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Advertising in School Facilities

General Principle

  1. Clover Park School District recognizes that public schools provide a potential market for commercial advertising.  The district has authorized the placement of advertising signage on certain district athletic fields and athletic facilities.  No direct solicitation of advertising from businesses or the corporate community shall be allowed in schools except for advertising in conjunction with athletic and co-curricular events.
  2. Use of the district and/or school name does not imply district and/or school endorsement of the product or service being advertised.
  3. The use of advertising on district facilities and athletic fields falls under the supervision of the Recreation/Facilities Supervisor.


  1. The recreation/facilities supervisor shall develop the athletic advertising and commercial sponsorship packets that will be presented to the business community for their potential participation. Advertising packets are available in at the Auxiliary Services Center, 9219 Lakewood Drive SW in Lakewood.
  2. The superintendent or designee must approve advertisement agreements in advance.
  3. Advertising space will be rented in accordance with the rules below and must comply with applicable federal, state and local laws and district policies and procedures.
  4. Such signage shall be subject to the following rules:
    1. The district’s print shop or a contracted agent who has been selected by the district shall make the signage.  The superintendent or designee must approve the signage design, colors and typeface.  The actual signs will be purchased by, and remain the property of, the renter (business or organization).
    2. Advertising space will be rented on a contracted basis, subject to renewal if the district decides to continue the signage program and allow the renter to continue participating in the program.  The renter must sign a new rental agreement to extend the contract.
    3. Rental fees shall be established by the recreation/facilities supervisor and approved through Business Services department. Fees are subject to change at the discretion of the district at the beginning of each school year.
    4. Because the district’s sole purpose in renting the advertising space is to raise funds, eligibility for purchasing the space is limited.  Advertisements will be limited to commercial messages or messages approved by the superintendent or designee.  Commercial messages shall be defined as those messages that promote the sale or lease of a legal good or service where such transaction is intended to profit the advertising entity.
    5. The district, in its sole discretion, may reject advertising of controversial topics and matters that are inconsistent with federal, state and local laws; the district’s educational mission; and/or district policies and procedures.  Advertising involving matters that are likely to disrupt or detract from the district’s educational purpose will also be rejected.  Examples of prohibited advertisements include, but are not limited to:  drug-related, tobacco and alcohol products, tavern/bar services, adult oriented materials (such as nudity or profanity), religious messages, political messages and weaponry.  The district reserves the right, at all times, to strictly interpret this provision.
    6. The superintendent or designee must approve all advertisements in advance.  Any approval will state precisely where such advertising may be placed and the length of time it may be displayed.  Advertisements must conform to size specifications.  Advertising will not be allowed outside the specific areas designated by the school district.  The superintendent or designee shall only approve ads that are consistent with these rules.
    7. The district may revise and eliminate the signage program at any time, at its sole discretion, and without refund of any fees paid.  The district may terminate the participation in the program of any renter at any time upon written notice, at its sole discretion, and without refund of any fees paid.  Damaged signs will be returned to the renter.  The renter is also responsible for replacing damaged signs.
  5. All fees from advertising agreements will be collected and distributed to support student activities. Fees derived from advertising, less associated costs, will be distributed as follows:
    1. Harry E. Lang Stadium or other shared district facilities: Fees will be distributed equally among the two high schools or middle schools pending the site responsible for the sale of advertising.
    2. Gymnasiums, Baseball/Softball fence lines, Swimming Pools: Fees will be distributed to the site responsible for the sale of advertising.
  6. In addition to the cost of advertising, the renter will also be responsible for the initial cost of the sign that will be used in advertising their business/organization. To keep signs uniform, the district will determine sign design and production.
  7. Refer to the Technical Manual for current fee schedule.


Former Procedure: 6100-P1

Date:  04.01.07

Revised: 07.02.07; 01.09.12; 05.13.13