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Refunds of Revenue

Sometimes it is necessary to provide refunds for revenues received by the district; e.g., a library book was found after the district was reimbursed, or a student ends the year with a balance remaining in his/her lunch account.

Sites shall process requests for refunds of revenue of $50 or less from their revolving accounts ($100 if refunds of ASB revenues from an ASB imprest account).  The refund shall be given from the same account code to which the original deposit was coded.  The site copy of the original receipt must be marked REFUNDED, dated, and signed.  A copy of this annotated receipt must accompany the revolving account reimbursement request that is sent to Financial Services.

To request refunds of more than $50, or for sites not having a revolving account, complete the Refund Request form. The site copy of the original receipt must be marked REFUNDED before it is dated and approved by the budget administrator.  A copy of this receipt must accompany the Refund Request to Financial Services.  After review by Financial Services, these refunds will be forwarded to Accounts Payable.  Processing time is estimated at two weeks.


Former Procedure: 7203-P6

Date: 09.01.03

Revised: 05.13.13