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Securing Cash and Other Assets in Safe or Vault

Each site where cash is handled, where a revolving or imprest account is maintained, or where there are change accounts kept must keep these district funds in a safe or vault.  A locked desk drawer is not sufficient.  The safe or vault may be kept unlocked during the day if it is in an area to which the public does not have access and that is constantly under observation.  If the safe is in an unattended area, or if staff leaves the area unattended for any part of the day, the safe or vault is to be kept locked.

The costs of safe repairs and/or combination changes are the responsibility of each site.  Safe combinations are to be changed when personnel changes occur in key administrative staff such as principal, assistant principal, office coordinator, or other staff having access to the site’s safe combination.


Sites e-mail their Financial Services representative to request safe combination changes.  Financial Services will prepare the purchase order for the budget administrator’s approval and contact the vendor to arrange the service.

Financial Services will provide the site administrator with the new combination.  Site administrators are responsible to safeguard the combination and provide it only to key administrative staff.

Please contact Financial Services. Do not call the vendor directly.


Former Procedure: 7203-P4

Date: 09.01.03

Revised: 05.13.13