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Length of Work Day

Teachers and other non-administrative certificated personnel are required to be at their respective schools for the benefit of pupils and patrons at least thirty minutes before the opening of school in the morning and at least thirty minutes after the closing of school in the afternoon.

Individual schools may request a board waiver from these district wide provisions.  The starting and dismissal time for students, which may vary from school to school, shall be determined by the district.

Legal References: 29 USC § 201 et seq. Fair Labor Standards Act
RCW 28A.405.140 Assistance for teacher may be required after evaluation
49.46.120 Chapter establishes minimum standards and is supplementary to other laws — more favorable standards unaffected
49.46.130 Minimum rate of compensation for employment in excess of forty hour work week — Exceptions
WAC 296-128-550 Regular rate of pay
296-128-560 Compensating time off in lieu of overtime pay
Management Resources: Policy News, June 2006 Certificated Staff Work Hours


Adoption Date:  11.13.06

Clover Park School District

Revised: 08.13.12