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District Professional Development and Inservice Programs

The Clover Park School District considers professional development and inservice training to be essential elements of organizational and educational effectiveness.  The primary focus of these developmental activities will be to improve job performance, support strategic planning priorities, and enhance the capacity of staff to improve student achievement.  The Board believes that appropriate training and development enhance both the expertise for delivery of the curriculum and related programs and the consistency of instructional quality and leadership serving the students of Clover Park School District. The Board supports the concept that all employees be encouraged to continue their training to meet career and curriculum requirements and to remain current in their professional competencies. Cultural awareness and sensitivity training will be incorporated into required training.

District-wide inservice programs may be either required of specified staff or voluntary.  The programs may be developed cooperatively with staff and administrators to meet district-wide or school-based priorities and needs or the immediate and projected needs of individuals or groups of staff members

All professional development/inservice training is expected to support improved student achievement, effective delivery of the curriculum, specific programs congruent with the curriculum, implementation of the strategic plan or school improvement plans, or identifiable skill improvements for participating employees. To enhance effectiveness and achieve maximum benefits from the training, strategies for follow-up support and review are expected in order to promote implementation of learned concepts of skills.

The superintendent will require a long-range professional development and inservice plan that includes:

  • Clear linkage to development and implementation of the curriculum
  • Clear linkage to the improving student achievement
  • Roles and responsibilities that include supervisors developing staff
  • Alignment with district goals and priorities and school-based goals and priorities
  • Focus on researched offerings and data-based needs
  • Phases for initiation, implementation, and institutionalization of the practices and skills fostered through developmental activities
  • Provisions for follow-up and evaluation that focuses on results attained
  • An informational clearinghouse for district and school-based offerings
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Adoption Date:  06.12.95

Former Policy Number: 5340

Clover Park School District

Revised: 12.10.01; 08.13.12