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Federal Program-Internal Controls

The Clover Park School District agrees to comply with this procedure when administering programs funded by federal grants.

  1. All grant funded purchases and expenditures shall be directly related to allowable activities and services that are necessary to effectively carry out the objectives of the current program and for the benefit of eligible participants.
  2. Staff whose work assignments are funded solely through federal grants or both through federal grants and other sources are required to document that their time at work matches their funding sources. This documentation will be collected in order to make adjustments in either the staff schedule or in the funding sources. The following procedures will be used:
    • In Schoolwide Title I projects where all staff used blended funds to serve all students, staff will verify their time and effort on a semi-annual basis in January and June each year.
    • Staff who are paid from a variety of federal grant sources or who do not work in a Title I Schoolwide project will need to document their daily schedules and verify their work assignments on a monthly basis.
  3. Program Administrators are responsible for reviewing documentation and necessary adjustments. initiating any necessary adjustments


Former Procedure: 7701-P2

Date: 06.11.02

Revised:  05.13.13