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Staff Complaints-Dispute Resolution (Non-Bargaining)

A complaint is defined as a perceived violation of district rules or policy.

In order to resolve matters at the informal stage whenever possible, a staff member shall first discuss the complaint with his or her immediate supervisor within thirty (30) calendar days of the date of the occurrence of the event giving rise to the complaint.  Otherwise it shall be deemed waived.

Step I:

If the issue is not resolved within seven (7) calendar days after the complaint is presented and the employee wishes to proceed, the complaint shall be reduced to writing, signed by the employee(s) and presented to the immediate supervisor.  The written statement of the complaint shall contain:

  1. The facts upon which the complaint is based as the grievant sees them;
  2. Reference to the policies/procedures of the district which have allegedly been violated; and
  3. The remedies sought.

If the complaint involves an administrator or another staff member, such individual shall be present at a meeting held between the supervisor, the complainant and the other named staff member (s).  A sincere effort shall be made to resolve the complaint at this level.  The immediate supervisor shall respond in writing within seven (7) working days from receipt of the complainant.

If the complainant does not feel the matter has been resolved, s/he may appeal the complaint to step II.

Step II:

The written complaint and Step I response shall be presented to the Executive Director of Human Resources or his/her designee, within five (5) workdays of the conclusion of Step I.  If the issue is not resolved within seven (7) additional workdays and the employee(s) desires to pursue the matter further, then:

Step III:

The written complaint and Step I and II responses shall be presented to the superintendent or designee within seven (7) work days after the conclusion of Step II. The superintendent or designee shall meet with the complainant.  The superintendent or designee shall give a written decision within seven (7) workdays from the date of the meeting.

All decisions at Step III shall be final.


Date: 06.12.95

Revised: 04.01.03; 02.13.13