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Program and Staff Reductions

Program and staff reductions may be required as a direct result of enrollment decline, failure of a special levy election or other events resulting in a significant reduction in revenue; or termination or reduction of funding of categorically-funded projects. The board as part of the budget development process shall review those educational programs and services which may be reduced, modified or eliminated. 

When the reduction, modification or elimination of programs and/or services necessitates a reduction in staff, the district, in compliance with law, will retain staff members based upon the prioritized needs of the district.

Cross References: Board Policy 5006 Certification Revocation
Board Policy 5240 Evaluation of Classified, Certificated and Administrative Staff
Legal References: RCW 28A.400.300 Hiring and Discharging Employees —Written leave policies — Seniority and leave benefits, retention upon of employees transferring between school districts and other educational employers
28A.400.320 Mandatory termination of classified employees — Appeal — Recovery of salary or compensation by district
28A.400.340 Notice of discharge to contain notice of right to appeal if available
28A.405.140 Assistance for teacher may be required after evaluation
28A.405.210 Conditions and contracts of employment — Determination of probable cause for non-renewal of contracts — Nonrenewal due to enrollment decline or revenue loss — Notice — Opportunity for hearing
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28A.405.310 Adverse change in contract status of certificated employee, including non-renewal of contract — Hearings — Procedure
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41.32.240 Membership in system
41.33.020(6) Terms and provisions of plan
41.40.023 Membership
Chapter 41.41 RCW State Employees’ Retirement — Federal Social Security
WAC 180-44-060 Drugs and alcohol — Use of as cause for dismissal
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181-87 Acts of Unprofessional Conduct


Adoption Date: 06.12.95

Clover Park School District

Revised: 01.13.03; 08.13.12