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Individual and District-Level Travel Cards


Individual and District-Level Travel Cards are separate bank credit card accounts established by Board authorization for the purpose of covering expenses incident to authorized travel. In addition to travel expenses, the Individual Travel Card may also be used for small or emergency general fund purchases.

The Superintendent has been authorized by the Board of Directors to issue Individual Travel Cards to officers and staff and a District-Level Travel Card to the Purchasing Manager for use for travel expenses for those employees who have not been issued an Individual Travel Card.

Procedures-Individual Travel Card

The Individual Travel Card Manager shall be responsible for providing training, advice, direction, and assistance to Individual Travel Card Custodians. The Purchasing Manager will assume the responsibilities of the Individual Travel Card Manager.

The Individual Travel Card Custodian has the responsibility for the credit card. Responsibility includes accounting and reconciling the credit card account. All aspects of the transportation arrangements will be made directly by the card custodian. The custodian will sign a Memorandum of Understanding for the Individual Travel Card. A sample of the Memorandum of Understanding is at the end of this section. The card custodian will be responsible for all charges incurred against the travel card account. Those charges may include travel expenses for other district employees traveling with the custodian who have not been issued an Individual Travel Card. Custodians are responsible for maintaining, at their locations, the original charge receipts with the Credit Card Transaction Summary. Procedures for maintaining Individual Travel Card documentation are in the Purchasing and Individual Travel Card Reconciliation, Accounts Payable Section 2.2.  A Travel Request and Claim form is required to be completed by the Custodian.

Allowed Individual Travel Card charges shall include only those expenses related to district travel:  transportation, parking fees, lodging, and meals (alcoholic purchases are disallowed).  Conference registrations and material purchased at a conference may also be purchased with the card.  The Individual Travel Card is a combination of a travel card and a purchasing card and all purchases allowed under the procedures of the Purchasing Card are included in use of the Individual Travel Card.

Procedures-District-Level Travel Card

The Purchasing Manager shall be responsible for placing all charges against the District-Level Travel Card. The charges shall include only lodging and means of transportation as authorized by receipt in Purchasing of an approved purchase order for lodging reservations and an approved Travel Request and Claim form for transportation, followed by an approved purchase order. Meals and incidentals pertaining to the travel will be the responsibility of the traveling employee and will be reimbursed to the employee through the Travel Request and Claim process.


The traveling employee is responsible for making the hotel reservations upon approval of the travel. Hotels require, in most instances, a major credit card to hold room reservations. The site Purchasing Card may be used for this purpose. Immediately after booking the reservations, the site is to enter a purchase order to the selected hotel. The purchase order is to reflect the dates of the reservation, confirmation number, name of employee, board resolution number if out of state, and cost per night, per room of the reservation.

Upon receipt by Purchasing of the approved purchase order, the lodging expenses (room and tax only) will be charged to the District-Level Travel Card by the Purchasing Manager.  A letter authorizing the charges to the District-Level Travel Card will be faxed by Purchasing to the hotel and to the traveling employee.  It is recommended that the employee present his or her copy of the authorization letter to the hotel either at the time of registering or checking out.


All airline transportation charged against the District-Level Travel Card will be ordered in advance of the travel through an approved vendor.  Prior to the travel arrangements being made the traveling employee is required to fax to Purchasing a copy of his or her approved Travel Request.

Purchasing will assign to the Travel Request a travel authorization number and return the form by fax to the employee. The employee may then contact the approved vendor and book his or her travel reservations providing the vendor with the travel authorization number as district approval for the charges. The approved vendor will charge the District-Level Travel Card account for all approved fees involved and will fax the travel itinerary to both the traveling employee and the Purchasing Manager. Immediately following the receipt of the travel itinerary, a purchase order will be entered by the site of the traveling employee reflecting the travel arrangements, travel authorization number, and all charges for the travel. Whenever possible, travel will be ordered 30 or more days in advance to minimize district travel costs.

Legal References: RCW 42.24.115 Municipal corporations and political subdivisions -- Charge cards for officers' and employees' travel expenses.


Former Procedure: 7112-P1

Date: 05.01.03

Revised:  05.13.13