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For official copies of board policies and procedures please contact the superintendent's office at (253) 583-5190 or email

Recruitment and Selection of Staff

The Human Resources Department (HR) is responsible for the recruitment and hiring of all staff.  Current and projected staff needs provide the basis for staff recruitment and selection. Once needs are identified, the recruitment and selection process should result in employing a staff member who is the most qualified to fulfill the need based upon the candidate's skill, training, experience and past performance.

Process of Identifying Needs

  • HR collects enrollment and budget data from Financial Services, and from each school/department and establishes projected staffing needs.
  • HR identifies returning staff members, including returns from leave of absence, excluding retirees.
  • Works with principals to identify openings and anticipates surpluses or vacancies depending on program requirements, affirmative action goals, and priorities of the district.
  • Reviews voluntary and involuntary transfer requests for consideration of impact on projected vacant positions.
  • Determines the need for potential layoff and/or additional staffing.

Recruiting Process

  1. Online Requisitions initiate the recruitment process.
  2. When necessary, HR assists the hiring administrator to develop or update a job description for each position, including the salary level of the position.
  3. The position will be posted by the recruitment coordinator, and will meet the appropriate contractual and procedural requirements.

Application and Screening Process

Non-district Certificated Candidates:

The certificated application process described in this section applies to those applicants outside the district:

Applicants are screened by HR based on the following requirements:

  • Teacher Insight score (online assessment);
  • certification/endorsement; and
  • Highly qualified status.

Applicants that meet the minimum qualifications are made available through online application to hiring administrators for screening.

District Certificated Employee Candidates:

  1. HR screens all internal candidates based on the following  requirements:
    • Certification/endorsement; and
    • Highly qualified.

    All qualified internal applicants are made available for hiring administrators to review in the online application system. District employees interested in certificated vacancies must apply through the online application.

  2. The hiring administrator will review all qualified candidates giving first consideration to internal applicants.

    Once candidates have been selected for interview, the building administrator will convene an interview team and conduct interviews using the same site-specific set of interview questions and “look for” answers for each candidate.


All current employees, substitutes, and out-of- district applicants, must apply through the online application system. All requested documentation must be uploaded to the online application prior to the posted close date.

HR will screen all applicants ensuring that each applicant meets the minimum qualifications. Only qualified candidates will be forwarded to the hiring administrator.

The hiring administrator will review all candidates from the candidate pool in accordance with collective bargaining agreements.

Once candidates have been selected for interview, the building administrator will convene an interview team and conduct interviews using the same site-specific set of interview questions and “look for” answers for each candidate.


The hiring administrator conducts two telephone references through online application – at least one reference needs to be from a recent supervisor.


Recommendation to hire is submitted to HR through the online application.  All interview materials are sent to HR.

It is the hiring administrator’s responsibility to notify candidates who were interviewed but not selected of the outcome of the process within 24 hours of the approved recommendation.  This is in order to provide that candidate with any information that will be helpful in future interviews.  HR will notify the candidates who were not interviewed.


HR reviews recommendation for completeness prior to administrative approval.

Upon administrative approval, HR contacts the candidate and extends an offer of employment. Employment with Clover Park School District is conditional pending completion of a Washington State Patrol and Federal Bureau of Investigation fingerprint background check as required by RCW 28A.400.303.  Also, evidence of meeting No Child Left Behind Highly Qualified status, and Washington State Certification (for certificated staff).

If the offer is accepted, the new staff member will be set-up for new employee and benefit orientations.

The new staff member’s name will be placed on the next board consent agenda for formal board approval of hire.

Orientation and Issuing Contracts

HR will conduct an orientation for all new employees to complete all new hire paperwork, review policies and procedures, review applicable bargained agreement, and present pertinent benefits.

HR will obtain verification of employment from previous employers regarding work experience and any transferable sick leave balances (if applicable).

HR will evaluate transcripts in terms of salary schedule placement for all certificated employees and register the teaching certificate. After the transcripts have been evaluated, an appropriate contract will be issued to the certificated employee (i.e., leave replacement, provisional, continuing, supplemental).

Legal Reference: RCW 28A.400.303 Record Checks for Employees


Date: 06.12.95

Revised: 02.03.04; 04.22.13