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Fund Raiser Form
Form 3530-F1

This fund raiser form is to serve two purposes:

  1. To make the school district aware of all fundraising activities.
  2. To document the principals approval of fundraising activities.


  1. Unsupervised door-to-door fundraising is prohibited.
  2. Student participation must be voluntary
  3. The fundraising activity may not create an unfavorable public relations image.
  4. Fund raising activities must not interfere with the educational program.
  5. All ASB requirements must be followed.
  6. Fund raising activities by outside groups (including parent groups) must not in volve the official student body organizations and must not utilize district materials, supplies, facilities or staff unless reimbursement is made.
  7. The principal must approve all fundraisers.
  8. The assistant superintendent must approve all fundraisers anticipated to collect inexcess of $10,000.
  9. A copy of this form must be sent to the appropriate assistant superintendent.

Fund Raiser Information

School name:


Location (if off site):

Sponsoring group:

Names of staff members/parents leading the fund raising efforts:

Proposed activity:


The manner in which the money is to be collected and deposited:

Is the fundraiser anticipated to be inexcess of $10,000?
(Requires assistant superintendent approval)

Principal signature/approval and date:

Signature: Date:

Assistant superintendent signature/approval and date:

Signature: Date: