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Non-Bargaining Vacation

This procedure is to clarify the process of annual vacation accrual and pay for extra work for all non-bargaining employees.

Non-bargaining employees are advanced twenty-five (25) days of vacation at the beginning of their fiscal year.  Should an employee terminate for any reason prior to the completion of the contract year, vacation days accrued will be prorated in accordance with the portion of the year worked.

Vacation day use and carry over

Vacation days are normally used each year; however, a maximum of forty-five (45) vacation days can be carried over from one contract/fiscal year to the next, making 45 carry over days, plus twenty-five (25) respectively, advanced vacation days the maximum that may be carried as the employee’s balance in any one year.  Any vacation days in excess of 45 days will not be carried over and therefore will be forfeited at the end of each contract/fiscal year.

Vacation cash out

A maximum of thirty (30) days vacation will be paid at the per diem rate upon resignation or retirement (minus any days cashed out under the terms of this section for Plan 1 employees if they were cashed within the two highest years upon which retirement is calculated.)

Annually, ALT members may cash out six (6) vacation days and the remaining non-bargaining members may cash out five (5) vacation days at the appropriate per diem rate.


Former Procedure: 5334-P1

Date: 05.01.03

Revised: 06.20.05; 02.05.13; 10.10.16