenses charged to the custodian’s card and listing all charges for which the site is responsible.

District-Level Travel Card

All lodging (room and tax) and airline transportation charges will be processed and paid against the site’s approved purchase order through the District-Level Travel Card.

All original receipts shall be attached to the traveling employee’s Travel Request and Claim form.  That portion of the charges for other than sleeping rooms (phone calls, room service, meals, etc.) shall not be charged to the travel card.  They may be listed on the claim form as “other.”

Employee Claim for Reimbursement

Accounts Payable pays travel and associated expenses upon receipt of a properly completed and approved Travel Request and Claim form.  Claims must be approved and provided to Accounts Payable within 10 workdays of the completion of travel.  If there is a delay in meeting this requirement and the delay is caused by extenuating circumstances beyond the employee’s control, a written explanation signed by the budget administrator must be attached to the claim.

Costs the district prepays and travel card charges, as well as costs being claimed for reimbursement, must be listed on the claim, including registration fees, lodging, meals, mileage, and transportation, etc.  Claims for reimbursement must be completed even if no remaining balance is due to the claimant.

Each approving budget administrator is responsible for checking claims for accuracy and correctness of information.  By approving a claim, the administrator attests that the claim is a correct and just claim against district funds, that the claim meets Board policy and business procedures, and that the claim is for expenses that were incurred in the conduct of district business.


Former Procedure: 7901-P1

Date: 11.12.85

Revised: 12.14.87; 05.01.03; 09.02.03; 01.12.04; 09.13.10; 05.13.13; 08.10.15; 10.26.15