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Personnel Leaves

Upon the recommendation of the superintendent or designee and in accordance with the law and district policy, staff may be granted leaves pursuant to the following conditions, unless an applicable collective bargaining agreement provides otherwise:

  1. Unpaid Leave of Absence

    The superintendent or designee may grant leaves of absence without pay for up to one (1) year when, in the judgment of the superintendent or designee, the leave would be (a) in the best interest of the district or (b) in the best interest of the staff member and the leave would not impair district functions.  Approval of the superintendent or designee must be obtained prior to any absence under this section.

  2. Unpaid Leave of Absence, Extended

    Upon the recommendation of the superintendent or designee, the board may, in its sole discretion, grant unpaid leaves of absence that would exceed one (1) year.

  3. Personal Leave

    The Superintendent in his/her discretion, may grant those employees not represented by a labor representative, days of paid personal leave in some number of days similar to those granted in the district’s collectively bargained agreements.

  4. Return from Leave

    At the end of any leave shorter than sixty (60) days in duration, the affected staff member is entitled to return to the position held when the leave commenced or to an appropriate comparable position.

    Except as may otherwise be specifically provided by law, or district policy a staff member returning from an approved leave of more than sixty (60) days shall be entitled to a position in accordance with the agreement between the Superintendent and the employee at the time the leave was approved.

  5. Prior Notice of Application

    Reasonable advance notice is required for all leaves, with specific advance notice as stated in district policy.

  6. Flexibility in Granting Leaves

    The superintendent, with approval of the board, may grant leaves to individuals who might not otherwise be covered, or extend leave in excess of the number of days provided by district policy, in unusual or exceptional circumstances.

  7. Leaves Prorated for Part-Time Staff

    Part-time staff shall be entitled to leave benefits, unless otherwise stated in district policy, provided that the length of leaves shall be prorated according to the ratio of days and/or hours worked to the number of days and/or hours worked by a full-time staff member in the same or a similar position.

  8. Non-cumulative

    Leaves shall be non-cumulative from year to year unless otherwise stated.

Cross References: Board Policy 5401 Sick Leave
5403 Emergency and Discretionary Leaves
5404 Family, Maternity and Military Caregiver Leave
5406 Leave Sharing
5407 Military Leave
5408 July Duty and Subpoena eave
5410 Holidays
5411 Staff Vacations
Legal References: RCW 28A.400.300 Hiring and discharging of employees — Written leave policies — Seniority and leave benefits of employees transferring between school districts and other educational employers
AGO 1980 No. 22 Limitation on compensated leave for school district employees


Adoption Date:  06.12.95

Former Policy Number: 5320

Clover Park School District

Revised: 12.11.95; 01.13.03; 08.13.12