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School Safety Patrol

The following procedures shall govern the operation of the school safety patrol:

  1. Members of the school safety patrol shall assist students in the safe and proper crossing of streets, highways and roads adjacent to the school and other crossing areas approved by the local law enforcement agency.

  2. A school safety patrol member shall not be allowed to direct vehicular traffic.

  3. The principal shall provide leadership in matters of selecting, instructing and supervising patrol matters. Responsibility for the actual operation may be delegated to a staff member or a safety committee.

  4. The members of a school safety patrol shall wear a badge or other appropriate insignia marked “School Patrol” when in performance of their duties. (The district may purchase uniforms, badges, safety signs and other appropriate materials for use by patrol members.)

  5. School safety patrol members shall be selected from volunteers from grades 5-8. Parent or guardian approval is required.

  6. Each patrol member candidate shall be given a hearing and vision examination.

  7. New patrol members shall be selected 30 days before the end of the school year. Such new members shall work with trained members long enough to learn their duties.

  8. A captain of the school safety patrol shall be selected.

  9. The safety patrol supervisor shall work closely with the local law enforcement agency in such matters as training and selecting safe routes and crossings.

  10. The contents of the State of Washington School Safety Patrol Manual (SPI, 1979) will be reviewed at training sessions provided for all safety patrol members.


Date:  04.10.95

Revised:  08.02.13