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For official copies of board policies and procedures please contact the superintendent's office at (253) 583-5190 or email

Staff Participation in Political Activities

Guidelines for staff participation in political activities are as follows:

  1. Any employee who intends to campaign for an elective political office is encouraged to submit a statement of intent to the superintendent at least two weeks prior to the filing date. The letter of intent to file for political office will include a statement which outlines:
    1. The degree to which the employee might request leave to make personal appearances during work hours; and
    2. The anticipated release time to conduct the duties associated with the elective office.
  2. The employee who intends to campaign for an elective office will be advised that:
    1. Political activities will not occur during the working hours of the employee. This will not preclude the employee from renting space if such space is available on a rental basis for candidates who are not associated with the school district;
    2. Political circulars, petitions or endorsements may not be distributed or posted on school property;
    3. The collection of campaign funds and/or the solicitation of campaign workers is prohibited on school property; and
    4. The use of students for writing or addressing political materials, or the distribution of such materials to or by students is prohibited.
  3. An employee may not campaign for a political candidate or for a political issue during school hours on school property.
  4. Staff members who hold elective office are not entitled to release time from their school duties for reasons incidental to such office except as such time may qualify under the leave policies of the board or a provision of a negotiated labor agreement.
  5. Violation of any of the stated rules may constitute sufficient cause for reprimand or dismissal.

Political Relationships with Governmental Agencies

All “lobbying” activities on behalf of the school district will be conducted under the direction of the superintendent and/or board. For purposes of this procedure, “lobbying” means attempting to influence the passage or defeat of any legislation or the adoption or rejection of any rule, standard, rate or other legislative enactment by any state agency.

The district will file a quarterly report (PDC Form L-5) with the Public Disclosure Commission when “in person lobbying” exceeds four days or parts of days during any three month period in aggregate for all employees at the district. In person lobbying includes testifying at legislative committee hearings and state agency hearings on rules and regulations but does not include attendance merely to monitor or observe testimony and debate. Quarterly reports are due at the Public Disclosure Commission on or before May 2nd, August 1st, October 31st and January 31st District funds will not be expended for dinners, entertainment or campaign contributions.


Former Procedure: 5224-P1

Date:  06.12.95

Revised: 12.29.03; 02.05.13