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Evaluation of Staff

In order to enable persons to develop their full potential within their job assignments, all employees of the Clover Park School District shall be provided with an annual evaluation of performance.  This evaluation shall be conducted by the building administrator, immediate supervisor, or in the case of itinerant staff by the identified primary evaluator. Evaluations shall comply with applicable state law and negotiated agreements.

Cross References: Board Policy 5254 Probation, Non-Renewals or Termination
Board Policy 5520 District Professional Development and Inservice Programs
Legal References: RCW 28A.405.100 Minimum criteria for the evaluation of certificated employees, including administrators — Procedure — Scope — Models — Penalty
RCW 28A.405.110 Evaluations — Legislative findings
RCW 28A.405.120 Training for evaluators
RCW 28A.405.130 Training in evaluation procedures required
WAC 392-191-010 Minimum evaluation criteria — certificated classroom teachers
WAC 392-191-020 Minimum evaluation criteria — certificated support personnel
WAC 392-191-035 Conduct of the Evaluation
WAC 392-191-045 Use of Evaluation Results


Adoption Date:  11.14.77

Former Policy Number: 5222, 2008

Clover Park School District

Revised: 05.12.86; 06.12.95; 01.13.03; 08.13.12; 08.05.13