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Personnel Records

An employee has the right to review materials in his/her district personnel file during regular district business hours.  The employee may have a representative of his/her professional organization accompany him/her if he/she desires. Upon request, copies of documents in the personnel file shall be provided to the employee. The district may assess a charge for this service.

The personnel file shall contain all annual evaluation reports and such other material that would assist in evaluating the employee.

Materials judged by the employee to be negative and/or derogatory may be answered by him/her in writing. Such written responses shall be attached to the material in question and become a part of the personnel file.

When an employee reviews his/her district personnel file, he/she will sign and date the review only to indicate that the review occurred.

Other records retained in the Human Resources personnel department, and subject to review by the employee upon request, include:

  1. District application form
  2. Certification records
  3. Transcripts
  4. Copies of contracts
  5. Payroll information
  6. Official correspondence
  7. Evaluations

Employee medical records shall be filed in a confidential file separate from the personnel files.  Only persons authorized by the superintendent or designee shall have access to medical files.

Cross Reference: Board Policy 4040 Public Access to District Records
Legal References: RCW 28A.405.250 Certificated employees, applicants for certificated position, not to be discriminated against — Right to inspect personnel file
42.56.230(2) Certain personal and other records exempt (from public inspection)
49.12.240-260 Employee inspection of personnel file


Adoption Date:  11.12.73

Former Policy Number: 5230

Revised: 05.12.86; 06.12.95; 01.13.03; 08.13.12