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Jury Duty and Subpoena Leave

The district may grant paid leaves to a staff member for the days he/she is required to serve on a jury. The district may grant leave (witness fees to be reimbursed to the district) to staff subpoenaed as witnesses in court or other legal proceedings; provided that a leave with pay shall not be granted for a case in which the staff member has a direct or indirect interest in the proceedings.

The staff member is to immediately inform his/her supervisor and report to work if he/she is released from jury duty or as a witness during the work day.

The (District) shall not deprive an employee of employment or threaten, coerce, or harass an employee, or deny an employee promotional opportunities because the employee receives a summons, responds to the summons, serves as a juror, or attends court for prospective jury service.

Legal References: Chapter 2.36 RCW Juries
Management Resources:
Policy News, April 2007 Jury Compensation vs Expenses
Policy News, February 2007 Juror Payment Provisions


Adoption Date:  06.12.95

Former Policy Number: 5325

Clover Park School District

Revised: 02.10.03; 08.13.12