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Student Teachers

The procedures for developing and implementing a student teacher agreement are as follows:

Colleges and universities that desire to place student teachers with (CPSD) must submit Student Teacher Memorandums for Agreement to Human Resources.  The Memorandums of Agreement must clearly state that the colleges or universities or individual students placed with CPSD have sufficient liability insurance ($1,000,000) to indemnify CPSD from all possible claims.  Human Resources will review the Memorandums of Agreement and submit them to the superintendent/designee with recommendations for approval or disapproval.

  • The superintendent/designee will coordinate the institution's request for placement with principals to determine if placements are possible in the subject areas requested;
  • The college supervisor will be notified of placements that can be accepted during the quarter;
  • Assignment will be made with the approval of the cooperating staff member and the principal;
  • A student teacher will be assigned to a teacher with at least three years of teaching experience;
  • A supervising teacher will not be assigned more than one student teacher per school year;
  • The supervising teacher will be responsible for the class and should not delegate responsibilities until the student teacher has displayed the proficiency to accept them; and
  • A student teacher should assume the same conditions of employment as a regular teacher in terms of length of school day, supervision of co-curricular activities, staff meetings, and in-service training.


Former Procedure: 5440-P1

Date: 06.12.95

Revised: 05.28.04; 02.06.13